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Life Master Series Success Secrets A Special Interview with Darren Stephens

by Jay McLean

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Firstly, thanks to Darren Stephens for sharing his valuable time and giving us the opportunity to have the interview and make it into a success. Without you, this eBook would have never been a reality. Secondly, I m very grateful to have him and Spike Humer as my mentors, as they gave me the belief that anything is possible and that it really starts from within. Last but not the least, as always, a very special thanks to my Darling wife, Emilene McLean, for believing in our idea and for making this eBook far much better than it was when it first crossed her desk, truly remarkable work.

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The key to making a change in your life is you. And taking action! The best intentions in the world will amount to nothing if you do not take action. And you must invest in yourself. You must continue to keep learning, to expand your mind, to constantly seek out more knowledge and enlightenment. Find out how to unlock your hidden potential for Success. Jay McLean will offer a FREE assessment, either for personal or business, and will show you exactly how to create more Wealth, Success and Happiness. Simply visit our website and follow the directions to download your bonus gifts:

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With each issue of Life Master Success Secrets, Jay McLean will offer you quality business coaching, with an abundance of powerful marketing strategies that can be applied immediately to increase your net business profit, wealth, success and happiness. Jay McLean will extract the best strategies from the world's leading Entrepreneurial Life Masters, who started with nothing or in debt, and who are now millionaires and billionaires. Each has not only mastered the true art of living but is inspiring others to create all the opportunities of financial freedom and experience an abundant life. Our Vision is to Empower Millions to Make Millions through Success Secrets of Entrepreneurs.

Darren Stephens is a self-made multi-millionaire, business entrepreneur and international best-selling author. Darren was the marketing brain behind over $1 billion worth of sales for Dr John Gray's book ‒ Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus that has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. Darren is recognized as an expert in the fields of Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Executive Mentoring, Franchising, International Publishing, SelfDevelopment and Accelerated Psychological Transformation. For more than 20 years, Darren has traveled, and speaking to and motivating thousands of people in over 27 countries on how to create business, as well as personal and financial success.

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INTRODUCTION: Who is Darren Stephens? ...................................................................................... 6

SECRET #1: What are the top things becoming an entrepreneur has achieved for you?.............. 8

SECRET #2: What are the common mistakes that first time entrepreneurs make?.................... 10

SECRET #3: How would any upcoming entrepreneur get started? ........................................... 13

SECRET #4: What are the key elements of a profitable entrepreneur? ..................................... 16

SECRET #5: What are the challenges that you had to overcome on your journey to achieving your life goals? ................................................................................... 19

SECRET #6: Who are the mentors that have inspired you and what lessons have you learnt from them? .............................................................................................. 24

SECRET #7: What is the most important thing that you have learned about succeeding as an entrepreneur? ........................................................................................... 26

SECRET #8: Is there a significant quote or saying which you live your life by?........................ 27

SECRET #9: Where can they find out further information about you and your products?......... 29

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It s Jay McLean here and welcome to another edition of Life Master Series, the meeting of just normal people making extraordinary results. We can definitely gain a lot of Life Master Success Secrets from him so please join me now with Darren Stephens. So Darren, please tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Darren: Well, I guess that s a pretty big statement. I m an entrepreneur and I have businesses all around the world. I started out when I left school at the age of 16. But actually, I had my first job or my first real business at the age of 13 and stumble into that. That was making chess sets and selling them in retail stores, which taught me a lot about business and everything else. Then at 18, I went on and set up my own company, and grew that to a turnover of around $12 million dollars a year. So, I learned a lot about business, and had heaps of mistakes along the way, but that s what made me a great entrepreneur. You can t get anywhere in life without making mistakes. As an entrepreneur, some of the greatest learnings and gifts I ve given myself are those mistakes, as that what s catapulted me in making a lot of money and become  

more successful.

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Darren: I started out in manufacturing, having a company doing shop fittings all around the world. That lead me going into personal development courses myself, which directed me into the path of personal growth, sales, marketing, and now I ended up becoming a marketing expert. But in order to grow my own business, I needed to do those. That led me into a whole new range of areas, where I got to work with Dr. John Gray and help put up the Mars Venus brand globally. We ended up building that to billion dollars in sales and got me to work around in over 36 countries. I ve set up different offices worldwide. Then that led me into publishing. I have my own publishing company. I m also involved in the internet in the big way, where I own an eBay company with some partners. I have a number of other different businesses, with partners in the U.S. and pretty much around the world. So, yes, I have had vast career doing many different things. Jay:

Fantastic! It s an unbelievable story.

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What do you think are the top things becoming an entrepreneur can achieve for you, or what has it achieved for you?

Darren: One of the things you can achieve as an entrepreneur is that most of us want more out of life. We either want more time, more money or more success, whatever success means to you. Because success doesn t necessary mean money to some people, so it s whatever you want more out of life. I think most of us want more than we have. As for me, becoming an entrepreneur gave me something I was looking for. Since I have 7 children, I wanted a lot of flexibility and freedom. But I left school at such a young age, so I always had that freedom and flexibility as I ve worked for myself. I ve never actually had a job other than that one when I first left school. Therefore, being an entrepreneur gave me the income and wealth I d wanted to create. I have the freedom and flexibility to travel around the world, and basically do what I want to do, such as spending more time with my kids and having a great lifestyle. Also, it gave me the opportunity to meet lots of famous people and learn from them. I ve

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Darren: had the privilege to sit down with President Clinton, Tony Robbins and many other celebrities around the world, who are actually no different to you. I realized then, that we are all the same, and I guess that s one of the greatest tip I can share to all the people who are watching this program. It s something that will make you do really well as an entrepreneur and be able to have the things that you want out of life. So, it s very important that you acknowledge yourself as being special and that you re absolutely no different from me or any other famous people around the world. Start off by believing in yourself and trusting your own intuition, then just put yourself out there and do it. Don t ever think that President Clinton is any different to you or Dr. John Gray, even though he s done billions of dollars in sales on his books. We are simply all the same. If you begin to believe in yourself, then you can achieve those great things as well. The first thing to take note is back yourself. Obviously, spend more time and money on yourself, as well as learning from other successful people. For the people who are watching this and those who have joined your program, that s the first sign of success. They are following someone else who is already successful. As a matter of fact, that s how I became successful. Also, I ve had mentors whom I looked up to and learned from them, which made me become more successful. Now, I have a big following that looks up to me as you pass that knowledge down. Being a leader and entrepreneur, it s something that you do. That once you have created your own success and wealth, there s a part inside of you that you want to give back to others and help them on that journey. I know what it s like to be poor and broke as I came from a poor family. I didn t get there without some hard work but I ve had fun doing it along the way. I ve never done anything that I didn t love. So, discover what it is that you re passionate about, find some mentors in that field, and then go and simply do it. The key is taking action to actually do it!

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It s been fantastic! I ve had a wonderful time, and I specially thank Darren for inviting us to his home, so it has been an honor. But I m sure listeners would be wanting to know more about Darren Stephens himself. Where is the best place that they could find out more information about you?

Darren: I have websites where they can get free information and downloads, and it s just been put up recently, it s called: That s the one I have with Spike Humer, where we teach entrepreneurs with business strategies, and then there s the book that we re releasing soon, so it s best if they can have a look at our website and find out more information. If they want to learn how to position themselves, or become an author and write a great book, then they can go to my other website, which is: Jay:

It s been a great opportunity to have you, Darren, and again, an honor. Any last words that you want to say before we go.

Darren: Thank you so much, it s a real privilege and an honor to be sharing this information with yourself, and have this opportunity to connect with your viewers. All I can say is, well done with the work that you re doing and keep up the great work, because you re really changing people s lives and inspiring them to achieve what you ve accomplished in your life. That s a part of my journey too, which is to help people do the same thing. So, I really honor and respect all the great work you ve done. Thank you.

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Likewise Darren, and that s the end of Darren and myself. Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen to this. Making that effort is already one big step and that s start of it. But definitely, please continue to look at for more upcoming interviews with a lot more successful people. Once again, thank you very much, Darren, and thank you everyone!

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Jay McLean is a Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, Empowerment Speaker, No.1 International Best-Selling Author, Internet Marketer, Real Estate Developer and Entrepreneur. He is a go-to business strategist guy for many large offline businesses, authors and online marketers, and has worked with self-made multi-millionaires like Darren   Stephens and Spike Humer. Jay is the founder of Life Master Now, which provides both immediate support and ongoing training through its personalized coaching program called the Life Master Success Secrets (LMSS) and helps you boost your net business profit, as well as improve your business system in such a way where you, as the owner, can work less and have more freedom and flexibility to enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve and aspire. Jay is the author of two No.1 International Best-Selling books such as Millionaires and Billionaires Secrets Revealed and more recently, Jay created the Life Master Success Secrets Series, designed to enable everyday people to get Millionaire and Billionaire dollar strategies for creating wealth, success and happiness into their lives. He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his Darling Wife, Emilene.

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Success Secrets of Multi-Millionaire Darren Stephens