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Midnight Oil Headlines Five headlines 3 words: 1. Drink-Enjoy and Help 2. Coffee – Friends-Music 3. Smell- Taste- and Enjoy 4. Drink-Chat – Enjoy 5. Best Delightful Coffee Five headlines 7 words 1. MO the coffee for the good heart 2. What makes a good coffee cup enjoyable? 3. MO- a house that keeps you warm 4. A coffeehouse admirable dedicated to help others 5. MO stimulating your senses and arousing consciousness Five headlines 10 words 1. A cozy place to chat and drink a premium/ quality coffee 2. Midnight Oil the coffee house that will inspire you more 3. Come and try the art of coffee in your mouth 4. Shoots of coffee made up with love, shoots of coffee delight 5. Inspiration to serve others with coffee cups from the heart Five headlines 12 words 1. Come to Midnight oil and drink coffee to inspire your good heart 2. One cup of coffee is good but two cups is even better 3. Midnight Oil Coffee house makes art of coffee in every delicious drink 4. Baristas inspired to help others with a simple coffee cup 5. Coffee drinks with baked goods to complement in one place

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