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How To Build A Full Time Income On Squidoo In 6 Months! Table of Contents How To Build A Full Time Income On Squidoo In 6 Months!.............................................2 1. What Use Is This Squidoo Income Guide To Me?.........................................................3 2. Why Squidoo?................................................................................................................5 3. Quality Vs Quantity – Settling The Debate!...................................................................7 4. Failing To Plan, Is Planning To Fail!...............................................................................9 5. How Do I Go From Scratch To Full Time Income?......................................................10 6. How Do I Go From Full Time Income To $10,000?.....................................................11 7. So How Exactly Do I Scale Up My Squidoo Accounts?..............................................12 8. I'm Up To $10,000 Per Month. Now What?.................................................................15 9. The No BS Requirements List For A Quality Lens!.....................................................16 10. How Can I Find High Volume, Low Competition Keywords???................................18

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1. What Use Is This Squidoo Income Guide To Me? This guide is for everybody that is interested in making money online using Squidoo. Squidoo just so happens to be a way of making money that works well at the time of writing (January, 2013). Squidoo is a friendly platform to people that are new to making money online. That doesn't mean Squidoo harbors newbies only. There are also plenty of seasoned Internet marketers on there with years of experience. I don't like fluff and filler talk, so I won't go into what Squidoo is or how to use it. I won't explain the basics of signing up an account and how to build pages (lenses). This guide provides you with something much more important than basic 'how to' instructions: a plan! With Squidoo, you can make as much money as you like. Some people build a few hundred lenses, make $2,000 per month, call it a full time income and leave it like that. A mostly passive residual income of $2,000 per month sure is nice. It pays your bills and basically buys you your freedom back. More importantly, it gives you the time and resources to scale it up! So why quit at $2,000 per month? If you regard your Internet Marketing efforts as a business instead of a hobby, then you will want to scale up. That's what being a business is all about. Your business is not a business unless you learn to use leverage! This guide explains you how to make money with Squidoo lenses starting from $0 per month all the way to making $10,000 per month. I'd hate for you to pump out one lens after another and be stuck with a thousand lenses that make zilch after 6 months of hard work. So while this guide doesn't go into the basics, it will explain to you what the required ingredients are for a money making lens. This guide will teach you how to: –

get into the right making money mindset

set up a money making network of Squidoo lenses

create a money making plan and scale it up big time

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Like the title suggests, this guide will try to help you to become financially independent in 6 months. You might not have the time required to pull it off in 6 months. Or you might make a few costly mistakes along the way. This sort of stuff factors into how long you will actually take to liberate yourself from the rat race. It might take you 12 months to execute this plan! In the end... it doesn't really matter. Because once you're ready to scale things up, things start to take off really quickly. The whole point to this guide is that it provides you with a plan. How quickly and how well you execute it, is entirely up to you. Summary: Read this guide if you are interested in learning how to set up a full time income for yourself, with the potential for much, much more.

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2. Why Squidoo? If you've been in Internet Marketing for longer than a year, there is no doubt you've heard of the dreaded Panda and the Penguin. These algorithm changes have caused many sites to get slapped in Google. Many Internet marketers that had invested blood, sweat and tears in sites built on their own domains, lost their rankings. I know people that have lost incomes of up to $30,000 per month. For years, the idea that good content on your own website was the best way to go, reigned supreme. "You don't own your Web 2.0 content!", they said. "Build your own website's authority!", they said. Yeah, if only it were that easy. The world is unfair and great sites don't always maintain great rankings. Many people feel that putting your content up on Web 2.0 sites is now just as safe (or maybe even safer) than putting content up on your own website. So why Squidoo and why not some other Web 2.0 platform? The reason is simple. Squidoo is the brainchild of none other than Seth Godin. And if you don't know who that is by now, then shame on you. And oh yeah, research the guy today! Squidoo is easily the most user friendly Web 2.0 platform in the history of mankind. The great community at the core of Squidoo is a testament to this. On Squidoo, it is accepted to build lenses that are commercial in nature. On Squidoo, you don't have to pretend to be a free information provider. Just so long as you're being a real person that doesn't come off as a spamhole, you can build all the lenses you want and you'll likely never get banned. Squidoo is a trusted domain and Google grants it loads of authority. Good Squidoo lenses rank easily. On top of that, Panda and Penguin have rendered gazillions of spammy backlinks obsolete. You can no longer rank with this method. Be glad about that because everybody hates building backlinks. Especially to Web 2.0 property. Squidoo lenses require hardly any backlinking at all to rank. Can you say "party time"? But most importantly of all... Squidoo has been Google slapped in the past and has managed to recover from it! How many of all you 'awesome site with awesome content' owners can say that? Click Here To Get Your 100+ High Volume, Low Competition Keywords!

Squidoo has recovered once. So if it ever gets slapped again, it is likely to recover again. The simple fact of the matter is that reality demonstrates that Squidoo is a feasible and safe way of making money online. If you have the fear of being banned and losing all your lenses one unfortunate day, don't even get started on this. The only 100% guarantee in life that you have is death. So what have you got to lose? Nothing. That's what. So especially to those of you who aren't making enough to live off right now, I recommend that you just buckle down and get cracking. Summary: Squidoo is a relatively safe, easy and newbie friendly way of creating a full time passive income for yourself.

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3. Quality Vs Quantity – Settling The Debate! In Internet Marketing, there is always the ongoing conversation of "Quantity vs Quality". Is it better to... A) Spam the web full of millions of spam links to a spun spam article? B) Write one totally awesome 2500 word article and build one really awesome link to it? Thanks to Panda and Penguin, option A doesn't work anymore and is therefore obsolete. Let's all breathe a sigh of relief! Option B is a much more fun and emotionally rewarding activity. But let's face it... one awesome article with one super high quality backlink is far from a guarantee to unlimited Internet riches. So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But where exactly? First of all, I'd like to hammer the following point home: Internet Marketing was, is and always will be a numbers game!!! Having said (and underlined) that, I'm sure you realize I'm going to be talking about 'quantity' for a bit. Imagine having one single Squidoo lens that performs alright. Let's say it gets 50 visitors a day and people buy something from your lens on a daily basis, netting you a cool $100 per month. Wouldn't you want to own a million lenses like these, then??? The answer to that question is quite the no brainer. Quantity is definitely a good thing. But there also needs to be a certain amount of quality. So how much quantity and how much quality, exactly? Here's your answer: As an Internet marketer, you will want to make as much money as possible with as little as possible time and energy invested. In other words... strive for maximum efficiency! Spammy lenses built in an hour rarely do well and are therefore a waste of time. So you will simply have to invest as much time and energy as required to build a lens that is generally viewed by your audience as 'a quality lens'. With practice, you can learn to build quality lenses in a few hours time. The minimum amount of time I recommend spending on a quality lens is 2 hours. Click Here To Get Your 100+ High Volume, Low Competition Keywords!

That's just a rule of thumb, though. The challenge to you is outputting as many quality lenses as you possibly can in as little time as possible. Notice that I made use of the word 'outputting' and not 'building'. If your income is currently low and you need to get to a full time income ASAP, then you must begin by building lenses. Later on when you have some basic income, you will outsource it and letting your money do the work for you. You'll be outputting lenses. When outsourcing, you won't be building yourself anymore. It will still count as your output, because it's your money paying for those lenses, after all. Outputting quality lenses is the most cost efficient way to go at this. Quality lenses get unsollicited likes from people. Quality lenses really do get shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Quality lenses really do go viral. In practice, the ratio of quality vs quantity for any Internet marketer that wants to be successful, is as follows: 25% Quality – 75% Quantity Debate settled! Okay... so maybe I can't measure it quite that precisely. And maybe, in reality, it's more like 20% quality and 80% quantity. Or 30% quality and 70% quantity... Who cares!!! I'm trying to make a point here. And the point is that Internet Marketing is a numbers game! Summary: Internet Marketing is a numbers game. Quantity rules over quality.

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4. Failing To Plan, Is Planning To Fail! In order to create a full time income, you're going to have to output quality lenses in as much quantity as you can muster. If you've made it this far into the guide, kudos to you! It probably means you're genuinely interested in actually setting up a passive income and liberating yourself from the 9 to 5 drudgery. You're going to need a plan. Planning is everything! And I do mean everything!!! No plan, no millions. Simple as that. You won't have to come up with a plan yourself if you don't want to. I've got a ready made plan for you! The next chapter lays out a plan for you to go from making $0 per month on Squidoo to making $2,000 on Squidoo in 6 months. And from thereon, you'll probably want to take it to the next level. You're in luck, because I've got a plan to accomplish that as well! Please keep in mind that Squidoo lenses may require a little time to gain some traction, traffic wise. Squidoo lenses are always climbing the search engine ranks as they age. The more lenses you crank out, the better you will do do in the long term. It's entirely possible that you don't make much in your first two or three months. Your lenses can start ranking in the search engines out of the blue, instantly upping your income one, two or three hundred dollars! But you won't see those kinds of results, unless you stick to the plan!!! Summary: Plan!

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5. How Do I Go From Scratch To Full Time Income? Let's list a few facts: –

there are around 230 working days in a year, meaning there are 115 working days in 6 months

one quality lens has (on average) an earning potential of $5 - $20 per month

building quality lenses that will individually (on average) make at least $10 per month, is something everybody can learn easily

with some practice, you can build one quality lens in 2 to 3 hours time

you can easily fit the building of 2 quality lenses in one working day (assuming you are willing to put in a 'full time' 8 hour working day)

Given the fact that it's fairly easy to build quality lenses that do $10 per month, you're going to need 200 quality lenses if you want to make $2,000 per month. You want to hit this number in 6 months. Since you have (more than) 100 working days in 6 months, you're going to have to build 2 quality lenses per working day to hit the grand total of 200 lenses. If you output 2 quality lenses in 100 consequtive working days, you'll have 15 working days (or 3 weeks) left of the 6 month timespan you've set for yourself. Those 3 weeks will give you some breathing space. During this time, your most recently built lenses have the time to age a bit, to settle in the search index and to start generating revenue and therefore count in your total monthly profit. Summary: Build 2 quality lenses per day on 100 consequtive working days and you will earn $2,000 per month in 6 months.

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6. How Do I Go From Full Time Income To $10,000? Remember what I said about quality vs quantity? Remember that if you've got one lens that does okay, you'd be a fool not to want a million of'em? If you've followed the plan that takes you from scratch to full time income, you now have one Squidoo account with 200 lenses, earning you a full time income. So if you've got one Squidoo account providing you with one full time income... wouldn't you rather have a million of those? Well, okay... a million Squidoo accounts might not be practical. But the point is that you've gotta think big! Once you're making a full time income and then some, it's time to start putting the 'and then some' part of your income to good use. There's no point in manually scaling this up to $10,000 per month and then having to pony up the lion's share of that money to the tax man. You've gotta learn to scale stuff up as soon as you can, as fast as you can!!! Time to register yourself as a business if you haven't done so already. Registered yourself as a business? Good, because now you get to reinvest your profits back into your business! When profits go back into your business, they don't count as profit anymore. Not to the tax man, at least. So by spending your profits on your own business, you get to keep your profits as low as you like! Why fork over all that hard earned money to the tax man, when you can simply put it back into your own business and grow it to revenue levels you've always considered to be impossible? The tax man can have his share when your business is doing $100,000 per month and you feel you don't need more. But before that, he's going to have to get by on the scraps he collects from you because you are deliberately keeping your profits to a modest $2,000 - $3,000 per month. Summary: Your business comes before the tax man. Regard your business as a business. Invest back into your own business!

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7. So How Exactly Do I Scale Up My Squidoo Accounts? By coming up with an outsourcing plan for it. As every Internet marketer worth his salt knows by know, you can outsource stuff for pennies on the dime to the Phillipines, or elsewhere. Obvious sources for finding people to outsource to, are all the usual suspects such as oDesk, eLance and a myriad of others. There is plenty of information on the web on how to find persons for outsourcing to. So this topic is beyond the scope of this plan. I suggest you set $10,000 per month net profit as a goal for yourself. So that's after paying your outsourcers! Before you hire any outsourcers at all, first you've got to take a look at the past few months. How much work did you do? And how much did it end up making you? Calculate how many hours of work you had to put in in order to get to your first $2,000 per month. This is the level of income that you will also want to demand from your outsourcers. They have to match your own performance at minimum. If they perform worse than you, educate them. If they still perform worse than you, fire them. If they perform equal to you, give yourself a pat on the back! If they perform better than you, you're going to Disney Land! In my experience, it's best to start with one extra Squidoo account that is going to be built up by one person you outsource to. It's always better to work with one single person over the span of a few months, than it is having to outsource every single lens to another person. So find yourself a good, realiable, motivated outsourcer! If you want your outsourced lens builder to perform well, you've got to give him (or her) the exact same plan that you've followed until you made it to your first $2,000 per month. Give them a plan that plans ahead for 6 months.

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Have the plan explain to them: –

how many lenses they have to output on average each week

what the minimum quality standards of their lenses ought to be

that you'll send them a list of keywords every week that they can use to build lenses around

how the various lenses for various keywords need to be interlinked

how to build Amazon links with your campaign tag in it

what they will get paid for every batch of, say, 10 lenses

that they can earn a bonus if they build quality lenses and work reliably

how much the bonus is

all the other details you can come up with

Be as thorough as you possibly can in creating your outsourcing plan. Don't just rush this plan off to the first philly writer guy / gal that you come across. Instead, let it sit on your hard disk and sleep on it for a night. Spend a day or two thinking about what more details you can put into that plan to guarantee optimal success for yourself as well as your outsourced writer! Notice that that this outsourcing plan requires that you come up with keywords yourself and send those to your outsourced writers. Never burden your outsourced writers with a wide variety of different tasks. Keep their lives simple. Let them do one thing only, and let them do it really well! While your single outsourced writer is spending half a year building a new Squidoo account with 200 lenses, you yourself do not have to sit still! You can also spend another half year building another Squidoo account with 200 lenses. Recapping: You spent 6 months building a Squidoo account that makes $2,000. Then you spend another 6 months building another $2,000 Squidoo account as well as managing an outsourced writer, who also spends 6 months building a $2,000 Squidoo account! If you go at this in a dedicated way, you can have 3 Squidoo accounts in 12 months, each of which doing $2,000 on average. Do the math. That's a cool $6,000 per month right into your pocket! You must deduct the fee for your outsourced writer, ofcourse.

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But a single full time outsourcer doesn't have to cost more than $500 per month. So that's still way over $5,000 for you. Notice how you're already halfway of that legendary $10,000 per month you thought you'd never earn? After 12 months of experience, 6 months of which was managing your outsourced writer, you've got enough experience to scale things up once more! Hire two more realiable outsourced writers. Now you've got a total of three outsourced writers! At this point in time, you yourself have been building Squidoo lenses for 12 months in a row. But you're making way over $5,000 now, so I suggest you stop building lenses yourself and instead let your money do all the work for you. Teach your two new outsourced writers the same stuff you've tought your first outsourced writer. Manage all three of them as they continue to build your Squidoo empire for $500 a month. Now remember, your job is now entirely planning and management. So make sure you do this well! Take the time to create lists of really great Amazon products. Take the time to research really excellent keywords to build lenses around. Always send the required input for your outsourced writers' work week over in time! Never make them wait for their required input. It makes you look unprofessional. While the planning and the management for three outsourced writers requires some work, it isn't nearly as much work as building lenses yourself was. If you do well, then another 6 months will go by and you will be sitting on 3 extra $2,000 Squidoo accounts. Now you've got a grand total of 6 x $2,000 Squidoo accounts built up in the span of 18 months. That's $12,000 revenue. That leaves you with way more than $10,000 after paying your outsourced writers! Summary: Scale your Squidoo business up with outsourced writers. When you've got three of them, you stop building lenses yourself. Instead, you go to planning and management full time.

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8. I'm Up To $10,000 Per Month. Now What? You've made it to $10,000! Congratulations! If you managed to get to this point, you've taken your own business very seriously indeed. You'll probably have more than enough self confidence as well as business acumen to figure out how to take your income to the next level once again. While it's certainly possible to scale your Squidoo account up to $100,000 per month, it would cause quite a maintenance nightmare for you. And what's the point of being filthy rich if you still have to work the whole day, am I right? I personally do not see the point of taking Squidoo beyond $10,000 per month. When you reach this level of income, a whole new world has opened up to you. Now you've got money to burn and you can reinvest this in more practical, mature ways of making the money. Think of product creation, site flipping, list building and all the other big boy stuff. You know... the works. And don't forget those three well trained outsourcers you still have. Think you could put those to work for somebody else and pocket the difference? Summary: When hitting $10,000 per month on Squidoo, start reinvesting your money into more lucrative opportunities.

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9. The No BS Requirements List For A Quality Lens! Now all you have to do is learn how to build a quality commercial lens. A quality lens with earning potential, should always obey the following rules. The lens... 1.

Must be built around a good buying, product keyword. If you don't have one, don't bother building a lens.


May not bore the reader to death with inane banter and random ramblings that were obviously put in there as keyword stuffing.


Must actually make a real attempt at connecting your visitors (read: potential buyers) with the products they are interested in.


Must be placed in the appropriate Squidoo category and sub category.


Must have all of its 40 tags filled out with the help of the workshop addon. Use green tags only.


Has a variety of modules on there to spice it up, such as the YouTube module, the poll module, the lens love module, the bookmark module and the guestbook module. This increases user interactivity.


Has money links spread out all over it, in a reader friendly way. This means making use of contextual linking.


Promote a product somewhere between $25 and $500, as these tend to sell the easiest.


Be written for the reader and not for the search engines. Target your chosen keyword subtly by using it naturally in your text.


Display a wide variety of hand picked Amazon products. Don't get lazy and go with Amazon search results too often. This pollutes your Amazon modules with random stuff nobody wants.


Must largely consist of text module, Amazon module, text module, Amazon module, text module, Amazon module, and so on. This layout breaks up every bit of text with a product overview. People love these types of lenses that lay out products of the same genre in various categories!


Make use of the content index, because this really does increase clicks and revenue.


Make use of the list format. Because people go bonkers over lists.


Be backlinked only a little bit. Submit your lens and your lens RSS feed to Feedagg, Friendfeed, Feedage, Squidom, LensRoll, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You don't even need to submit to all. A subset is already good enough.


Receive incoming backlinks from lenses on (almost) the same topic that you will build in the near future.

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And that's all you need to know to build good lenses. If you want to learn more details about building quality lenses and doing well with them, revenue wise, then I suggest the following two excellent products: Squid Pro Quo by Erica Stone. Here's one of her example lenses. Squidoo Quick Commission Guide by Tiffany Dow. Here's one of her example lenses. Both Erica Stone as well as Tiffany Dow really know their stuff. And both of them have different angles of approaching making money with Squidoo. As do I and so will you! This guide provides you with a plan for scaling it up. But Squid Pro Quo and Squidoo Quick Commission Guide go more into the details of setting up lenses and being successful with them. Be sure to get those if you want to learn more and increase your chances of success! Whatever your personal Squidoo money strategy may be... one thing is certain... In order to build lenses that stand a chance at making you money, you're going to need keywords for which you can rank easily and get traffic. Summary: By building quality lenses, you're giving buyers what they want. Google will have no reason not to rank your lens if it's fun to read and gives buyers what they want. Not even if it's chock full of Amazon links.

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10. How Can I Find High Volume, Low Competition Keywords??? Since you want to focus mostly on cranking out those quality, money making lenses, it's best if you outsource your keyword research. I have a lot of experience in doing keyword research and would be glad to do this job for you. Please have a look at my Fiverr gig: I will provide you with well over 100 easy to rank keywords for a mere $5. Every single list of keywords that I've delivered, has enough keywords to build quality Squidoo lenses for at least 2 weeks! If you stick to the plan and put in the work, you've already taken that crucial first step to becoming financially independent for life! Summary: TAKE ACTION!

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How To Build A Full Time Income On Squidoo  

This guide provides you with the mindset and the plan required to build a full time income on Squidoo.