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It has always been easy to get a website design for your business but when it comes to finding a complete solution that will provide you a presence online at the top level now and in the future, traditionally this has been only accessible

to business owners with big budgets or an in-house team of website development experts. Today it has never been easier to get a world-class website design with smart online marketing solutions that were previously out of reach of most small business owner’s budgets and expertise level. With our powerful Website Design, Online Marketing and Free Technical Support Solutions, everything you need, when you need it is provided for you under one roof at affordable entry points to suit your budget. If you have found yourself feeling confused in your search for a website design solution or pricing seemed well beyond reason, it likely has nothing to do with you. Business owners needs and available budgets vary greatly and no single solution is usually suitable to meet all the individual needs of a business owner, even when you get a custom quotation. The limit of your budget however no longer needs to determine your ability to get a world-class website design solution. Pricing To Suit Your Budget and a System that Ensures Your Success! If you have found information and pricing (or no pricing information available) on website design solutions in the past has left you more confused than informed, take a deep breath and relax. We’re about to make things as simple as possible and we are standing by to answer any questions you may have. A small business is defined as anywhere between 1 (the business owner) and 100 employees. So as you can imagine the budgets and needs for business owners in this range will vary greatly. The good news is no matter what your budget and business needs are, we have a price point to suit you without compromising your website design quality or anything you will need to drive more customers to your business, make more sales and generate more leads. A lower budget usually means your business needs at this point are less than a larger small business. Your website design solution will allow you to scale up as needed. You own your website and are never locked into any contracts. Our ongoing free support systems allow you to simply be guided, when you need it. Easily choose a package below to suit your budget by viewing our Website Design Pricing Comparison Tables (below). Every item when hovered over with your mouse will show more details. If you have any questions or are confused by

any technical details, we are standing by to support you. Simply call us on 1800 705 841 or by email enquiry here.

Unlimited Design Revisions We make you look really great online plus stand out from the crowd. With unlimited web design revisions, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Unlimited Technical Support Ever been stuck with technology? Did it turn out to be something you just did not see? We have all been there. We are here to help when you need it. Unlimited Pages & Functions Once we have designed and built your new website, you can use your CMS to add extra pages, images, videos, blogs, products, services, forms, and more!

Smart Pricing Entry Points Our smart pricing entry points provide business owners with cost effective access to world-class website design, marketing and support solutions. Ecommerce Shopping Cart Your CMS includes an easy to manage eCommerce shopping cart to sell your products. Accept payments, setup taxes, coupons and shipping options. Free Hosting, Domain & Email All our packages include web hosting for 1 year with 2GB data transfer and 1GB space, unlimited email accounts and a 2 year domain name registration. Why Chooses Us What benefit is a business solution to you if it doesn’t give you a clear Cost Effective and Competitive Advantage in the marketplace, and that you don’t clearly understand and trust? To better understand how our website development solutions are developed as a cost effective Online Business Growth System that will support your Business Goals, we have 3 Main Discovery Sections. Jump now to Website Design Process and then follow the discovery buttons for Your Competitive Advantage. If you have any questions call us on +617 3102 7487 or by email enquiry here.

Sales and Support Sales Support Call Now: 1800 774 107 / +617 3102 7487 - 9:00 am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Technical Support: Support Center Login Login 24 hours 7 days a week

Small Business Website Design and Online Marketing from $897.00  

Leading Edge Business Options – provide world-class website design and online marketing solutions with free techn...

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