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“We searched for hours on Google for the right senior photographer...when we saw your images, they simply seemed more sophisticated.” - Robyn At Seniors @ 5280 we believe in creating unique sessions for each of our clients, shooting on location throughout the Front Range and in our 3100 sq. ft. studio. When we started Seniors @ 5280 we knew we wanted to create something unique and special for our clients. By bringing fashion and sports cover photography to High School seniors and not creating another studio with fixed sets, pictures and bland poses that thousands of seniors have been doing for decades, we could create a unique product in the Colorado market that would provide incredible images to our clients. Doing something different every year and with every shoot is what drives us and makes Seniors @ 5280 different. The factory approach to photography seems boring and stale by comparison. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and not shooting on location deprives high school Seniors of that distinctive Colorado feel. With that in mind, we set out to create a boutique photography studio dedicated to creating amazing images of our clients and creating enduring art for future generation to cherish and treasure. We wanted to capture the aspects of our senior’s life so they will look back years from now and remember this amazing time in their lives. Every attention to detail shows through our images. From styling to makeup to lighting to post processing, we take great care in every step to create art gallery quality images seen on the covers of today’s sports and fashion magazines. Many of our clients refer to our images as “more sophisticated” and “original” not like any other senior images they’d seen before. Many of our clients end up using their senior pictures in their modeling portfolios. And, nobody in the Front Range does sports photography better than us. Take a look at our portfolio to see the difference, it’s not just about standing around, posing in your letterman jacket anymore.

Come by and see. We can show you the possibility from Athlete to Dancer to Musician to Top Model to just simple, amazing senior pictures, where you look like a model! The consultation is free and we’ll ensure you get a customized photo session focused on you, the client and your personality and interests. Give us a call and let us create your cover images today!

CHOOSING YOUR SESSION { EXCLUSIVE ACCESS } Our premier session for the senior who wants the best . If you play multiple sports or have extra cirricular activities, this is the session for you! Provides for mulitple locations and a great way to start a model portfolio.

{ THE WORKS } Multiple locations, studio session, sports portraits and great senior pictures at the location of your choosing. 2.5 hours to capture everything about your Senior.

{ ESSENTIAL } Our basic senior session, on location or in the studio. Seniors @ 5280 unique senior session in a compact 1.5 hour session with multiple outfit changes.

{ BFF SESSION } If you and your best friend do everything together the BFF session is agreat way to get images together and save money! We combine the any session together into one longer session and reduce the sitting fee by 30% while one is changing, we’re shooting with the other Any session above can be booked as a BFF 30% session. Less money, more shots, together and by yourself...the best deal we have.

{ EXCLUSIVE ACCESS } • • • • • • • • • •

Up to six hours Designer photo sessions All-star treatment Multiple day shoots Hair, makeup and stylist shopping trip Free family portrait included Multiple locations No limit on outfits Sports, model and activity portrait sessions included 100 images presented

Simply the best session we have, designed to create the most unique, highly stylized photos available. Need to create a model portfolio during your senior shoot? Do you participate in multiple sports? Do you want studio shots and multiple locations across Colorado? Perhaps you have multiple seniors graduating? Do you want your shoot stylized by a professional fashion expert and the best makeup artists in the Front Range? Multiple makeup styles and looks? Exclusive Access was designed with you in mind. It includes a makeup artist, styling session, personal shopper and hair stylist. Exclusive Access includes up to 6 hours of time, which can cross multiple days. We do what it takes to get all your images! Exclusive access allows us time to create much more dramatic and complicated photos that are unique to each of our clients, with our signature look!

{ THE WORKS } • • • •

2 1/2 hour session Multiple locations 4-6 outfits Ideal for sports, model, activity portrait sessions • Studio and location shoots • 40-60 images presented

Our essential session paired with an additional hour to use how you want. Great shots in the studio, model shots, sports portraits and any other activities outside of your senior pictures! This is our most popular session and the best way to showcase your sports, musical or model talents.

{ THE ESSENTIAL } • • • •

1 1/2 hours Single location 2-3 outfits 20-30 images presented

Our lowest price session. Have your parents, friends or family tag along. Still a chance to get some great looks quickly and still get that Seniors @ 5280 creativity with your own unique style! These are held on specific days at locations across the front range including in our studio!



“The experience and results lived up to Seniors @ 5280’s reputation. We travelled from Washington State to have our photos taken and it was well worth the trip” - Vanessa

16th Street Mall Coors Field Larimar Square Confluence Park Millenium Bridge and many, many more. Unique backdrops only downtown Denver can provide



“The atmosphere of each photoshoot was incredible and fun-. There was never a dull moment. Jay is a fun guy who loves what he does-- you can tell through his work” - Melly

beautiful, stunning

colorado THE FRONT RANGE has some of the most beautiful country in the world. A studio that limits photos to a posing yard or their indoor studio is missing out on the best opportunities for amazing senior pictures. From the FlatIrons to the Botanical Gardens to Boulder to Wash Park, we shoot everyone along the Front Range. We know the best locations for creative, unique shots you won’t see anywhere else.


ARE NOT PLAYED IN YOUR LETTERMAN JACKET! “Nobody does sports portraits better than Seniors @ 5280. No one in Colorado is even close! I can’t decide which photos to choose.” - Donna

{ SPORTS SESSIONS } • Included within “The Works” or “Exclusive Access” sessions • Available as an add on session for additional sports/activities • 1.5 hours per session • Multiple athletes for action shots • Full retouching • Digital stylized • Discounts for multiple sports

a GREAT sports portrait is about intensity and emotion... it captures your story, personality and hard work!

“Ou deepe

ur deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our est fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.� - Marianne Williamson

No senior studio does sports like Seniors @ 5280. We shoot 100’s of athletes per year across most every sport. We know not only how to take great photos, but we’ve played most sports and understand the nuances of the game. Attention to detail and understanding the game, proper form and creating amazing scenes one would see in the real games our athletes have played across their life, is the key to a great sport portrait. We’ve had athletes flat out tell us we would have a hard time capturing the essence of their sports in a single photograph. In the end, they were amazed we were able to create a portrait that told a story of the best times of this part of their careers. To boil all of this time, effort and amazing ability to a letterman jacket shot is an insult to your achievements. We put together group sessions so we can add extras to the scenes and make the shots look like a real game. As you can see, it’s hard to tell it isn’t. Sports portraits are a key part of our process. The images you get belong on the cover to today’s leading sports magazines. If you’re an athlete, your senior pictures should be from Seniors @ 5280.




“How did Jay turn our entertaining session into those incredible shots!” - Caley



OUT OF YOUR SESSION Eye Color Green Eyes Warm colors such as deep purples, plums, lilacs, golds, bronze, deep green, mauves, copper, brown, medium pinks, apricots and peaches work well for green eyes. Avoid the cooler colors such as blues, silvers, whites and pastels. These will tend to make you look washed out. Use brown instead of black eyeliners, or perhaps bronze or gold. Your lips and blushes should be similar colors. You can also match with a burgundy color for lipstick. Try out a few of these looks and styles and see what you like before your photoshoot. Blue Eyes Generally, blue eyes work best with gray, violet, taupe, purple and deep blues. Using dark shades of blue bring out more natural blue tones in your eyes. If you mix black liner with bright blue, it gives you more of the popular smoky effect. For a more fun/funky look, mix silver, fuschia or turquoise in. Blond hair, fair skin can also mix in violet, lavenders and pink where as red hair might work better with shades of brown… your hair and skin tone really call for a more natural looking eye shadow. Add a gold shimmer to the brown tones to add a

distinct finished look. Blue eyes have different shades and intensity. Warm browns, taupes and soft peach colors work well also. Brown Eyes Okay, here’s the easy part. Brown eyes work with almost everything stated above. Darker skins should stay away from white or light colors and look for eye shadows with deep, rich colors. Fair skin tones should stay away from the darker colors and migrate toward lighter shades. The bottom line is, experiment. So many factors come into play such as outfits and the casual or formal nature of the event or look. But, from dramatic to relaxed and casual, the tips above will make sure the foundation of colors and tones are in place for a great look!

Final Thoughts A couple final thoughts. Don’t get your haircut the week before your session. We’ve all had those bad haircuts and now is not the time to be experimental. You don’t want to end up with a style you’ll regret. And, add color and accessories to your session. Black, white and grey are great, but they get old quick. Adding splashes of color or heck, full on color make for more interesting portraits. And don’t forget those accessories!. Finally, check out our website, we have tons of advice on getting ready for your session. And our link to Pinterest has the latest styles in one easy access point.

the 5280

difference •

We want to create art for your walls, not 8x10’s and 5x7’s gathering dust in drawers or in albums people in your life never get to see; images that provide treasured memories for years to come.

Being lazy results in mediocre work. Seniors @ 5280 doesn’t believe in canned sets, and poses. Photography should be unique to the individuals and families and capture the various aspects of your life and personality.

The world is a amazing place and rife with stories, backdrops and stunning locations. We do shoot in our studios for specific looks and controlled lighting, but nothing beats the great outdoors, be it downtown or Colorado’s spectacular outdoor views.

We guarantee our work. From the shoot to the end products. If you’re not completely satisfied with your photo shoot, we’ll reshoot you and if you’re still not happy we’ll refund the full sitting fee. We want you to be ecstatic with your senior pictures.

If you’re looking for the cheapest photographer out there, we’re probably not the right choice. We don’t take shortcuts on our post processing, shooting, printing, etc. We don’t release anything to market that hasn’t gone through our full, detailed process. Attention to details creates the perfect set of portraits. It’s easy to tell when a photographer takes shortcuts, skin tones turn orange, colors are pumped up for the sake of pumping them up and all the photos on the website look the same; same poses, same sets. The skin looks plastic because it’s processed through automatic actions taking away all skin pore detail in an attempt to remove blemishes because it’s easier for the photographer. Many low-budget photographers hand you prints straight out of the camera, no lighting, no processing and then walk onto the next client. They “document the event” but they are not artistic portraits you’ll display for years to come.

We are commercial fashion and sports portrait photographers who take pictures of children, models, seniors and families. We approach all of our portraits as if they are intended for magazine covers or gallery shows. We teach you how to pose, not just pose you. We structure our looks and settings based on your attributes. This is the primary reason our images look so different than the rest of the market.

We work with you to design your shoot from stylizing the outfits to helping you design your print products to match your interior decorating style. Even down to helping you hang the portraits on your wall if you need us to :).

Meeting people and long term friendships are as important to us as your business and we try to keep up with the lives of all our clients. We share parts of our lives with our clients from our daughter’s latest antics or things happening at the studio. We want to celebrate the key moments in your life and with all the amazing people we’ve been lucky enough to meet along the




2012-2013 Senior Catalog  

Seniors @ 5280 Senior catalog and style guide