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The Platypus Volume ii Issue III


Dear Key Clubbers, Enjoying your summer an Hello!? I hope you are all are d relaxing! Some of you may have forgotten about service, but even the small things you help! For a lot of you that don’t feel motivated or need help with Key club or recruiting members, feel free to contact me! I am always available to help with Key Club; it has a high priority! I hope you all really love key club, those of you that I have spoken to seem truly amazing and I hope to speak with all of you! I will be starting club visits in August. Something to keep in mind is that you are Key Club member because you are truly passionate about helping people, not because you will be the only one benefiting from it. In Caring and Service,

Jayleen Leon

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Summer Service Have a Car wash!! Raise money for your club or for your favorite charity, like UNICEF!!

Help pick up and keep your community Clean!

Have a food drive for your local Salvation Army!

Boost Membership RECOMMENDED BY Miss Hakikat Bains our IP district secretary Call students! I will do this one will you! What you will need: Cellphone Yearbook(s) Phone book

 Hang posters, invite students, post meetings in bulletin  Use a gimmick  Develop a list for what you seek in members ex. Desire to serve  Give out membership forms!  Plan service projects out!  Have members bring friends

We can meet up or you and your club officers meet and look through the yearbook and find out which students you see as potential key club members. Look up their house or parents phone number and leave a message saying something nice like “ Key club international is one of the largest student led community service clubs and we would like to cordially invite (students name) to be a part of our club . Our first meeting will be __________, please take this opportunity to join Key Club International

Divisional Council Meeting 12:00 pm Friday June 20th Prosser Aquatic center Bring your bathing suit, notebook, $5, Snacks, Sun block and towel. Free Hot dogs!

Kiwanis Kiwanians are there for us! We should always speak with them not just when they financially support our key club!! We should always appreciate everything they do, they are adults coming together to serve! It is our duty as key clubbers to keep in touch with our K-family! So, I have something to ask of all of you …

 Do at least 2 service projects with your local Kiwanis this year  Show up to a few of their meetings  Show them your appreciation  Please give me your Kiwanis contact information

Eastside Rally

What: Eastside Rally is an event that unites the Key Club members of eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Who: All Key Club members from around the Pacific Northwest are welcome to come to the event! However, most of the attendees are from eastern Washington. All Key Club members from the eastside are strongly recommended to attend, and all club officers from the eastside are required to attend. If you are a club officer and you know you will not be at the event, you must contact me and tell me the reason you are unable to attend. When: August 16th from 11 AM to 4 PM (tentative) Where: Moses Lake High School Why: In order to meet other Key Club members who live in eastern Washington or north Idaho, to properly train all of the club officers from around the eastside, and to come together for a day of fun.

District Governor

District secretary

Lisa Antonio

Ik Hoon Jung

Jayleen Leon 509-305-9791

District treasurer

Jayleenleon14@gmai l.

Aneesh Pappu

District Editor Jenny Zhang

June Issue 2014-2015  

Official Newsletter of PNW Division 50

June Issue 2014-2015  

Official Newsletter of PNW Division 50