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Good-Bye by. Jay Kim Every time I step forward in anxiety, I hear my father’s voice faraway; Every time I can’t breath in misery, I look at the clouds floating away; Every time I realize the truth in fear, My heart slowly stops beating; Every time I get crazy in torture, I want to End everything. I step forward and jump off the cliff; Crying and falling on your needles.

1. What proverb/adage was used in this poem? 2. What  kind  of  image  do  you  receive  when  you  read  this  poem?   3.  Why  do  you  think  the  word  “end”  (line  8)  is  capitalized?   4.  Who  do  you  think  is  the  speaker?   5.  What  is  the  rhyme  scheme  of  this  poem?  

Ten Minute Spill  
Ten Minute Spill  

Ten minute spill