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Saffron Saffron Risotto Risotto Cake Cake


#4 | March 2010

Saffron Risotto Risotto Cake Cake Saffron All photographs by Erica


Milano is a city which seriously has to

grow on you and once it does, it can bite. After all the years of traveling there, it has definitely sunk its teeth deep within me as well as my family. They all, as I do, look passionately forward to eating saffron risotto there. Made with day-old saffron risotto so that it can be more easily formed into a pancake, this dish will satisfy a craving you didn’t even know you had. I have my own version below, made with black truffle infused cheese and topped off with freshly shaven black truffle. The secret shop in the Lower East Side, from where I buy the truffles and other rare ingredients has truly brought my passion for cooking a step further. I am not sure exactly where it will take me creatively, but between the wonderful world of fashion as well as food, and the amazing array of colors and textures I find there — world, watch out!

When going to Milano, I suggest a visit to the following restaurant for an amazing saffron risotto senza the black truffle. For that, you will have to be invited to a Jay Kos dinner party. The restaurant is a favorite among the fashion world. The place is like walking into a cross between Dylan’s Candy Bar and a traditional Italian restaurant as the tables are all surrounded by all sorts of candy and homemade cookies like meringue. The cookies are as good as anything in there and the gummy bears and gumdrops nearly killed it for my kids during their first visit. La Briciola Via Solferino, 52 20121 Milano (Lombardia), Italy 02 655 1012

Saffron Risotto Cake  

Foodashion #4

Saffron Risotto Cake  

Foodashion #4