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Volume 23 No. 1

Winter 2011 Now is a great time to get it done – Renew your membership now for 2011. (Renewal deadline is February 2011) Please use the membership application on the last page of the Newsletter. Note: New members who joined in October, November or December of 2010 are considered paid for all of 2011.

Winter Awareness Letʼs face it, winterʼs here. One secret of outside activities in bitter or so-called “bad” weather is “winter awareness.” Keys are water, food, clothing, and preparation. In winter activity your body can lose 4 to 5 quarts of water. Drink ample quantities of water before you leave and after your return. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol opens blood vessels at the extremities, allowing the blood to cool. Snacks and lunch should include a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and sugars (fruit or candies for a quick lift of energy). Proper clothing is essential. Remember the adage: “Thereʼs no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” Think of clothing in layers from inside out. The “wicking layer” should allow the bodyʼs moisture to escape. Polypropylene or wool undergarments give a warm layer next to your skin. Leave blue jeans and cotton in the closet! Cotton is cold when wet, draws heat away, and is slow to dry. The “insulating layer” should be thinsulate, polyester, fiberfill or wool. These materials dry quickly (except for down) and provide warmth even when wet. The “protective layer” protects you from snow, rain and wind. Materials range from water-repellent nylon to Gore-Tex. This covering should be breathable and large enough to fit over a daypack and include a hood. Donʼt forget a knit cap, mittens or gloves, “itch free” durable socks and waterproof boots. Look for ultra-light materials. No more heavy leather, bulky fleece or wool jackets! Let someone know where you are going, when you are expected back and with whom you are going. Be observant of weather patterns and note changes in clouds, wind and temperature. Is snow icing up or melting? Recognize and avoid dangerous terrain. Monitor how people on your hike are feeling. Is everyone drinking water, eating and dressed properly? What is the energy level of the group? Is anyone getting tired? Plan the dayʼs activities to the lowest ability level in the group. Be willing to cancel or readjust plans if weather changes. Never “hole up” in winter. This is a recipe for cabin fever and depression. Be prepared and, most importantly, enjoy the exhilaration and serenity of the winter landscape.

Frank Allen, President

New Officers for 2011, etc At the Annual Meeting on November 21st, George Singlemann presented the slate of new officers who were elected: John Whipple - Vice President and Karen Livingood Secretary. Many thanks to Roy Kleinle and Flo Gatto who were serving in these positions. Roy will continue to be our representative to the Keystone Trails Association. Thanks to Kate Andrew who was coordinating the pot luck suppers for our meetings and to Kathleen Tryson who has volunteered to take her place this year. While I am at it – thanks to all of you who volunteer to lead hikes – you are the ones who keep us going.


Volume 23 No. 1

Winter 2011

Pocono Outdoor Club Quarterly Meeting Schedule - 2011 Meetings are on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Date Sunday, February 20 Sunday, May 15 Sunday, August 21 Sunday, November 20

Meeting Winter Spring Summer Fall - Annual Meeting & Elections (President & Treasurer)

Location MCEEC MCEEC George & Jean Singlemann’s

Time 2:00 PM 2:00 PM 1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Scheduled POC Board Meetings - 2011 (Other meetings may be called if needed.)

Tuesday, February 15 - MCEEC - Time: 5:00 PM Tuesday, August 16 - MCEEC - Time: 5:00 PM

Trail Care News Keystone Trails Association Trailcare Weekends hosted by POC

KTA Trailcrew will be joining us to help reclaim overgrown sections of Thunder Swamp Trail in 2011. Mark these dates: April 29th to May 1st and Sept 23rd to 25th on your calendar. If anyone from POC is interested in helping with refreshments Friday evening or dinner for the crew Saturday night, please contact John Motz at 570-2361462 or

The Kettle Creek Art Gallery at the Monroe County Environmental Education Center Presents: “All Things Bright and Beautiful” February through March Reception-Feb 5th fro 11AM – 1 PM

The natural world preserved through the camera lenses of the Members of TOALC (The Older Adult Learning Center) photography classes. (Our members – Catherine Johnson and Jean Singlemann have been instructors for many of the photography classes.) 2

Volume 23 No. 1

Winter 2011


For every activity, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear, bring a lunch or snack, and water to drink. The Meeting time for activities is 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted in the write up for the hike. Hiking on uneven terrain can be hard on the ankles, so be sure to wear hiking boots, which are stiffer and taller than sneakers and have better traction. Going downhill can be hard on the knees, so if yours are sensitive, invest in a walking stick or hiking poles to take the pressure off. TRAIL RANKINGS: Hikes are rated based on distance, climb, terrain and pace. Easy=1, Moderate =2, Moderate -Difficult =3, Difficult =4, Strenuous=5.

Anyone interested in hiking on Thursdays should E-mail for the schedule.

January, 2011 Sat, Jan 1

New Year's Day - Mount Minsi - New Year’s Day Hike to Mt. Minsi on the AT. An annual POC tradition. Meet at 1 PM at the Lake Lenape parking lot up from the Deerhead for this annual hangover recovery hike. Strenuous climb on rocky steep terrain (1200 feet in 3 miles). Contact: John Motz - 570-236-1462 Ranking: 4

Sat, Jan 8

McDade Trail -11:00 AM Meet at Hialeah parking area, hike to Smithfield Beach and back, about 5 miles. Wear sturdy, warm boots and bring a snack and water. Directions: River Road through Shawnee to Hialeah picnic area on the through and park at the far end near the trail head. Contact: Kate Andrew - (570) 236-6831 Ranking: 1

Sun, Jan 9

Bruce Lake – Hike, ski, or snowshoe to Bruce Lake and back for a six mile trip mostly on an old road. This will be a moderate pace trip. Meet in the parking lot on the right on Rt. 390 just past the Promise Land village at 10 AM. Contact: Roy Kleinle at (570) 421-8982 Ranking: 2

Sat, Jan 15

Lafayette, NJ hiking/shopping - walk up and down the streets of the quaint mill town of Lafayette near Sussex County Fairgrounds on Rt 15. Antiques abound with home decor boutiques and an art gallery. Meet at 10 a.m. at the old general store in Bushkill for car pooling or meet there. Contact: Rosemary Huebner 570-588-3201 Ranking: 1

Sat, Jan 22

Old RR Grade Snowshoe or Hike - Meet 10AM at Riday’s Gate, 1-3 miles depending on snow and group. Elev. <200’. Bring camera/cocoa. Lunch at Reeders Pizza after hike. Appropriate footwear required for wet/icy spots. Learn local history of WB&E RR from early 20th century. Contact by Thursday: John Motz at 570-236-1462 Ranking: 1

Sat, Jan 29

Artillery Ridge: Meet at 10:00 AM at the first trailhead going north on Route 423 from Route 940 (on the right shortly after the < < < road signs). Eight mile hike past Jimmy Pond to the Military Observation Tower in SGL #127. Mainly level hike, but can be soggy -- may be modified depending on the weather conditions. Contact: John or Fran Whipple 570-350-2977or 2967 Ranking: 2


Volume 23 No. 1

Winter 2011

February, 2011 Sat, Feb 5

Lehigh Gorge Trail -11:00 AM Meet at Glen Onoko Parking area in Jim Thorpe. Easy 5 mile hike. We will go 2.5 miles and turn around and head back. Wear sturdy, warm boots and bring a snack and water. Directions: Rt. 209 south through Jim Thorpe. Go through town, and past the train station. At first traffic light after train station, turn right onto Rt. 903 North (across bridge). At stop sign, go straight to Coalport Rd. Turn left to Glen Onoko and travel about 1.5 miles...over wooden bridge (Lehigh River) and park in area on right. Contact: Kate Andrew – 570-236-6831 Ranking: 1

Sat, Feb 12

Nescopeck State Park: Meet at the Park Headquarters at 10:00 AM. Our hike, snowshoe or cross country ski will be moderate and commensurate with the conditions and weather. Contact: John or Fran Whipple - 570-350-2977or 2967 Ranking: 2

Sat, Feb 19

McDade Trail- A hike on new portions of the McDade Trail. Starting time 1 PM. Length and location depends upon weather conditions. Call for directions, instructions and last-minute changes due to parking accessibility and weather conditions. Contact: Frank Allen – 570-420-9040 Ranking: 1

Sun, Feb 20

POC Quarterly Meeting, 2:00 PM at the Monroe County Environmental Education Center on Running Valley Road Call Kathy Tryson at 570-722-8950 to RSVP & plan your food contribution.

Sun, Feb 26

Martin’s Creek – Hike the trails of PP&L’s Martin Creek. The trails are easy and our pace will be moderate but snow conditions must be considered. Meet in the Tekening parking lot on Foul Rift Road at 10 AM. Contact: Roy Kleinle at (570) 421-8982 Ranking: 1

T-SHIRTS & PATCHES Make Excellent Gifts For Everyone The Club's first edition T-shirts are now available in Navy Blue (M and L sizes only). The Navy Blue Tee’s are 50/50-poly/cotton blend and look sharp with white graphics. The original All Cotton Green Tee’s are still available in all sizes- Adult S/M/L/XL. All Tee’s sport the original POC Tagline-“Take A Hike!” Requests for children’s sizes should be submitted- if we get enough we will order some. Specify size and color when ordering. Tee’s are $12 for non-members/$10 for members. Patches are still $3.00 each.


Volume 23 No. 1

Winter 2011

March, 2011 Sat, Mar 5

Monroe County Enviromental Center & SGL #156 - Hike the Enviromental Center trails, then continue to the SGL for additional (if desired) 4- 6 miles. MCEEC is on Running Valley Road in Bartonsville. Contact: Bob Wacker at 570-629-5293 Ranking: 1 (MCEEC), 2(SGL)

Sun, Mar 13

Big Pocono State Park, N&S trails - 7 miles starting at Ridays Gate on Railroad Rd. Steep and rocky sections. Contact: Paul Sheppard at 570-421-7412 Ranking: 4

Sat, Mar 19

McDade Trail - 10:00 AM Meet at Turn Farm for a 5 mile hike. (We will go 2.5 miles then turn around and head back). Wear sturdy, warm boots, and bring a snack and water. Directions: River road through Shawnee to Turn farm on right. Contact: Kate Andrew at 570-236-6831 Ranking: 1

Sun, Mar 20

Fox Gap to Water Gap – Enjoy the great views on this 7 mile moderate pace hike in early spring. Wear proper footwear for the rocky sections and the possible snow/icy sections. Meet at 9 AM in the Lake Lenape parking lot in Delaware Water Gap. Contact Roy Kleinle at 570-421-8982 Ranking: 2

Sat, Mar 26

Mt. Nebo Park - 3 mile easy hike in hemlock forest with a pond. Meet at 11 a.m. in the parking lot on Mt. Nebo Road in Marshall Creek area. Optional lunch at Wendys afterwards. Contact: Rosemary Huebner at 570-588-3201 Ranking: 1

POCONO OUTDOOR CLUB INFO This Newsletter publishes quarterly. It is received by Club members, other trail clubs, friends, and agency partners. New Members are encouraged to participate and volunteer for Club events.

To contact POC Committees:

Activities: Bob Huebner – Trailcare: John Motz - 570-236-1462 Membership: Solvejg Wills - 570-424-1818

Newsletter: Fran Club Publicity: KTA Representative: Roy Kleinle – POC Info – 570-420-9040

Club Officers President- Frank Allen (570-420-9040)

Secretary- Karen Livingood

Vice President- John Whipple (570-350-2967)

Treasurer- Solvejg Wills (570-424-1818)



Send check, made payable to “Pocono Outdoor Club” to POC Memberships at 47 Stones Throw, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. Memberships are per calendar year. Applicants must be at least 18 yrs old. Name(s)  $10 Basic Membership  $15 Family Membership Address: Higher Levels of Trail Support:  $18 Contributing Member Phone:  $25 Trail Maintainer  $50 Trail Builder Email:  $150 Life Member

Additional Contributions are welcome and benefit local trails. $ ___________ ___ I would like to lead an outing.

 New Member ___

___ I would be interested in doing volunteer trail care.

 Renewal

 Please, send me email updates/newsletter

This is a Gift Membership from _____________________________________

____________________________, My signature verifies I am 18 yrs of age and agree to the Rules of the Pocono Outdoor Club. I understand that I am responsible for me and my minors.

Pocono Outdoor Club PO Box 246 East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

2011 1st Quarter POC Newsletter  

2011 Winter Quarterly Newsletter of the Pocono Outdoor Club. The POC sponsors hikes, trail care, and other outdoor activities throughout Mon...

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