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Volume 22 No. 2

Spring 2010 In case you have forgotten, Annual dues for the year 2010 were due by February 1, 2010, but you can still pay for the year if it slipped your mind or if you are new to the Pocono Outdoor Club. Please use the membership application on the last page of the Newsletter and mark it renewal. The Pocono Outdoor Club publicist will be emailing weekly activity updates directly to your inbox! If you do not receive the weekly updates and would like to be added to the weekly emailing list, please send an email requesting to be added to

For those of you without internet access, be sure to save the POC calendar and mark your own personal calendars so you don’t miss an event!


WEAR YOUR BLAZE ORANGE! Winter Quarterly Meeting The Winter Quarterly Meeting was held Sunday, February 28th at 2 PM at the Monroe County Environmental Education Center on Running Valley Road in Bartonsville. The Food was GREAT as always! There was a lively discussion of plans for the future of the POC. John and Fran Whipple gave a slide presentation of their hike of the Grand Canyon last fall.

View of the South Kaibab Trail approaching the Tonto Plateau


Call Kate Andrew at 570-236-1462 to RSVP and plan your food contribution.



Volume 22 No. 2

Spring 2010

2010 TRAIL CARE From the POC President: The arrival of spring and early summer means a transition from skiing and snowshoeing to camping, backpacking, and hiking. The wonderful variety of our trail systems has an abiding, unchanging quality that we count on. In a society of rapid technological change, streams and trails provide reassuring constancy. However, to focus only on trails, trails need our care. (So do bike paths, rivers, streams, etc.!) Like anything else a society uses, trails demand maintenance, particularly in spring after the ravages of a hard, destructive winter. Trail care and repair is up to volunteers. We can’t rely on any government or municipal entity or boy or girl scouts. Lots of people talk about it, but no one else out there will do it. Bill Friese, Park Manager, Tobyhanna State Park Complex, told me recently that every state park in Pennsylvania is under a mandatory 20% cut. You don’t have to be Henry David Thoreau to realize that these cuts will probably come out of maintenance budgets. In a time when the American wilderness is threatened as never before by commercial development, urban sprawl, demands for energy and land, and, when many of our fellow citizens are unemployed, our trail systems needs aggressive advocacy, ongoing monitoring, careful maintenance and stewardship. Not to mention hard work! Trail care doesn’t mean pushing a heavy wheel barrow up hill. The POC and the KTA utilize labor-saving and state-of-the-art equipment and tools. It’s not a matter of brute strength. Men and women of all abilities and ages can contribute and do their share to whatever degree they can. Beginners are always welcome. Our trail crew leader, John Motz, this year is planning to hold volunteer training sessions emphasizing job safety and preparation. Working with a trail team provides exercise, camaraderie of people who love the outdoors, and a direct, uncomplicated way of helping to preserve forests, game lands, parks and wildlife which sustain us all and are a source of pride for our society. The POC Trail care schedule is available in the newsletter or on our website. KTA’s 2010 Trail Care schedule is in the February issue of the KTA newsletter. If these dates don’t fit your schedule, why not get together with a few friends and clean up fallen branches, pick up debris, and cut back brush and undergrowth on your favorite trail? It’s up to volunteer maintainers to keep trails open for everyone. Why not give some of your time to help?


Frank Allen

Trail Maintenance Supervisor- Thunder Swamp Trail System –POC is seeking a

volunteer to oversee maintenance of the TSTS in Pike County. The qualified candidate will have a strong desire to put up with state bureaucracy and malodorous volunteers. First Aid training is required and Chainsaw Safety Training is preferred. Long hours and no pay, great rewards and mosquito bites included in benefits package. No retirement plan available. Interested persons should contact John Motz, Trailcare Committee Chair at 570-236-1462 or 2

Volume 22 No. 2

Spring 2010

2010 TRAIL CARE From John Motz POC Trailcare Committee Chair: Winter time is planning season for trail maintainers. Time to schedule meetings with agency managers, volunteers, and others involved in managing and maintaining trails; Time to meet with open space advocates and planners on new trail opportunities, connections, and landowners; Time to gather tools and funding for the upcoming season and projects; Time to recruit volunteers. Whether you can give a few hours, a day, or hundreds of hours, every minute counts. Even if you’re just removing fallen branches and trees from the trail while you’re out on your hike, you’re helping out. Painting blazes, clearing brush, installing signs, repairing and maintaining tools, attending meetings are all tasks our volunteers take on because they love trails. Show us the love this season as we embark on the Pocono Outdoor Club’s 21st year- 2010. Many opportunities exist for anyone wanting to volunteer. Tools are available and training is happily provided at no charge. Hand tools, power tools, paint brushes- all free. Paint too! Join one of our scheduled events- or go out with a friend whenever you want. Maintainers attending at least 3 events, or performing at least 20 hours of maintenance get a Volunteer Maintainer shirt.

2010 Spring Trailcare Schedule See dates in trhe Activities Calendar for more details. (Note: Some dates have changed since the last newsletter was published)

April 17

Trailcare at Big Pocono State Park

May 8

Trailcare at Thunder Swamp Ludleyville section right off PA 402.

May 14-16

Trailcare with Keystone Trails Association Thunder Swamp and Promised Land State Park

May 22

Trailcare at Big Pocono

June 12

Trailcare at Hickory Run State

Upcoming Keystone Trails Association Meetings and Events for details April 23-25, 2010 May 29-June 6, 2010 June 26, 2010 July 16-18, 2010

Spring Meeting and Hiking Weekend, Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA. Pennsylvania Hiking Week, statewide. Co-sponsored with DCNR. Board Meeting, Harrisburg, PA Prowl the Sproul Hiking Weekend, Renovo, PA


Volume 22 No. 2

Spring 2010

POC ACTIVITIES CALENDAR For every activity, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear, bring a lunch or snack, and water to drink. The Meeting time for activities is 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted in the write up for the hike. Hiking on uneven terrain can be hard on the ankles, so be sure to wear hiking boots, which are stiffer and taller than sneakers and have better traction. Going downhill can be hard on the knees, so if yours are sensitive, invest in a walking stick or hiking poles to take the pressure off.

Anyone interested in hiking on Thursdays should E-mail for the schedule.

April, 2010


Sat, 3-Apr

Four Ponds Hike – A 7-8 mile hike in State Game Lands No. 38 to four ponds including Wolf Swamp, Deep Lake, Sand Spring, and one other pond. This will be a moderately paced hike mostly on game lands roads. As always, dress for the weather, wear hiking boots, carry water and a snack. Meet at 9:30 AM in the parking lot for State Game Land No. 38 on the road to Big Pocono State Park. Contact: Roy Kleinle at (570) 421-8982



Sat, 10-Apr Sun, 11-Apr

Sat, 17-Apr

Sat, 17-Apr

Sun, 18-Apr

Sat, 24-Apr



Dingmans Falls, DWGNRA - Meet at the Visitor Center. Turn off Rt. 209 just south of Dingmans Rd. 5 mile easy hike to the falls and back. Contact: Kate Andrew at 570-236-6831 Nescopeck State Park - An easy/moderate 5 mile hike along Nescopeck Creek and Lake Frances. Meet at the Park office just off Honey Hole Road, Drums, PA. Contact: John & Fran Whipple 570-646-7970 (cell 570-350-2957 or 2977) Beehive & 3 Lakes - 11 mile, fast-paced cardio hike through SGL 38 around Beehive and 3 lakes (4 B/C 11). Hikers should expect to be screened, due to pace and distance of hike. Register early with leader as hike fills up fast! No initial contacts after 10:00 a.m. 4/16. AMC Co-sponsored hike. Contact: Rhoda Eisman (610-659-2726), (preferred) Trailcare at Big Pocono State Park - 9 am – X. The tax man has been paid, so now let’s get out and do something for our fellow hikers. It’s time to pick-up sticks and take inventory at BP. 8 miles of hiking and clearing winter debris. Easy work. Meet at Lot 4 (east end of Rim Road Loop) at 9am. Tools and training provided. Please RSVP John Motz 570-236-1462. Tumbling Waters, PEEC, DWGNRA -.A moderate 3.5 mile hike to 2 impressive waterfalls, overlooks of the Delaware River, hemlock grove, ans a cascading stream bed. There will be a 350 ft climb up from the waterfall. Turn near the 8 mile marker on Rte 209 on to Brisco Mountain rd to the PEEC parking lot. Contact: Rosemary Huebner 570-588-3201 Van Campens Glen Loop - 6 mile moderate hike from the Van Campen Glen Parking Lot to Milbrook Village and returning via Orchard, Hamilton Ridge and Pioneer Trails. Meet in the parking area at 9:30 AM. Contact George Singlemann 570-421-2968 No Event Planned – Contact Bob Huebner at 570-588-3201 if you wish to schedule something.


Volume 22 No. 2

Spring 2010

May, 2010 Sat, 1-May

Sun, 2-May

Sat, 8-May

Sat, 8-May

Sun, 9-May

FriSun, 14-16 May Sat, 15-May Sun, 16-May Sat, 22-May Sun, 23-May Mon, 29-May through Sun, 6Jun

AT to Sunfish Pond, DWGNRA - 7 mile hike. Meet at 9:00 am in the Dunnfield parking area at the base of the trail off of Rt. 80 (first exit after the toll bridge, on the Jersey side). Bring a lunch and plenty of water. We will eat lunch at the pond. Contact: Kate Andrew 570-236-6831. Kurmes Preserve - A 3 mile easy hike in the northern section of the Kurmes Preserve. This preserve is a recent open-space acquisition of the Pocono Heritage Land Trust. We will visit Paradise Creek and hopefully see vernal pools along the trails. Meet at 1:00 PM at the parking lot just south of the Railroad grade crossing on Devil's Hole Road, Paradise Township. Contact: John & Fran Whipple 570-646-7970 (cell-570-350-2957 or 2977) Trailcare at Thunder Swamp Trail - 9 am-X Ludleyville section, right off PA 402. We’ll be clarifying the trail route in this overgrown area with brush removal and blaze painting. Free tools and training. Please RSVP John Motz 570-236-1462. Dry Gap to Big Pocono - 11 mile, brisk, vigorous hike from SGL 38 to Dry Gap and Big Pocono State Park (3 C/D 11). Hikers should expect to be screened, due to pace, terrain and distance of hike. Register early with leader as hike fills up fast! No initial contacts after 10:00 a.m. 5/7. AMC Co-sponsored hike. Contact: Rhoda Eisman (610-659-2726), (email preferred) Gouldsboro State Park to Tobyhanna State Park – Hike the Frank Gantz Trail from Gouldsboro S. P. to Tobyhanna S. P. Part of this moderate paced 6 mile hike may be difficult due to rocks and fallen trees. Dress for the weather, wear hiking boots and bring water and a snack. Meet at the parking lot at the dam at 9:30 AM. We will shuttle. Contact Roy Kleinle at (570) 421-8982. Trailcare with Keystone Trails Association - Thunder Swamp and Promised Land State Park- Come for the weekend or just for the day. We’ll be working Saturday on Thunder Swamp Trail and Sunday a half day in Promised land State Park. Camping is available at Promised Land Fri and Sat night for volunteer maintainers. Dinner out Saturday night at Promised Land Inn. Please RSVP John Motz 570-236-1462. McDade Trail, Hialeah to Smithfield Beach and return. Easy 4 mile hike. Hialeah parking is off River road north of Shawnee. Contact: Kate Andrew 570-236-6831 Bicycle the Lehigh Gorge - Meet at 10:00 AM at Rockport. We will follow the Railroad grade to White Haven, have lunch at the WHite Haven Diner and then return to Rockport. Contact George Singlemann 570-421-2968 Trailcare at Big Pocono – 9 am –X. Clearing trail and repairing signs. Free tools and training provided. Please RSVP John Motz 570-236-1462. Club Quarterly Meeting, MEEC - 2:00 PM Please contact Kate Andrew (570-2366831) if you are attending the meeting. If you have other questions about the meeting call Frank Allen (570-420-9040)



Volume 22 No. 2 Sat, 29-May Sun, 30-May

Sun, 30-May

Spring 2010 Appalachian Trail from Delaware Water Gap - 9:00 AM Meet at the Lake Lenape parking area, off of Rt. 611 by the Deer head Inn. We will go as far as the group decides to go 4-5 miles. Bring a lunch and plenty of water. Contact Kate Andrew 570-236-6831. Delaware River Heritage Trail, Port Jervis, NY - All day hike/event, including museum visit. Meet at 8:00 am for car pooling. Return around 5:00 pm. Preregistration is mandatory 10 days prior to the hike. Contact: Frank Allen 570-420-9040/ Big Pocono to Dry Gap - 11 mile, moderate-paced hike from Big Pocono State Park to Dry Gap (2 C/D 11). Hikers should expect to be screened, due to terrain and distance of hike. Register early with leader as hike fills up fast! No initial contacts after 10:00 a.m. 5/28. AMC Co-sponsored hike. Contact: Rhoda Eisman (610-659-2726), (email preferred)

June, 2010 Tues, 1-Jun Sat, 5-Jun

Sun, 6-Jun Sat, 12-Jun Sun, 13-Jun Sat, 19-Jun

Sun. 20-Jun

Sat, 26-Jun

Sun, 27-Jun

Mt Minsi - 5 miles, strenuous. Part of PA Hiking Week. Meet at 6:00 PM at the Lake Lenape parking area up from the Deer Head Inn in Water Gap. Contact: Wayne & Shirley Gross 570-595-2904 Lehigh Valley Nature Refuge Center -. Hike 5+ miles up the grasslands and down the AT. May extend hike up to 9 miles- group decision. Meet at Cherry’s Restaurant on Rte 209/534 intersection. Contact: Bob Wacker 570-629-5293 Hawk Falls via the Orchard Trail – A 3 mile moderate paced hike that will take us to Hawk Falls. Wear hiking shoes and bring water and a snack. Meet at the parking lot for Hawk Falls on Rt. 534 at 9:30 AM. We will then drive to the Orchard Trail parking. Contact: Roy Kleinle at (570) 421-8982. Trailcare at Hickory Run State Park – 9 am –X. Annual maintenance trip to the Orchard Trail. Contact: Tom and Rosemary Miller 570-992-1321. Martin’s Creek Environmental Preserve: 3 mile, easy loop hike. Directions: Exit Rt. 33 at Stockertown, go L, then R at light, take L at next light on Uhlern Rd. At the end, turn L at stop sign. Go 5-1/2 miles and turn R on Foul Rift Rd. Parking at Tekening. Contact: Bob Wacker 570-629-5293 Ricketts Glen State Park - Walk 7 miles to 21 waterfalls. Meet at 8:00 AM at the Blakeslee Shopping Center at the junction of Rtes 940 &115. Contact: Bob Wacker 570-629-5293 Bicycle the Lehigh River Towpath - We will start in Easton and go to Bethlehem, where we have lunch at one of the small restaurants and then return to Easton. Meet at 10 AM in the parking lot off 25th Street in Easton just before the Lehigh River Bridge. Contact George Singlemann 570-421-2968 SGL 38 to Big Pocono - 11 mile, fast-paced cardio hike from SGL 38 to Big Pocono State Park (4 C/D 11). Hikers should expect to be screened, due to pace, terrain and distance of hike. Register early with leader as hike fills up fast! No initial contacts after 10:00 a.m. 6/25. AMC Co-sponsored hike. Contact: Rhoda Eisman (610-659-2726), (email preferred) Eales Preserve, Moosic Mountain - Moderate 8 mile hike. Enjoy the mountain and ridge top views. Meet at 10 am in main parking lot on Rt. 247. From 380 N exit onto Rt. 6 E towards Carbondale, then, take exit 3 for 247 S towards Jessup. Contact Michele Valerio 201-679-3755. 6

Volume 22 No. 2

Spring 2010


Send check, made payable to “Pocono Outdoor Club” to POC Memberships at 47 Stones Throw, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. Memberships are per calendar year. The POC Newsletter is published quarterly/4 times a year. Applicants must be at least 18 yrs old. Name(s)

 $10. Basic Membership  $15. Family Membership


Higher Levels of Trail Support  $18. Contributing Member  $25. Trail Maintainer  $50. Trail Builder

Phone: Email:

 $150. Life Member

Additional Contributions are welcome and benefit local trails. $ ___________ ___ I would like to lead an outing.

 New Member ___

___ I would be interested in doing volunteer trail care.

 Renewal

 Please send me email updates/newsletter

This is a Gift Membership From _____________________________________

____________________________ My signature verifies I am 18 yrs of age and agree to the Rules of the Pocono Outdoor Club. I understand that I am responsible for me and my minors.

POCONO OUTDOOR CLUB INFO This Newsletter publishes quarterly. It is received by Club members, other trail clubs, friends, and agency partners. New Members are encouraged to participate and volunteer for Club events. To contact POC Committees: Activities — Bob Huebner

Newsletter -

Trail care – John Motz


Club Publicity- Membership –Treasurer Solvejg Wills at 570-424-1818 or POC Info – 570-420-9040 or Club Officers President-Frank Allen (570-420-9040) Secretary- Florence Gatto (570-646-0673)

Vice President- Roy Kleinle (570-421-8982) Treasurer- Solvejg Wills (570-424-1818)


Volume 22 No. 2

Spring 2010

T-SHIRTS & PATCHES Make Excellent Gifts For Everyone The Club's first edition T-shirts are now available in Navy Blue (M and L sizes only). The Navy Blue Tee’s are 50/50-poly/cotton blend and look sharp with white graphics. The original All Cotton Green Tee’s are still available in all sizes- Adult S/M/L/XL. All Tee’s sport the original POC Tagline-“Take A Hike!” Requests for children’s sizes should be submitted- if we get enough we will order some. Specify size and color when ordering. Tee’s are $12 for non-members/$10 for members. Patches are still $3.00 each.

Pocono Outdoor Club PO Box 246 East Stroudsburg, PA 18301


2010 2nd Quarter POC Newsletter  

2010 Spring Quarterly Newsletter of the Pocono Outdoor Club. The POC sponsors hikes, trail care, and other outdoor activities throughout Mon...

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