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The strategy that I am going to highlight here is only 1 way to run your Zeek Rewards business. This particular way of running this home based business is based on being as giving and mutually benefiting as possible. What I mean by that is, instead of shoving a business opportunity down everyone's throat, you will be giving them something of value. The purpose of giving value Let's be honest. People are all about themselves. If something is not benefiting you personally, then odds are that you will not be doing it for very much longer. In the same way, people want to know how you can make them money, save them money, or solve a problem in the business sense. Keeping that in mind and moving forward. Most people are typically not interested in learning about your business opportunity. They simply don't care. It may sound sad, but it is true. To them, you got suckered into some money making scheme and now you are trying to get your money back by recruiting them. I am just being totally honest here and it is important to really understand this. People view "business" opportunities as places to lose their money. When you approach people with a business opportunity, their sales defense mechanisms go up. People hate being sold but they also love to buy. How does Zeek fit in? Let me ask you; have you ever turned down a free sample in the grocery store, especially when you are hungry? When you approach someone giving gifts, they will automatically be more receptive to you. With Zeek Rewards, your gift is free bids to the penny auctions. Do you think it is easier to approach someone with a business opportunity or a gift? This same idea is a way to build your Zeek Rewards business fast. In network marketing, there are two distinct aspects. There is the sales force and then the customer base. I suggest building your customer base first and from that, find those who are in love with the product and approach them with the business side of things. Zeek Rewards offers that flexibility. Tell your family and friends about your new penny auction website. Let them know that there is no obligation to purchase anything and that they will get some free bids to play with. Do you think more people would be open to seeing what your penny auctions are all about rather than hearing about a business opportunity?

From the people who use the penny auctions will become your business partners in Zeek. Do you think people that "use" the product, in the case, the auctions, will be more inclined to join the business side? Compare people who already love the auctions to people who have no idea about them. People who love the auctions will definitely be more inclined to want to know how to profit from them than those who aren't. If you want to build your Zeek Rewards business fast, then focus on giving away those free bids.

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==== ==== Zeek Rewards is an awsome online business opportunity where you place an ad daily and get paid which will build over time.. Sign Up Here ==== ====

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