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Animation Year 3

University of East London

Final Major Project

Jayme-Louise Miller 1044167 Treatment: For my 3rd year project, I am going to make a 3-5 minute animation using a technique of my choice about any subject matter I wish to choose. I want to make my animation look as professional as possible and need a technique that I can use to help make it look as good as I can. I have decided on steering away from the traditional way of animating as I have done previously, as I want my animation to appeal to a more adult audience. I am

hoping to create an original piece of animation and adding my own sound to it for the final production. I have chosen to use the rotascoping technique to tell the story of a young man walking down the road listening to music when he turns in to a door and exits the other side in a different part of London, completely animated. My character will be amazed at what he has found at the other side of the door until he begins to disappear, which he when he needs to run back to the door to get back to reality. I will be using the hand drawn technique to create a surreal atmosphere to my film and using Photoshop to assist in adding colour to certain aspects. For the beginning of my animation I will be using the natural sound I manage to record whilst filming him as I want this part of my animation to be my 'reality' part. For the lighting I am going to shoot at 11am, when it is very light outside, and seeing as this part of the year the weather isn't going to be too great, I am going to try and film on a day when there is a lot of cloud so that I will have a good chance of getting the same weather if I decide to film the rest on another day. The first shot of my animation will be a long back view shot of my character walking down mile end high street, I want to capture just a back image of my character from about 15 foot away with his headphones in walking along the road. My character will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt and a hat. This will run for around 5 seconds.

Again, I will be shooting my character still walking down the high street as I am planning to use about 20-30 seconds of my animation for this scene. The second scene will be a close up side view of my character walking, with his headphones in listening to music. My character will take out his iPod from his left pocket and change the song to the next one playing and turn up the sound. This scene will run for around 10 seconds. For this part of the animation I will have the music playing my character is listening to, very faint so that the audience is clear that this is the music playing from his headphones. I will also have him singing along to the song he is listening to. I have an un-signed band in mind to use for this scene, so that it will comply with the copyright requirements for this project. With my character still walking down the road, he walks past a shop window with him walking out of the shot and the camera focusing on his reflection only. He does not look at his reflection, just carries on walking straight forward. This will be the first scene where I will be using rotascoping to animate my character. I am going to animate only his reflection in the first section of my film as I don’t want to give away too much of the plot early. This will last for around 10 seconds, with the animated section lasting for around 3-4 seconds. The last shot for this part of my film will be a full front view of my character still walking down the street listening to music, when he turns to walk through a door.

I need to make sure that when he opens the door that the camera cannot see inside the building, so that’s why I have decided to film this scene from in front of the character and with a side view of the door opening. As soon as the door opens I will cut from this scene to the next scene before the door shuts and the back of his foot has not yet entered the building. Rotascoping Once my character has walked through the door from the first scene, he will enter into London Liverpool street. Same side view of the door he will be exiting from, so the audience cannot see in the building. Where the last scene ends with my character halfway through the door, this is how I will start this scene. As he steps out of the door he looks left and right with a confused look on his face, as this will be the first scene that will be animated using rotoscoping. I want to keep the soundtrack pretty much the same as the scenes before, I will be recording noise from the traffic and people walking around me, and putting it to the actions. From the opposite side of him, he will down at his hands both front and back and touch his face and body, looking extremely shocked at the way he now looks. He takes his hat off his head and notices it has changed colour. He walks to the nearest street lamp around him. Shot then turns to a full front view of him about to touch the lamp. As he does

so, the lamp changes colour. He jumps back in astonishment. He then turns around and touches either a car/road sign (depending on what is there at the time) and finds that he can change colour of that also. Long side shot of him walking and looking down at the ground as he makes big leaping steps in front of him. As he does, the pavement slabs change colour as he steps on to them, each one changing to a different colour to the one before. From behind him in a low shot, he looks up to the building in front of him and swipes his hand across from the bottom to the top and changes the length of the building. He looks down at his hands again, turns around and changes the length of a bus to a double decker bus. Walking along the sidewalk, he continues to look around in amazement and stands looking at the Gherkin building. Looking from behind him through his hands measuring the size of the building, he swipes his hand over it and turns it in to a green colour. From the front, he is laughing at what he can now do, he looks down at his feet which aren't there anymore. Camera pans to a point of view shot of him looking down. Front close up view of him looking panicked as he looks down at his hands, which are also disappearing. He looks up franticly and looks left and right for the door he came through. From across the road we see him running to one door,

opening it and finding nothing but what is inside the building. He looks around, then runs left in the direction he came from the door. Side view of the correct door, he opens it and jumps inside. This is when we see him come back to reality back in Mile End Road from the first door he came from. The end.

Animation treatment  

Third year animation treatment for my final major project