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WE WANT TO SEE YOU GROW! God has given us a great opportunity to serve the North Dallas area by making an impact in tangible ways that transform the lives of those we encounter. We all play a role in maximizing our potential as a church. You may have heard me say this before, but I don’t just want us to be a growing church, but a healthy church! I believe that the way to become and remain a healthy church is through the commitment to both natural and spiritual development. It’s important to us that you are able to idenitfy where you are as well as where you can go in your journey here at TPHND. Our church desires to equip you with keys to unlock your destiny. I want you to be empowered to be the best you, both inside and outside the church walls. Whether you’re just getting started with us or have been here for years, we believe God has a purpose for bringing us together. While we all have gifts and attributes that help us thrive – individually and collectively – we are making room to become even more effective in making a positive difference around us. Therefore, we are committed to balancing what you pour out with what we pour in through the Leadership Development System. Inside, you will discover various opportunities to learn, serve, and lead. I look forward to our continual growth and thank you in advance for your commitment to growing!


iHeart University 1.0

New Membership Class



The spiritual growth and development

iHeart University 2.0

of our members is a priority for us at The Potter’s House of North Dallas. To that end, we have developed this Leadership Development System.


We are committed to equipping men and women for effective servant leadership and ministry in their homes, in the marketplace, within the church, and the global community.

*DISCIPLESHIP is encouraged after membership but available at any level of develoment


Potter‘s House School of Ministry


The School of Transformational Leadership & Ministry



Deacon in Training


COACH Trainer Area Leader Instrctor Mentor

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM MEMBERSHIP When you become a member of The Potter’s House of North Dallas, you become part of a church family that loves God and loves people. We are a ministry that is committed to serving with excellence and integrity. We are a church that seeks to provide a God-centered and family-friendly atmosphere where everyone who attends feel welcomed, valued and supported. Not only is TPHND a place where you will receive relevant and life-changing teaching, you will also have the opportunity to experience pure worship, connect with other great people, and grow in your relationship with God.

DNA All Members are encouraged to take our DNA class. DNA is also available for non-members seeking to learn more of the core values of our church prior to joining TPHND. The goal of our DNA class is to provide its attendees the opportunity to connect with the vision of our church, learn about who we are at the core, and hear our Pastor’s heart concerning the purpose of our local church. You will find that TPHND has something for everyone. This will be a time to learn more about the various ministries, programs, and services we offer and the ways that you can serve and get involved. All DNA classes can be attended by signing up on our website or on-site at Guest Services.

iHeart University 1.0 This course is designed to strengthen servant leaders – providing understanding of why we serve, equipping servant leaders with tools and resources to help them be exceptional in their ministry areas, and providing them with leadership skills to be successful while serving both inside and outside of the church.

THE SERVANT LEADER Servant leadership is vital to our church. We believe that equipping our servant leaders is not only essential to our church, but to each individual. Our Servant Leaders are committed to connecting the hearts of people to the heart of God. Becoming a Servant Leader at TPHND opens the doors to not only serve one another, but have opportunities for personal growth and be eligible for additional leadership roles within the church.

iHeart University 2.0 iHeart 2.0 is an additional level of training to equip those who are interested in enhancing their skills as leaders. Participants will cover topics such as conflict resolution, facilitation, and the power of influence. Upon completion of iHeart 1.0, members are eligible to complete this training. The ultimate goal of iHeart 2.0 is to change and expand the leader’s capacity by helping them think and see from the perspective of a leader. This next-level training will prepare servant leaders to be effective in their growth at TPHND, in both thought and application, as well as in their work place and community.

Discipleship Classes These classes are designed to help all believers grow spiritually by gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, understand the purpose and core beliefs of our church, and the essential elements of spiritual life that every believer needs to develop. We offer online and evening classes to make completing studies convenient. Topics include: salvation, prayer, baptism, tithing, God’s Word, and spiritual growth. Whether a new believer or a believer for years, these courses will help you become more like Christ.

Connect Groups Our community of small groups helps build authentic and long-lasting relationships with people who genuinely love God and care for each other. Our Connect Groups meet at the church, in homes, online, and at other venues around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Members meet to encourage one another, study God’s Word, to grow in relationship with Christ and with each other. Studies include: discussions of relevant topics, church sermons, videos, and reading of select Christian books.

THE CONNECT GROUP HOST If you have a heart to influence, to serve others, and have a space in your home or other venue – you can become a Connect Group Host. The role of a Host is vital in building relationships and in cultivating a meeting environment that will help members connect with each other and with Christ.

The School of Transformational Leadership & Ministry The mission of the School of Transformational Leadership and Ministry is to provide educational, ministerial, and leadership training to equip men and women to lead and to serve. The equipping of leaders is accomplished by offering internships programs, The Potter’s House School of Ministry (PHSOM), by providing training for deacons, ministers, and elders as well studies leading to a fully accredited college degree.

THE INTERN Our internship program is designed to cultivate and train the next generation of leaders. Providing hands-on experience, biblical instruction, and exposure to many areas of ministry, young leaders will grow in their faith, character, and competency.

Learning from and serving alongside experienced ministry leaders and full-time ministry staff at TPHND, interns will have a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills and identify their calling.

THE MINISTER & ELDER We believe God will raise up men and women, here at The Potters House of North Dallas and around the world, who are called to a life of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Potter’s House School of Ministry The Potter’s House School of Ministry (PHSOM) is dedicated to developing 21st Century Ministers. PHSOM is a two-year program (four semesters) which provides doctrinal teaching and ministerial training for leading the local church. After completing ministerial training, candidates will be assigned areas of ministry based on availability and spiritual gifting.

THE DEACON The Deacons Ministry serves a support team for our Pastor and staff. They assist with receiving the offering, communion and baptismal services, weddings, funerals, ordination services, and any other service opportunities that may arise at The Potter’s House of North Dallas. *The Deacons Ministry requires ordination, and has a unique set of requirements and process. Potential deacons must be married, and willing to go through an official ordination process.

THE COACH Serving as “leaders of leaders” Coaches provide wisdom, guidance, and support to help other leaders succeed. Training includes tools to help Coaches grow personally and excel in leading others. Upon completion of training, coaches serve as trainers, area leaders, instructor/facilitator, and mentors.



We are committed to equipping men and women for effective servant leadership and ministry in their homes, in the marketplace, within the church, and the global community.