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Snowing By. Jay Kim Stepping on the snow , I picture your face. Just like that day, The w orld is covered w ith snow . Rem em ber? It w as so bright that w e couldn't even open our eyes. Everything w as so serene, silent, and still. But you were there, w ith me. Looking at the sam e thing, running tow ards the sam e goal, You w ere alw ays there for m e. Braiding each other's hair, laughing at each other, W e were always together. Smiling together, even crying together, W e shared everything. Lucky m e, Having you as my best friend. It's snow ing just like that day. The day that you w ere there for me. I m iss you.

1. W hat kind of feeling do you get reading this poem? 2. Can you relate to the speaker? 3. How old is the speaker? 4. Is the last stanza effective? 5. How can I improve this poem?


Awesomeness poem

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