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Trailers These are two wheeled buggies that attach to the rear stays of an adult bike. The fixing device allows the adult bike to be laid on its side without tipping the trailer up. Most can carry two children from nine months to 5/6 years with the limiting factor being the weight of the children - the maximum combined weight is usually 50kg. A very young baby can also be carried when strapped into a child seat although this will leave no room for a second child. Most of them also have a luggage space at the back.

Trailers (cont) Trailers usually come with a rain and suncover and a visibility flag. The best also have quick release wheels and can be folded down for easy carriage in trains, buses and cars. They are fairly expensive but they do have a high resale value. They also make very useful shopping and luggage carriers ong after families have grown up! Makes: Bike Trax Burley, Adams. Price: £180 - £500


This is just one of a series of mini brochures packed full of useful information to keep you and your family safe on your bike. Enjoy with our compliments!

Hamax toddler/child seats Rear child seats The best rear child seats are made from high-impact, rigid moulded plastic and have headrests to support a child who has fallen asleep. They should also have a safety harness and foot guards and straps to prevent child’s feet from getting caught in the rear wheel. If your saddle has springs either cover them or replace the saddle so that little fingers do not get caught. Suitable for children from the age at which they are able to sit unsupported (usually 7/9 months) until they get too heavy for the seat (varies with manufacturer but usually 22kg - approx. age 4/5). Prices from £50

Front child seats

Maecenas pulvinar sagittis enim Having young children needn't curtail your cycling. With suitable equipment, cycling can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family, even including the baby! Journeys by cycle are more stimulating for children than sitting in a car, quicker than walking. It's also a great way to get fit and healthy.

There are two kinds: Crossbar seats where the child sits on a seat clamped to the frame and holds onto the middle of the handlebar. The child puts their feet on footrests mounted on the down-tube. As the child is not strapped in, this seat is only suitable for children who have enough sense not to fidget or put their feet near to the front wheel. Ideal for children from 2 years to 22kg. - approx. age 4/5. Price: £24 Another kind of front-mounted seat is a smaller version of the moulded plastic rear seats with foot straps and harnesses. Suitable from 7/9 months

(when the child can sit unsupported) - 3 years. Price: from £30 Front seats are really only suitable for short distances as they do tend to make pedaling slightly awkward.

Buying child seats for bicycles  

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