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Fashion Journal Jayla Martinez Fashion Business 27-1910 November 28, 2012

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1.) Women’s Wear Daily 2.) Wall Street Journal 3.) Vogue 4.) Fashion Observation 5.) Five Trends 6.) WGSN Trend Reports 7.) Color and Fabric Trends 8.) WGSN Global Trends 9.) Visual Displays 10.) Visual Display Pictures 11.)New TV Show- Nashville 12.) Designer Collection 13.) Career Descriptions 14.) Fashion Don’ts 15.) Fashion Don’ts URL Picture Links 16.) Career Opportunities

Entry #1 Women’s Wear Daily- November 16, 2012 Kanebo cosmetics Plots International Strategy TOKYO- Kanebo Cosmetics has been a leading brand in the Japanese beauty industry for some time now (2nd leading brand to be exact.) It has just recently made plans to shed light internationally and further help themselves to compete on a global level. Since 1887 when the company began as a cotton trader, it has diversified and finally opened up to the cosmetics in 2005. The company now sells its products in 55 countries and regions, but aims to increase percentages to 15% by 2015. They have focused their efforts through five brands: prestige skin-care, Sensai and Impress, masstige skin-care, and color cosmetic brands Lunasol and Kate. Kanebo mentioned, “When you go abroad, you have to understand bother your own identity and your identity among others,” about expanding, “In business, I think companies also have to place importance on their identities, while also looking at the market of that country and thinking how they can match it and expand.” I truly do not understand why a company would want to put itself at risk of loss when it is already doing so well. There is this new focus on global expansion and everyone wants their products to be sold everywhere. Why? If a company does so well in its own market catering to a specific target customer, why change who you are and what you sell just to compete on a larger scale. Just like Kanebo said, different people focus on different ingredients in products, which would alter who they are in some way. I believe people should stick to what they know and do it well, why is that never enough? People always want more. Link to article:

Entry #2 Wall Street Journal- November 16, 2012 The Italians have always been fashion leaders, but new trends among them are out of context with Americans. They call it “Sprezzato,� the act of combining a jacket and trousers that is not a matching suit, more specifically letting the top half make the statement. Many Italian men pair bold colors, different fabrics and pattern contrasts together to create unique ensembles. In their workplace, the formality of a suit is not required, which is very interesting. I wish American men would embrace fashion and trends, but we have created this atmosphere that is constantly work focused and requires one type of dress. Italian culture is a perfect example that fashion can be brought into work and force individuality into something not so individual. Link to article: A1BD7788CA9AB/1?accountid=10231

Entry #3 Vogue trends- November 26, 2012 This fall is filled with coats! Big, bigger and biggest is the main attraction. Styles range from boxy trench coats to cinched wool coats. I have caught my eye in some retailers carrying these styles vicariously. Personally, I don’t quite understand why coats need to be bigger than what they already are. I view them as a staple for cold weather, but fashion speaks its own mind through every piece of clothing. Either way, I think these picks are bold!

Entry #4 Fashion observation- November 24, 2012 I currently work at a retail store, specifically a junior’s store, Delia’s. This target age is fashion forward and boy do things move fast. Styles are in and out of the door in as little as a month or two. This fall we have had an astonishing amount of peplum tops flood through our back door. Unfortunately not as many out our front, my conclusion is that junior girls have not reached a desire to follow trends yet. We have sold lace peplums, cotton peplums, frilled peplums and anything else you can think of. I love them personally, but younger girls do not dress up for school which inhibits their entire life. They like to be comfortable, sweaters and layered long sleeves are the look they like. I do not recall fashion trends from last fall because I was not working in retail at that time. However after I went through my closet and made observations from pieces I bought last year. I can say that I think there is a huge impact of color now, where as last year retailers did not provide as much of an array of color choices.

Entry #5 Store trends- November 26, 2012 As I walked through Urban Outfitters, there were some very distinct trends that stood out immediately. First off, so many shirts were detailed with those metal pointed nail embellishments. Dresses had them, coats had them, along with many collared shirts. Second, I noticed the crushed velvet fabric on skirts and dresses. They came in red patterns and prints, relevant to the Christmas season. There were also purple and black velvet leggings. Third, heavy sweaters were combing neutral colors like black, gray, brown, with bright foiled colors (silver and gold) almost as if they ironed the foil on the sweater. I was not sure if Urban was testing the waters, because I have yet to see this style anywhere else. Fourth, the faded, organic, washed dye look was frequent among sweaters and jeans. Seriously, I could make every item they used this technique on. All I have to do is buy some dye and thrown my garments in the wash, I would NOT pay for this style. Lastly, I am going to combine two trends and one is the peplum skirts which have been around for a while, but are still going strong. Displays matched them with sweaters and knee high socks. The second trend was the mesh neckline along the tops of dresses. Some had it partially on just the front and some had it just on the back upper half. It is very cute; however it does not abide with the winter weather.

Entry #6- WGSN trend- November 26, 2012 After my conclusions with Urban Outfitter’s trends, I went to WGSN to follow up with them. Unfortunately, I did not find as much support as I thought I would, but there was some. The color schemes and palettes matched up with what I saw. Especially the darker muted colors, and the metallic shades I described with the foils. There collared shirts were represented on WGSN, minus the studs. Lastly, I found a section on the acid wash jeans; this must be something big right now. The one thing I do like about the acid wash is that they are available in every color and every shade you would want. There is the freedom to highlight or darken the jeans depending on how dark you want the wash to be. I thought that maybe, the forecasts for WGSN are geared towards high fashion. While lower budget end fashion brands may take these trends into consideration, they may use parts of them but also create something new and not so mainstream.

Entry #7 Fabric/ Color swatches- November 27, 2012

Velour Fiber Content: synthetic Origin: U.S

Crushed Velvet Fiber Content: 65% acetate, 35% nylon Origin: U.S

Metallic Spandex Fiber Content: Polyester/ Spandex Origin: U.S

Color Swatches These were all of the colors I saw throughout my visits and they were perfect matches and representations of the current trends.

Entry #8 Global trends- November 27, 2012 I was surprised to compare our fashion to other fashion around the globe. London had similar trends; theirs were geared towards a 50’s comeback with scoop neck dresses, lace, shades of pink and bright prints. There were many style dresses that had polka dot prints and cut outs around the sides and stomach. Milan has implemented an oriental inspiration. Their sportswear collections are featuring sports shaped influences like the basketball jacket in silks and silk satins. They have color blocked many bright colors in these styles. Paris is undergoing the annual reds, neutrals and classics, including the white shirt. Their outwear consists of tuxedo jackets and the biker/collarless jacket for a masculine take. They have a lot of tapered trousers and military coats in neutral colors. I predict the continued use of these trends, plus further oriental and patterned prints and bright colors. Especially for sprint I see a lot of cut out styles coming out.

Entry #9 Visual Displays- November 27, 2012 The first store I went to was JC Penny. My eye was caught by their increase in advertising and their new collections full of colors. I went in a saw a couple of floor displays including their mannequins. There were three lined up behind each other with different outfits on pertaining to that particular section of the store. It looked like the aisles were meant to be fashion runways. I have not seen that before in big department stores and I thought it was creative. It was in the perfect spot for customers to look at when they walked down the aisles. There was no way they could miss the outfits on the mannequins. It was a good target for visuals! They also had a display that looked like an open closet, there were a couple mannequins wearing clothes from the “closet,� and a table and a bench which created that picking and choosing atmosphere. The second retailer I went to was Urban Outfitters. I chose a brand store because I also wanted to compare the displays to a big department store. The one thing I noticed was that the focus was not on mannequins, but interactive and dramatic accents that detailed the store. On the floor were framed wooden prints and the clothes hung off of racks out of wooden walls that were spray painted with different designs. Urban had several layered streamers hanging in different areas, but mainly in the windows. They also used large wooden cutouts of animals in the windows and covered them with prints which I thought was really interesting. They were very eye drawing because when you walk past them everything is shiny which I love. They had huge foil snowflakes that sparkled in the light and there were tons of them. I love Urban for the quirkiness and how they market other fun household items.

Entry #10 TV show trends- November 26, 2012 I chose Nashville as my television show because I absolutely love the plot and all of the characters. My favorite dressed character is Scarlett and she has a very casual southern look. In some scenes I would see her wearing worker boots with knee length printed skirts and cotton tees or a solid blouse. Her style is loose and it flows, nothing is ever tight or constructed and that is what I love about her. I could definitely see her style coming out in the spring. Especially with worker boots or boots in general with long flowing skirts and cotton tees or even layered tanks with collared cotton chiffons.

Entry #11 OH Boy! November 24, 2013 This website has an extensive amount of designers and collections. Unfortunately I was unable to view them all. However, of the ones I did cross I fell in love with the designer Oh Boy! The collection was for autumn and winter of 2013. The one thing I noticed about this designer and all of the designers from this specific location was the use of color in their styles. Everything just pops and contrasts so well, they are bright and bubbly. I love all things with color, especially this specific outfit. It is unique because it relates to a suit separate but is very trendy. The formal feeling is toned down by the patter and pops of red, orange and blues which makes it approachable and attainable. I love the high waisted skirt because it leaves room for play with any shirt underneath. The stores I felt compatible with this designer was Von Mauer, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. I love Brazil fashion!!

Entry #12 Career descriptions – November 24, 2012 Fashion designers are the minds behind creativity. When you walk through a store and see something you love, there was a designer, or group of designers who created that piece from scratch. Where did they come up with it? Where did the inspiration come from? There is so much that goes into designing clothes, more than any customer could know to appreciate. Designers visualize their lines, work with sales in order to know what has done well, source the appropriate price range of materials for their target brand and must know business very well. Fashion buyers as I like to think of it, are one step further in the production of fashion. Buyers have to forecast trends and constantly be up to date with what’s new and what sold the best. They travel all around the world to meet with designers, go to trunk shows and learn about new fashions. Many buyers specialize in one department, for example, women’s pants, blouses or jackets. However, buyers from each department must always collaborate since these pieces are worn together. Both representatives often travel together to choose their selections in cohesion with each other. This person must know exactly what the customer wants and needs because they are the direct middle man between consumer and producer. A product development manager, are the eyes and ears through the process of creating product lines. They will oversee trends and forecast to carry out the brand standards, they ensure the harmony between all lines of merchandise and present brand concepts at all meetings. This person must fully understand the garment manufacturing process to ensure the lead at all times. They oversee all fabrics, colors and prints with the warehouses and make sure the pricing is accurate with brand plans. This person has a full load of responsibility and must know his/her stuff to the core in order to have the confidence to take full leadership of this kind.

Entry #13 Fashion DONTS November 24, 2012 #1- Even if you like DIY fashion, I would not recommend trying Lindsay’s dress. The diamond cutouts with red tear drops in the center look cheap and unfinished. Plus the dress is dull and the silk is flat. There is no volume and it does not suit well with her skin tone. She may have been better off with a different color scheme. #2- I was never a big fan of Rihanna, but who can disagree that she looks like a wannabe rapper ragdoll. The problem is that there is no style behind these boring pieces. It does not speak to me about what she likes or who she is. Americans love clothes that have a voice, and this one says, “I didn’t know what else to wear.” #3- The thing about Kesha’s outfit, is that if she had made some changes, it could have actually worked. If she had worn heels instead of platform loafers, lost the 1900’s spectacles and wide brim hat so we could actually see her face, worn a silk blouse underneath and styled her hair nice, it would have been approved. Kesha was lost in 70’s and forgot what decade she was in. #4- Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, but this outfit is so not! Better yet, what was Christian Dior thinking when he created this. It looks like a blazer and a flowy skirt were thrown in a blender, than someone threw a belt on it to make up for the damage. I get that Dior is a prestigious brand and has an excellent reputation, but this piece is boring and there is nothing individual about it. Which I believe is such a huge trend now, how can you make something stand out when everyone is trying desperately to fit in?

Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3:

Entry #14- Career opportunities November 24, 2012 Window displays are a huge draw for me when I am out shopping. I love the creative, outspoken, I’m begging for your attention displays. This is where I would love to come in as a visual specialist. Not only for the windows, but the entire store layout, I love putting things together. I am creative and constantly rearranging my own room to keep me on my toes, this would be a great position for me. In order to satisfy my need for control and leadership of business, I would resort to being a buyer. Plus I love to travel, which is why I would love to do this. Not only would I be able to forecast trends and be responsible for what goes into my store. I also get to meet tons of different designers and have fun while doing it. Business first of course! My last pick would be a product development manager. Although it would be a hefty load of stress on my shoulders, and overdoses on caffeine in order to keep up with all the craziness of product development. I think it would be great experience to be put in charge of the order of merchandise. There would be so much energy, teamwork and collaboration, I would be right in the middle of it.

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