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“Choose darker or lighter stains and finishes to create a dramatically different feeling. Add to that your choice of hardware, finishing touches, and furnishings to refine the look and suddenly you’re achieving a style that’s all you!”


THE 13-0006 LMC



Waypoint Cabinets

Not to be combined with any other offer. JAY-K Lumber • Coupon good through November 1, 2013

FREE In Home Delivery • FREE Glazing • FREE Paint - available on most series door styles • FREE Cushion Close Dovetail Drawers • FREE Soft Close Doors with 6-way adjustable hinges • FREE 1/2" Plywood Sides

Sale Good 9/1/13 Thru 9/30/13 Copyright 2013 Circulars Unlimited -



32" or 36" 6-Panel Steel Entry Door Novatech steel doors are insulated using HCFC-free polyurethane, and have a 24G skin thickness. Include a very solid structure with wood components and meet the steel door standards CAN/CGSB 82.5 M88. 4-9/16" jamb. Reg. 168.95 Model N300

30", 32" & 36" 2-Panel 9-Lite Exterior Grill Design Entry Door 22 x 36 glass with 4-9/16" jamb. Reg. 219.95 Model N300 (30N92LH) (32N2LH) (36N2LH)

(32N6LH) (36N6LH)




24" 6 Panel 13⁄8" Bostonian Interior Hollow Core Door Units

Undertile Floor Heater

They can be painted to match any décor. Primed jambs and colonial door stops. Cove and bead sticking design. Reg. 70.99 Model 6PTEXB/C

720w, 120v, 45 sq. ft. Installs directly under the ceramic tiles resulting in quick heat up times; uses electric radiant heat. Other sizes available. Reg. 299.00 Model EZ45SF Other Sizes Available.


28" Reg. 72.99 30" Reg. 73.99 32" Reg. 73.99 36" Reg. 76.99



32" x 16" White Vinyl Insulated Basement Window With Screen

36" Reg. 64.99 (36MPB) .....54.99

48" Aluminum Door Canopy

Bare galvalume. 36" panel width coverage. Reg. 1.93 lin. ft. (S8GAL) Regal White Painted Galvalume Reg. 2.41 lin. ft. (S8WH) ......2.17 Lin. ft. Ivy Green Painted Galvalume Reg. 2.41 lin. ft. (S8GRE)..........2.17 Lin. ft.


White. Made to last under most weather conditions. Protect your entry and steps from rain, snow, and ice. Built-in front rain gutter. Reg. 179.95 Model Series 2500 (4842C)

42" White Side Wings Reg. 91.95 (42WSW) .............77.95


Per Sq.

Double 4" White Birch Alpine Ridge® Vinyl Siding


Per Sq.

Double 4" White Birch Addison Heights® Vinyl Siding Quality siding in exacting standards in an array of color options, Addison Heights suits any surrounding. Brushed cedar wood-grain finish that never needs to be painted. Secure, positive locking system. Reinforced nail hem to withstand gale-force winds. Reg. 71.88 Model 20D402 (V4AHWB)


Warm Sandalwood Reg. 71.88 Model 20D417 (V4AHWS) ...............64.68 Harbor Stone Reg. 71.88 Model 20D444 (V4AHHS) .........................64.68 301⁄4" x 371⁄4" S3500 Series Vinyl Single Hung Window Vintage Sage Reg. 74.28 Model 20D455 (V4AHVS) ...........................66.84 A new construction line of vinyl windows that offers superior value to builders and contractors. Integral J-channel. Nailing fin. Insulated glass and screen. Tilt in sash for easy cleaning.

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Imperial Rib 29 Guage Metal Panel Roofing & Siding

32" x 24" Reg. 87.99 Model (9900) 3223 (VB3224) ......74.99

301⁄4" x 411⁄4" (VP2432)...............114.99 341⁄4" x 411⁄4" (VP2832)...............120.99 301⁄4" x 491⁄4" (VP24310) .............121.99 341⁄4" x 491⁄4" (VP28310) .............128.99 381⁄4" x 491⁄4" (VP30310) .............133.99

Molded panel doors resist shrinking, swelling, cracking and splitting. Available in a wide variety of sizes, they can be painted to match any decor. Reg. 56.99 Model 6PTEXB/C (24MPB) 30" Reg. 60.99 (30MPB) .....50.99

Lin. Ft.

32" x 20" Reg. 82.99 Model (9900) 3219 (VB3220) ......70.99


24" 6 Panel 13⁄8" Bostonian Textured Bifold Door Kits


A line of vinyl new construction windows that offer quality, durability, and energy efficiency. Heavy duty handle system. Tilts in to allow for ventilation. Reg. 74.99 Model (9900) 3215 (VB3216)




Come alive with a natural wood-grain finish that redefines your home’s appearance. Choose Alpine Ridge® for its strong durability and its variety of earth tone colors. Exceeds industry standards for impact resistance by 25%. Positive locking system assures easier installation. Reg. 88.68 Model 31FF2402 (V4ARWB) Classic Sand Reg. 88.68 Model 31FF2411 (V4ARCS) .......................79.80 Pebble Clay Reg. 91.08 Model 31FF2443 (V4ARPC) ........................ 81.96


Roxul ComfortBatt R-15 Unfaced Batt Insulation Offers semi-rigid batts with flexible edges that are designed to compress when installed for a more complete fill. For use in both new residential construction and renovations. For exterior walls, basements and crawl spaces. Reg. 37.79 Model RXCB351525 (316R) ComfortBatt R-23 Reg. 38.99 Model RXCB551525 (616R) 32.99


Roxul Stone Wool Insulation Knife Stainless steel blade with serrated edge. Perfect for cutting stone wool and mineral wool with ease. Reg. 10.49 Model GRKNIFE (RKNIFE)



Oil-rubbed bronze. Delivers quality ventilation and compliments your room. Reg. 104.99 Model 754RB

Fiberglass. One-piece frame sealed to the media using heat and pressure. Many sizes available. Reg. 1.09

Exhaust Fan/Light


Furnace Air Filters

(1625FF) (8143158)

1599 99


Plug Undercabinet Light 18 watt. White diffuser. Reg. 19.99 Model 9124P (G9124P) (3513058)



The heaviest and highest quality 4" on center railing in the industry. Perfect for decks or your front porch, Windsor Railing has a traditional twisted spindle. Windsor comes fully assembled and ready to install using our bolt-thru fitting set. When installed, Windsor has a mounted height of 32". Reg. 32.95 Model 573 (4WIN) 6' Windsor Railing Reg. 47.95 Model 575 (6WIN) ............38.95 Newport 8' Flat Steel Column Reg. 41.95 Model 563 (8NEWF) ..........33.95 Newport 8' Corner Column Reg. 67.95 Model 564 (8NEWC) ..........54.95 36" High 1-1/4" Newel Post Reg. 11.95 Model 577 (G577) ................9.95 1-1/4" Floor Flange Reg. 9.95 Model 579 (G579) ..................7.95 Fitting Set 1-per rail. Reg. 7.95 Model 438 (G438) ..................5.95

With glass diffuser. Surface or recess mount. Reg. 19.99

3-Light Puck Kit

4' Windsor Plus Steel Railing




All In-Stock Cabinet Knobs & Pulls Includes Amerock

Your Choice



12-Oz. Gaps & Cracks Foam Sealant Minimal expanding polyurethane foam. Seals windows, doors, voids and insulates. Model 157901 (12MFS) (6376750)

12-Oz. Big Gap Foam Sealant For voids larger than 2". Expands 60%. Forms a permanent weather tight seal to minimize drafts and insect infestation. Model 157906 (12EFS) (6405039)


(G9163BK) (8109639)


Power Failure LED Light With built in rechargeable batteries turn on automatically. Reg. 11.99 (S72032) (1059260)


Appliance Bulb 40 watt. Reg. 1.39 (S10117) (5614474)

Your Choice

33-Oz. Hardwood Spray Floor Mop


Combines a high quality cleaner with a durable, premium spray mop and washable microfiber pad. Reg. 34.99 Model M710013393

Used to clean all unwaxed interior wood surfaces. Reg. 6.29 Model 521270004

32-Oz. Wood Cabinet Cleaner Spray

(B3393) (7411895)

(MW52127) (9407123)


17-Oz. Cabinet & Wood Cleaner

Hardwood Floor Cleaner Gallon Refill Leaves no residue. Reg. 18.99 Model WM700056001 (B8159) (1565035)



Charcoal test kit traps particle traces. Short term test takes only 2-3 days. Reg. 17.99 (RADON) (3719259)


Wi-Fi 7-Day Programable Thermostat Enabled for remote access. Free app for smartphones and tablets. Accuracy of +/- 1°F. Reg. 124.99 (NEWCODE) (5802152)


Insulated Chimney Pipe 36” x 6”. Type HT special augured in mineral wool insulation filling. (6T36) (1954759)


Chimney Topper Stainless Steel round top. Keeps out rain, leaves, etc. Reg. 45.99 (6TCT) (6590152)


EZ Close Toilet Seat Prevents slamming of the toilet seat, no pinching of fingers. Reg. 26.99 Model C3C3E7500 (EZEWH)

Removes dust, food stains, cooking grease and kitchen soils. Reg. 6.29 Model 1861 (M1861) (5927637)

16-Oz. Cream Wood Polish

To be used on any wood floor. Reg. 17.99 Model WP5100559001

Blend of natural and organic oils with cleaning agents. Produces a natural and brilliant shine. Reg. 6.49 Model 461500

(B51002) (5156856)

(G3003) (6821391)

36-Oz. Hardwood Floor Polish

Radon Test Kit


Smartheight Round Alto Toilet 1.6 gpf. Chair height for maximum comfort. Model 117-160 (M117WH) (M160WH)

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3-Lb. Turf Builder Sun & Shade Lawn Seed 1,200 sq. ft. Stays green even in extreme conditions. Reg. 12.99 Model 18225 (S18225) (3658366)


5-Cu. Ft. Total Control Poly Lawn Cart All-weather, rugged poly construction. Reg. 89.99 Model TCCART (TCCART)




20-Lb. Classic Sun & Shade Lawn Seed

Mailbox Post

Great for repairing bare spots, reseeding or new lawns. Reg. 46.99 Model 17187 (S17187) (8157943)

Standard post. Grade #2 and better, treated southern yellow pine. Reg. 19.99 (MBPT) (6783542)


2.25 HP Variable Speed Router Soft-start. Quick clamp system on both bases. Reg. 249.99 Model 1617EVSPK


(1617EVSP) (6537227)

Kreg JigÂŽ Master System



Resharpenable, precision-ground, high-carbon steel blade. Reg. 26.99 Model SL3310 (SL3310) (0302109)

Reliable detection even of deep-lying objects. Reg. 79.99 Model GMS120

24" Bypass Lopping Shears

Removable drill guide. Benchtop base features patent pending front-side clamp. Dust collection shroud. Material support. Model K4MS (K4MS) (4800869)

Digital Wall Scanner


(GMS120) (9916253)

Benchtop Router Table


21" Snap-Cut Bow Saw Hardened and tempered raker tooth blade for faster cuts. Reg. 8.49 Model 521


(PRS2000) (4801521)

1.75 HP Fixed Base Router 11 amp, AC only. Auto-release collet system. Reg. 165.00 Model 690LR (PC690) (1171691)

(21BS) (6881569)


6' x 8' Polyethylene Tarp Brown/Green. Cross weave fabric with rope reinforced hem. Reg. 3.99 Model 10068 (68PT)

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Fat-Max Coping Saw

3-Pc. Wood Chisel Set Tempered chrome carbon steel blade. Reg. 23.99 Model 16-300 (16300) (5050693)

Hardened, tempered blade provides clean, controlled cutting action. Reg. 10.49 Model 15-106 (15106) (5056357)

Not responsible for typographical errors.


10" Adjustable Hacksaw Up to 225-lb. of blade tension. Reg. 7.79 Model STHT20138 (HT20138) (5052564)

Sale Starts 9/1/13 • Ends 9/30/13


Easy-slide, micro dot work surface. Model PRS2100

JAY-K Lumber September 2013 Flyer  

JAY-K Lumber September 2013 Flyer

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