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is not complete without a Trex railing.


Lin. Ft.

Trex Transcend White Deck Railing Includes crown top rail, universal bottom rail, square balusters and accessories kit.

SEE YOUR DECK in a different light. Fire Pit Spiced Rum


04 Lin. Ft.

Trex Transcend® Decking*


Trex Decklighting™ Starter Kit Includes 8 riser lights, transformer, timer, wire nuts and forstner bits. Reg. 289.00 Wire sold separately.

With a protective shell, unrivaled fade, stain, scratch and mold resistance, low maintenance and wood grain beauty to match, the one-and-only Transcend® Decking is the ultimate expression of luxury and function. Stock colors available include Fire Pit, Tree House, Vintage Lantern, and Gravel Path. Transcend Tropical Decking Spiced Rum...............................................3.26 Lin. Ft. * Pricing valid on stock colors only.

Sale Good 6/1/13 Thru 6/30/13 13-0003 LMC

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Gravel Path Vintage Lantern Tree House


32" or 36" 6-Panel Steel Entry Door Novatech steel doors are insulated using HCFC-free polyurethane, and have a 24G skin thickness. Include a very solid structure with wood components and meet the steel door standards CAN/CGSB 82.5 M88. 4-9/16" jamb. Reg. 168.95 Model N300


Per Sq.

Double 4" White Birch Addison Heights® Vinyl Siding

(32N6LH) (36N6LH)

Quality siding in exacting standards in an array of color options, Addison Heights suits any surrounding. Brushed cedar wood-grain finish that never needs to be painted. Secure, positive locking system. Reinforced nail hem to withstand gale-force winds. Reg. 77.88 Model 20D402 (V4AHWB)


Warm Sandalwood Reg. 77.88 Model 20D417 (V4AHWS) ...............66.88 Harbor Stone Reg. 77.88 Model 20D444 (V4AHHS) .........................66.88 Vintage Sage Reg. 80.28 Model 20D455 (V4AHVS) ...........................69.28

88 Per Sq.


Come alive with a natural wood-grain finish that redefines your home’s appearance. Choose Alpine Ridge® for its strong durability and its variety of earth tone colors. Exceeds industry standards for impact resistance by 25%. Positive locking system assures easier installation. Reg. 95.88 Model 31FF2402 (V4ARWB) Classic Sand Reg. 95.88 Model 31FF2411 (V4ARCS) .......................84.88 Pebble Clay Reg. 98.28 Model 31FF2443 (V4ARPC) ........................ 87.28


Bare galvalume. 36" panel width coverage. Reg. 1.93 lin. ft. (S8GAL) Regal White Painted Galvalume Reg. 2.41 lin. ft. (S8WH) ......2.10 Lin. ft. Ivy Green Painted Galvalume Reg. 2.41 lin. ft. (S8GRE)..........2.10 Lin. ft.


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EXTEND-A-SPOUT Low Profile Roof Drain System Works with A or B elbow, 2" x 3" or 3" x 4"; snap-fit technology for easy installation. Unobstructed interior flow to prevent clogging. Beaded seal to avoid leakage. Reg. 13.99 (A81035)


Cellar Door

Imperial Rib 29 Guage Metal Panel Roofing & Siding

Slides over pipe for pitch to 40 degree. Rated 180 degrees Fahrenheit continuous heat. Reg. 9.99 (3GRF) (4GRF)

Barewood Venting Frame Venting fames include quality hardware locking system, aluminum frame screen and weather stripping. Reg. 144.99 Model 11112 (VOCT) .........................119.99 Poly Clad White Venting Frame Features an energy efficient high density polyurethane exterior on both sash and frame with a barewood interior for staining or painting. Reg. 227.99 Model 21112 (VOCTWH) ...................182.99




70 Lin. Ft.

3" or 4" Galvanized Steel Roof Flashing

22 x 36 glass with 4-9/16" jamb. Reg. 219.95 Model N300

Bring beauty, light and air into your home. Easy to paint and stain. No air or water leakage. Nine light grid included on all clear glass windows.

(30N92LH) (32N2LH) (36N2LH)

Double 4" White Birch Alpine Ridge® Vinyl Siding


30", 32" & 36" 2-Panel 9-Lite Exterior Grill Design Entry Door

Super Octagon Windows

Qt. Shingle Shield Roof & Deck Cleaner Designed to clean asphalt shingles and cedar shake roofs, wood decks and fencing quickly and easily. Reg. 8.99 (QSSC) Gallon Reg. 25.99 (GSSC) .................19.99

Durable heavy-gauge steel. For new construction and existing flat foundations. Reg. 349.95 (GD3)


80-Lb. Ready-to-Use Concrete Mix For any general concrete work. Proper blend of sand and gravel, just add water. Reg. 4.39 Model 1101 (CM) 80-Lb. Mason Mix Type S. Reg. 5.69 Model 1136 (MM) .....................4.29 94-Lb. Portland Cement Reg. 11.59 Model 1124 (PC) ....9.59 50-Lb. Fast-Setting Concrete Mix Reg. 8.19 Model 1004 (POSTSET) .....6.19

32" x 16" White Vinyl Insulated Basement Window With Screen A line of vinyl new construction windows that offer quality, durability, and energy efficiency. Heavy duty handle system. Tilts in to allow for ventilation. Reg. 74.99 Model (9900) 3215 (VB3216) 32” x 20” Reg. 82.99 Model (9900) 3219 (VB3220) 32” x 24” Reg. 87.99 Model (9900) 3223 (VB3224)


12" Internal Brace Turbine Pre-punched bottom/crimped collar of 1-piece base fits tighter, makes installation easier, and allows for adjustability up to 12/12 pitch without removing turbine. Available in bare aluminum or brown aluminum. Reg. 55.99 Model AIC12, GIC12WW (TV812A) (TV812BR)


4" Ridge Vent Xtractor Vent® X18 XTRA Maximum ventilation. Extra protection against extreme weather. Prevents rain, snow, and insect infiltration. Protects seams from leaks. Prevents water build-up. Reg. 11.99 Model X18 XTRA (4SV)

70.99 74.99



4' Windsor Plus Steel Railing

Two Handle Lavatory Faucet

The heaviest and highest quality 4" on center railing in the industry. Perfect for decks or your front porch, Windsor Railing has a traditional twisted spindle. Windsor comes fully assembled and ready to install using our bolt-thru fitting set. When installed, Windsor has a mounted height of 32". Reg. 32.95 Model 573 (4WIN) 6' Windsor Railing Reg. 47.95 Model 575 (6WIN) ............38.95 Newport 8' Flat Steel Column Reg. 41.95 Model 563 (8NEWF) ..........33.95 Newport 8' Corner Column Reg. 67.95 Model 564 (8NEWC) ..........54.95 36" High 1-1/4" Newel Post Reg. 11.95 Model 577 (G577) ................9.95 1-1/4" Floor Flange Reg. 9.95 Model 579 (G579) ..................7.95 Fitting Set 1-per rail. Reg. 7.95 Model 438 (G438) ..................5.95

Ergonomic blade handles offer easy control. Pop-up drain included. Reg. 46.99 Model P299628LF


100 CFM Fan/Light White. Round with glass lens. Round design eliminates squaring with bathroom walls. Bright, 100-watt light capacity (bulb not included). Reg. 102.99 Model 751 (751)


30" Convertible Range Hood


4.0 Pop-Up Drainage Emitter w/Elbow Allows water to be diverted and released to water-safe areas away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes and poor drainage areas. Emitter closes as flow diminishes preventing debris and rodents from entering drain system. Reg. 8.99 (NDS422)

4-way convertibility to fit virtually all applications. Features a fan, an easy to clean grease filter, a protective lamp lens that distributes light evenly over the cook-top and control switches for fan speed and light activation. Available in white or bisque colors. Reg. 42.99 Model F403001, F403002 (F403001) (F403002)


4 x 10 Sewer & Drain Solid Pipe A lightweight pipe with excellent beam stiffness. Unaffected by extended exposure to the sun's heat and ultraviolet radiation. Immune to freeze/thaw conditions and continuous subzero temperatures. Reg. 7.49 (PVCS) 4 x 10 Perforated Reg. 7.49 (PCVP) ...............6.99


4" Ultra Seal Dryer Vent Heated dryer exhaust air lifts interior floating vent cover. Keeps hot or cold air out. Reg. 17.49 (LAM289)




Offers semi-rigid batts with flexible edges that are designed to compress when installed for a more complete fill. For use in both new residential construction and renovations. For exterior walls, basements and crawl spaces. Reg. 34.49 ,Model RXCB351525 (R316)

37" clamping capacity with 2,000 lbs. of clamping force. Foot operated clamping allows for both hands to control and position the work piece. 600 lbs. load capacity. Folds quickly for compact transport and storage. Reg. 159.99

Roxul ComfortBatt R-15 Unfaced Batt Insulation

Jawhorse Clamping Portable Workstation


ComfortBatt R-23 Reg. 35.59 Model RXCB551525 (R616) ..........29.59



Roxul Stone Wool Insulation Knife Stainless steel blade with serrated edge. Perfect for cutting stone wool and mineral wool with ease. Reg. 10.49 Model GRKNIFE (RKNIFE)



36" Ensemble White Shower Compression molded, durable, solid Vikrell material retains room temperature. Color molded throughout with no layers to chip, crack or peel. Easy to clean. Includes base, tile backwall and tile endwall. Reg. 413.00 (E36BWH) (E36BWWH) (E3648EWH)


Deck Jig System Works exclusively with 4/4 to 5/4 (3/4" to 1-1/8") stock. 79.99 (KDECK)


CAMO Marksman Pro


A contractor-grade tool designed for multiple deck applications. Easily adjusts to fit 5 ¼" - 5 ¾" deckboards. Clamps securely to the deckboard. Model 0345001(CAMOTOOL)



With Gravity-Rise™ wheeled stand. Smart Guard system allows superior cutting control. Exceptional portability - quick and easy transport between jobsites. Reg. 599.00 (B410009)

TiCo Hi-density carbide to maximize cutting life in composite decking materials & plastics. (D744CD) 10" X 72T Blade (D1072CD) .............................64.99

10" Worksite Table Saw


7-1/4" X 44T Composite Decking Blade

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25% Off All Garage Organizer Collection



Big Tool Rack Garage Activity Organizer


Holds all long handled tools in one place. Reg. 33.58 (S560350)


The Big Everything Hook

Mighty Hose Reel

Provides sturdy support for hanging ladders, larger tools and sports equipment. Reg. 14.06

17 - $599

Provides gentle, even soaking as water "weeps" through thousands of pores. For precise watering around plants and beside flowerbeds. Use above ground or buried. Reg. 18.99 (G275850)

ARBORCOAT® Waterborne Exterior Solid Color Deck & Siding Stain

mail-in rebate


1.33-Gal. RoundUp Pump & Go Weed & Grass Killer RTU Plus


Japanese & Oriental Beetle Trap

Great for storing lawn and garden supplies, workshop items and more. Reg. 32.30 (S563050)

The only trap to catch both beetles. New zippered bottom allows trap to be emptied and reused. Catch capacity is four times larger than the competition. Reg. 6.49 Model JBTZ-DB12 (JBTZ)


14W CFL Yellow Bug Light



Ideal for use with latex coatings. Sealed wood handle and rust- resistant ferrule. Reg. 18.99 Model 65440 (BM65440)


Disposable Fly Trap Catches up to 20,000 common nuisance or filth flies. Completely disposable. Reg. 5.49 Model FTD-DB12 (FTDD)


One-Wrap 30' x 1.5" Strap

Will not attract insects. 6000 Average Life Hours. 14 watt Standard duty. 1" width. 14 foot length. replaces 60 watt incandescent. 400 lbs working load limit. 2 "J" hooks. Reg. 8.99 (S28958) Reg. 22.99 Model 312640 (312640)

Masks the grain of the wood without obscuring its texture. It has been formulated to protect and beautify all types of wood decks. It features easy application, a highly durable, lowlustre finish, fast dry, water clean-up, and excellent color retention. Reg. 43.99 Model 640 (G640xx)

4" Nylon & Polyester Brush




USA Progrip® 4-Pk. Ratchet Tie Down

Multi-position, flip action dial for a variety of watering patterns. 3,600 sq. ft. maximum coverage. Reg. 17.99 (G7900PS)



Big Basket

Natural flame prefilled cartridge. Hours of safe, illuminating, reassuring lamplight. Reg. 10.49

Oscillating Sprinkler

Up to 5 minutes of continuous spray. Rainproof in 10 minutes! Visible results in 6 hours! (R51001)


2-Pk. Emergency Oil Candle







sale price

Stores 1 bike horizontally with accessories, eliminating clutter in the garage. Reg. 38.61 (S504050)

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5/8" x 50’ Water Weeper Hose

Provides a breathable surface for maximum durability. Low temperature application. Resistant to peeling and cracking. Excellent color retention. Resists new mildew formation. Excellent hiding. Reg. 34.49 Model 541 (G541xx)


Bike Rack with Basket







A low profile, high capacity, durable all steel hose reel. Swivels to both parallel and perpendicular positions. It holds up to 75-feet of 5/8-inch hose. Lead hose included. Reg. 64.99 Model SRM-90 (SRM90)

1055 28

ben® Waterborne Flat Finish Exterior Paint

Perfect for organizing wires, cords, and cables and for bundling a wide range of materials and tools. Designed for heavier-duty indoor or outdoor use. Reg. 14.99 (V91372)

Not responsible for typographical errors.


10-Oz. Lifetime Pro Acrylic Sealant Provides the maximum level of adhesion. Mold and mildew resistant. Flexible. Paintable. Reg. 3.29 (RD0856)


Whole Room Air Circulator


Bundling/Wrapping Film

Replaces storage boxes, tape Compact design, whisper-quiet operation, superior performance and twine. Use for moving, moves air up to 65 ft. Reg. 42.99 shipping and storage. Reg. 12.99 (5SWRAP) (VWRF)

Sale Starts 6/1/13 • Ends 6/30/13



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