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eecte r ay d ae


 pella ia



larene s




 & 


 




 


Architecture //


  


  


  


    


    



Artr //


entral ollegetui

rt rect

A   A A A

e studio based art proets tat  ompleted during my time at entral ol lege establised te neessary undamentals to be able to tin reatiely riti ally and as a problem soler ploring te realm o te isual arts troug a ariety o mediums design elements priniples and teniues enabled me to gain a onsious understanding o o te isual orld is ommuniated roug te proess  as able to build toards a general deinition o design tat ould urter inluene and sere as a primary tenet o per sonal grot and disoery as it applies to design as a isual epression


tiie gestural epressions o orm proportion perspetie uit  hr hr isual representations o design elements ti retihipositienegatie spae symmetryasymmetry dept cuturematerial manipulation repetition surae transitions 3

 mediumaroal e intent o tis eerise as to deelop an understand ing o proportion as it applies to line spae and perspe tie  series o ound obets ere irst arranged in ari ous orders tat progressiely beame more omple in orientation and detail ater ea suessie pase ome o te eerises ere to irst isually study te obet or  seonds ten lose my eyes and redra it based on sen sory pereption reating ompositions tat empasie re lationsips beteen plaement and orm as te ey ous 4


  A mediumpaper is proet eplored using arious paper mediums to reate a series o ollages tat ommuniate er tain onepts itin te isual arts e piees ere to be reated itout using any digital media so more onsious attention as paid to o te images ar tiulate and epress te onept being depited 6


AA A mediumgrapite pen & paper is eerise as a study o reating ompositions orming spatial illusions tat oney dierent relation sips beteen a ariety o geometri sapes e primary ous as to gain a onsious understand ing o o te use o positie and negatie spae a ets te symmetrialasymmetrial balanes o ea piee reating dept on a dimensional plane as ell as o te images guide te ieers oal points 8


AA AA mediumpoplar ood e intention o tis piee as to reate a sulp tural element tat manipulates a ertain material in a ay tat tests its limitations and strengt e inspiration omes rom a deep sea eels seletal struture one seen on te isoery annel e ends o ea poplar strip emulates te piering at tributes o te eels ertebrae ile te tensile strutural assembly o te strips represents te le ible and dynami nature o te eels spinal integrity

 mediumaries 10

  mediumood loting pins

A A mediumsteel

is piee eplored te use o a ound obet to be utilied in repetition aomplising rytm moement and isual interest not oterise depied in te obets temseles lotes pins ere glued in a series o strips tat ere ten tied togeter by a tin steel ire at a ommon onneting point is alloed te assembled strips to an out and reate a luid and dynami omposition tats uniuely dierent tan te lotes pins in teir singular indentity

is piee reuired a omposition tat utilies to all surae planes in any ay ne in ti steel strips ere ut to arious lengts and elded togeter to establis dierent triangular geom etries is reated a series o ertial and ori ontal transitions tat ties te loor and all planes togeter in a more elegant and dynami ay




A  AA   mediumgrapite penil

                                                   aro rasari n tis piee tree seleted images o te lo uilding addition to te elson tins useum o rt in ansas ity  is ollaged to reate a single multio al image using te metod o analytiue to apture te eperiemental ual ities o a seleted or o ariteture e intriguing aspet o teen olls design is o te uman eperiene o te displayed artor is inluened by ligt moement and a metiulous use o an elegant subtle material palettle digital ersion on oer 12

e ti ueu  rt ch uiisteen uii oll 13


Architecture //

   



cu chui

A   A

s siene sees to eplain te unierse est ampus oousing is born rom interseting lines o sientii inuiry at started as a teo retial approa to design based on te intangible interonnetedness o all modes o sientii resear on est ampus as deeloped into a site plan tat responds eually to te resear enter and te natural orld e radial design is bot as natural and innoent in its imitation o nature as it is menaing and oldly sientii in its repliation o maninds most rigtul inentions t is te ope tat est am pus oousing ill inspire strong and beneiial uman relationsips tat resonate as meaningully out o te ommunity as tey do itin it 16

plan 17

uie Are  ompilation o all te enironmental is sues impating te site sos i areas ould be most adantageous or uture proets is map sos te implia tions o noise irulation utilities topog rapy egetation use groups solar stud ies drainage and istorial data on site dditional ators may eist beyond te sope o te site analysis tat ontribute to te most and least buildable areas on site oeer based on tis site analysis as ell as te eisting inrastruture and uni ersity regulations te most buildable loa tions are son on te map outlined in red

ost uildable

site east uildable uture ite ossibilities

 AA

n essential aspet o te proet as to on dut a toroug site analysis to determine te best buildable area or te proet based on enironmental and eonomi aors ile te ontet diagrams son are only a e e amples o te oerall analysis a ey element to te proet as to begin to deelop a on sious understanding o o site opportuni ties and onstraints aet design deisions



e ru

e egetation o s est ampus landsaping its in it te uniersitys oerall master plan but te nature o est ampus is distint rom te rest o ampus est ampus is broen up into tree egetation ommunity types a type taes adantage o te sur rounding typograpy and limate e egetation is utilied dierently tan on main ampus beause o te o ie parlie arateristis tat est ampus maintains esear is also te primary teme on est ampus i eosystems play a maor role in

e breadon o te site based on time o day sos i areas ould be best suited or uture pro ets tat may ae dierent use pat terns at dierent times o te day

oug te site is part o ampus tere are ery e lassroooms on te site any o te buildings on te souteast portion o te site are resear labo ratories erormane spaes inlude te ied enter and band praties spae e sports ields are primar ily or rereational and intramural use dditionally tere are maintenane e egetation ommunitites are related buildings it a e oies broen into tree basi groups  a rassland  rugged plants ere are our dierent groups or or illtops and eposed loations determining te time o day and  a iory  upland orest ee tat tis site is most ommonly ommunity ound on eposed ill used e oie and resear labo tops and soutest aing slopes ratory spaes are used during typi  aple inden  upland orest om al business ours but te resear munity ound on nort and east aing laboratories are also used ell into slopes ere soil onditions are moist te eening ours erormane and and te air is more ooler and umid rereational uses are used primar ily in te aternoon and on eeends

ee lassroom aboratory aintenane ie aring erormane ereation ared torage

ee usiness ours  egular  am to pm a  iory a  rassland aple  inden

usiness ours  tended  am to pm enings and eeends ontinual se 19

  

 

eause te proet is a oousing de elopment or ampus resear proes sionals and aademis te loor plan proides leible and eiient spaes o ollaboration and atiity as ell as residential units tat enable originality

  loor plan 20

n relation to te site analysis o uses patterns natural ores et a radial loor plan it aes to te surrounding ontet as designed in order to reate a uniue yet sen sible approa to te surrounding residential and ampus ommunitites

r  ee        

aboratory lassroom ommunity ining reenouse iing aine ommunity iten ommunity iing elling luster typ

 loor plan 21

AAsetion a AA

Asetion b

 setion  22

 setion

e tree and ater eature loated in te diret enter o te deelopment represents te inerent relationsip beteen nature and siene e ariteture in relation to te natural surroundings is meant to strie a bal ane beteen te metiulous artiula tion o te uman mind in relation to te purity o te eisting natural orld dditionally ardsape ersus sots ape regarding site aess and iru lation as ell as reating diret and indiret ontetual onnetions as a maor ous e tree line ais estab lises a sot onnetion to te adaent residential neigborood to te est ile te ard more deined ais to te siene ommunity to te nort east anoledges te ontrolled and ariable aspets o sientii inuiry



rece e

A  A  ort arene alage as establised to proide residents and busi nesses an opportunity to embrae te modern age o ariteture not only on a loal sale but ould establis itsel itin te arene om munity as an attratie ay to bring people in rom all oer eople ould be able to eperiene a range o aritetural elements rom around te orld tat are representatie o te innoation in materials building systems typologies and ome deor tat ere emerging in te early t entury e spar o tis era as a maor sit itin arite ture and sered as a atalyst or o te industry as eoled oer time 24

plan 25

ablo iasso




ubism as been onsidered te most inlu ential art moement o te t entury ts inspiration in not only art but in literature musi politis ariteture et epand ed te pereptions o te orld e lie in s seen in ubist artors obets are analyed broen up and ressembled in an abstrat orm  instead o depiting obets rom one iepoint te artist depits te subet rom a multitude o iepoints to represent te subet in a greater ontet sing tis pilosopy te spatial orga niation o te proet as deried rom ondut ing a series o oerlays oer ablo iassos in terpretations o residential  and industrial  identities during te ub ist moement s a result it reates a dynami moement troug spae as people eplore arious aritetural elements being eibited 26

rr re eneral irulation ibition pae dministration erie atering pae ent pae

r  ee             

ners ie arge onereneonsulting iten ubli estrooms ent paeain isplay mall ale aade isplay arge ale aade isplay esidential isplay urniture isplay eanial estorationoading torage it




 

   

  

  loor plan

   program breadon

 

 

   program breadon

  loor plan 27

e aesteti and onstrution o te aility is ambitious e eterior alls bearing te steel beams are re inored onrete ile nonbearing all treatments are patterned steel panels it glaed openings tat bring in a dynami uality o ligt into te eibit and eentmain display spaes       

  transersal 28

pysial setion model



eri ceter

  AA   or many deades roost enue as represented eonomi and soial ard sip itin te greater ansas ity ommunity e soial diide tat as stemmed rom eonomi stability to te est as reated a sense o rustra tion and neglet to te east e la o soial oesion itin te roost ommunity as resulted in disinestment and a loss o ommunal integ rity at as one te most prosperous area in ansas itys illionaires o as tragially digressed into a pit o soial and eonomi alitions s drugs rime poerty and prostitution ae taen a old on te identity o roost tis proet sees to brea te soial and eonomi diide beteen ite ollar and blue ollar ties by reating a oesie sared enironment e negatie onnotation assoiated it street lie ill instead be replaed it an energeti atie indoor and outdoor olletie enironment ere people an rediret and relearn te ualities o positie soial and eonomi onen tions in a respetul supportie setting ile tis is ertainly not a proet tat an aomplis su goals oer nigt it an neerteless spar a ne beginning itin te ommunity oreoer te roost earning lae ill instead anor te ommunity as a plae o ope grot and opportunity 30


e design approa o te proet ouses on pro iding adeuate resoures opportunities and opti mism as te ommunity puses to restore a sense o plae itin te ulture o ansas ity ere te eperienes gained and sared ill ailitate personal disoery and grot tat ill sere as a atalyst or soial eonomi and enironmental progression itin te roost enue ommunity 32


uii eciic  rrtic re otal   otal   uilding iieny  nit 


otal rea 

 ntrane estibule ie priate support onerene

  

  

  

 ommunity all ommons

 

 

 

 esoure enter



 indsn small indsn medium indsn large

  

  

  

andsn medium andsn large nteratie iten

  

  

  



eneral torage  utdoor ubli laa  anitor eanial letrial estrooms men & omen irulation t


e site o e roost earning enter is loated on te soutest orner o roost enue and rus ree ouleard ile te eisting ondi tions onsist o a  parmay and its adaent paring lot te ne aility oupies te entire    site ootprint it approimately    o eisting deelopment spae to te east eause te eisting  establisment is more identiied as an atie plae o drugs gangs and prostitution te aility ill instead anor te om munity as a plae o ope grot and opportunity

 isting ite    roposed uilding ite    roposed uture eelopment ite   



inormation 33

e program is dediated to proiding atie ollab oratie andson and mindson enironments or people to learn by tining reating and doing i is a ey ous o te design e la o aail able resoures or people to lie atie and ealty liestyles is a preailing issue itin te ommunity s a result te proet sees to sere as a beaon o ope by proiding series and enironments or people to relearn a ariety o sills tat allos tem to lie better lies dditionally te site is establised by an outdoor publi plaa it ampi teater style seating an indooroutdoor stage as ell as adeuate spae or dining ausual oner sation or personal reletion e ersatile nature o te publi plaa is arateried by reating a re lationsip beteen te ommunity all and learning enironments i enlose and deine te spae

rr ee irulation & ubli ommons utdoor ubli laa ommunity all esoure enter indsn earning andsn earning dministration erie  eanial estrooms

A A  eploded aon 34

troost ave. troost ave.


brush creek blvd.

plan 30


  longitudinal

r  ee                   

ntrane estibule ommunity all esoure enter utdoor ubli laa dministratie ie onerene oom ommunity iten oiler and iller oom andsn ome rts & rats andsn raing eelopment andsn ood op andsn ome onomis indsn eture indsn eial ill eelopment indsn roessional raining indsn omputer iene ab indsn eminar & arge eture ir andler an oom ubli ommonsatering pae

      

  loor plan 36

  transersal


 


 


 

  loor plan

  

  loor plan 37

tructur te Ai

tructur te ee

e strutural systems implemented into te de sign proide bot an aritetural epression o ertain untional spaes ile also responding to loading apaities a system is utilied to not only ulill te strutural reuirements based on spatial oupany but also elps artiulate and spea to te untional attributes o arious spaes eause te building is a plae o learn ing and personal disoery eposing te struture bot subtly and epliitly elps deine te nature o spae and allos people to gain an under standing and amiliarty o te buildings integrity

   

te rii

ostentioned neay onrete oist lab  trutural teel eams  peneb teel oists  trutural teel olumn  pan  otal ept pan    lab iness   oist iness    istribution ibs     einored onrete olumn i ness   


 pan aries  t   t  otal ept pan  ominal ept

eause ertain spaes all or a substantial oerall suare ootage tat is olumn ree tis system is a pratial and eiient solution is elps ensure a more dynami uality to tese speii spaes in or der to maintain eiieny and untional ersatility

   ype   eries  pan aries  t   t

 trutural teel beams are used in te main irulation orridor as ell as te meanial spaes tat sere te building in order to ada uately support eaier irulation and euip ment loads eam depts ary based on span

 is nonombutible system is used it ligt to medium loading ts an al alternatie oter onentional steel members or spans greater tan

in areas eonomi strutural  t 

A   eploded aonometri 38

eer rii  upany roup   usiness  upant oading ator      reuired eit stairays oupany    prinlered  ll tree leels ulill te maimum trael distane o  to te nearest ully proteted eit portion o te egress system  aimum ommon at rael istane   it aess orridors ontain  our ire rating  inimum engt o eadnd orridor  it cure/ rrir ll eit aess  irulation orridors and eit stairay enlosures ulill te our ire rating or strutures less tan our stories tall el enlosing doors opening into eit stairays meet te reuired our ire rating ll eit doors opening to te eterior ae no ire rating it tir cure e  eisting alley east o te building seres as te publi ay or it tairay  i e eeds te minimum  idt per ode reuirement it tairay  as a  eit disarge to te alley it tairay  diretly disarges onto outdoor plaa adaent to rus ree ouleard and as a  eit disarge to sideal e apaity o ea stairay is sied so tat te loss o any single eit doesnt redue te remaining apaity o all oter eits to less tan oneal o te total reuired

re ee

re itce re ommon at it tairay it isarge ubli ay istane raeled to earest roteted rea

 rael distanes are not restrited in eits or itin te eit disarge en loated at grade   otal    upant oad     eiling eigt     ain orridor idt     oor idt   ommon at rael istane      otal      upant oad     eiling eigt    ain orridor idt     oor idt   ommon at rael istane   ll ommon pat measurements are based on te orst ase senario on ea leel

tairay idts     oor idt      our euired ire esistane ating

 A Aeploded eploded aonometri 39

rie Air ue te A e meanial spaes ae an edge ore plae ment loated on te nort side o te building is enables eiient aess to te boiler and iller room adaent to te eisting alley to te east as ell as proides more larity o irulation doesnt interrupt open loor spae and allos more leibil ity to atie spaes along roost and rus ree

upply ir ut

ll return air it eeption o te ommunity all te andsn ome mproement and indsn eminar rooms ae all return reg isters tat return te air to te main trun in te irulation orridor upply ir is diused along te building perimeter to maimie air moment eiieny troug spae to te return registers upply and return intae and outae grilles are loated on te roo adaent to te ooling toer

ir andler

e  supply an is designed or te largest blo load not te sum o te indiidual peas e air distribution system up to te  boes ontains medium pressure and is designed by using te stati regain metod onstream o te  boes te system are lo and medium pressure onstrution and designed using te eual rition metod ound lining is neessary to minimie disturbane to ada ent spaes ll  boes are aessible or main tenane uted return is utilied at all loations

A  eploded aonometri 40

A ee

eturn ir ut oiler iller

imney ta ooling oer

Ate  inimie operating osts  aimie ontrol o air eloity and air uality  inimie system noise i is ritial at or meanial spaes adaent to learning enironments  inimie isual obtrusieness en neessary  aimie leibility o rental spaes espeially te ommunity all  aimie indiidual ontrol oer temperature  inimie system maintenane

rthc iht erie et e te  e toi leeling system allos or te use o up to  o outboard insulation ile reuiring minimal breas in eterior insulation or mai mum alue e system is able to aiee up to tie te true alue oer ontinuous erti al urring strips due to te patented selleeling all braets reduing  loads dramatially   aterial luminum  iness   anels are ung rom oriontal rail on leeling system icurte r uti eommended alues per uilding ode alls  rodut nsulation alue ange alls    per in

AA A Arainsreen & leeling system 41

publi gatering spae

  plan setion eleation & details art o te proet as not only tenial systems integration but also to deelop a ompreensible set o onstrution doument eamples e olloing plan setion and details draings eibit a onsious approa to aritetural design in its entirety 42

  loor plan portion

  A eleation 43

andson ood sop

mindson seminar 44

  longitudinal portion

andson ood sop

mindson seminar



eti ee     

 luminum ortlad anel typ oriontal teel ainsreen ail ertial teel  ail teel all raet typ   terior pray olyisoyanurate nsulation    oo nsulation  ater embrane   terior lyood eating   eoery oard  teel annel tud raming typ  etail eing  teel eam  teel olumn   ypsum oard   oo embrane   luminum oping per olor pes   luminum ont lasing leat  reinised to at anel


   

  

  




 

   46

 A detail

  AA detail

A model


u  el doradoitercit


A AA  

oring in ollaboration it el dorado in based in ansas ity  te studio spent te entire all semester eploring a dynami urban site immediately est o te nely onstruted auman enter or te erorming rts in donton ansas ity e studio sougt to strie a balane beteen artentri grass roots neigborood deelopment strategies and largesale master deelopment plans eore beginning design or e identiied a group o staeolders rom te surrounding ur ban ommunities and taled to tem etensiely e uily ame to terms it te ide ariety o perspeties about te site and its relationsip to te ity as a ole e oies o te staeolders beame anoter important ore saping te site s a inal doument te studio rigorously ored to reate a ebsite tat summaries te semester eaturing urban analy sis interies ideos site inormation and design proposals      i n t e r  i t y   u  e d u  48

i ii

problem & urban analysis

design solution


i   A AA e preailing issue tat as inibited ansas ity rom beoming an identiiable urban enironment is te issue o density artiularly te la o residential ommunities donton and in te rossroads as unortunately led to a mass sit o people ommuting to and rom te ity s preious generations o residents ae let and te pros pet o a ne youtul presene o proessionals tat lie and or in te ity as remained stagnant tis site is an opportunity to reate an atie enironment tat ill elp restore density itin te urban abri o ansas ity ie a great minor league baseball stadium te site is saped by te pysial ores o its enironment o te est te estside a largely residential neigbor ood o te east te rossroads a mi o reatie businesses ligt industry and robust areouses onerted to lot spae o te sout te eaily dis puted rossside istrit an unertain intersetion o te rossroads and estside neigborood o te nort onton it its igrise oies and enormous onention enter split abruptly rom te site by s ast and loud roaday e dynami urban site is loated immediately est o te nely onstruted auman enter or te erorming rts 50


35 Iauman enter or te perorming arts


sreenland teaters

Broadway Boulevard

17th Street

ibrant ommunities

r  eiti ite eeti


rce/tce ee reen pae aessible & inaessible aant aring ot

 loser loo at te state o urban systems elps gie meaning to te itys urrent onditions eigborood limits sotsape s ardsape transportation and land alues are oerlayed giing a diagrammati glimpse o te itys urban abri


 ue ee in dollars

uic rit ee ed ine us top urple ine ie at nterstate its

              

i 5 mdii ra



a nw


ii   e program or te studio as ambitious and demand ing er te ourse o te semester e proposed a se ries o igdensity mieduse strutures or tis blo area n tree design yles e eplored semes tat ored it te eisting strutures on te site and semes tat imagined te site as someting alltogeter ne d ditionally ea design iteration as to be a uiire to ee design yle tat aptures te spirit o te site based on ertain programmati sits e solution on te olloing pages eibits te rigorous approa to te proet as ell as te oerall ision o o te site an spar a rebirt o ansas ity as an urban enironment 54





A   AA  ligt ligt landsape & moement ts no seret tat ansas ity as been stu in a stagnant state o deelopment or many years s a result tis proet ertainly sees to eplore te realm o possibilities not only on te site but also its ontetual relationsip to te surrounding ommunities


e abundane o under utilied surae paring and aant lots drasti ally oerelms te presene o oupiable natural and deined green spae itin ansas ity e proet sees to bridge tat gap by re ating a armonious relationsip beteen te built and natural eni ronments ile also establising dynami spaes or soial intera tion and ealty liing roug te inspiration o lar alto and ero aarinen moement ligt and landsape are te design ouses

  

 lar alto


iti ite iti

ite teti

   

 eintrodue oupiable publi green spae or atie soial interation  reate a armonious relationsip beteen te built and natural enironments  epurpose asington t as a primary pedestrian green orridor troug site

Broadway St

Washington g St

essie surae paring noupiable buer greenspae along interstate ndeined green spae ulturally establised entities reenland eaters



iti ite ti  teti ee ndeined reen pae isting urae aring isting uildings to be emoed reenland to emain

  diagrams 58

eti/eturt eel ne estaurant eel o etail estaurant roery tore otal     ice

otal    

eieti  edroom       nits  edroom       nits  edroom       nits otal nits   otal     utiue te  rooms          eeption and ommons on round eel ar & estaurant utdoor errae ri ultiay aring truture otal talls  

A A diagram 59

e ard linear edge ondition along road ay and t streets atiates te streetsape i is ten omplimented by a more elegant radial edge ondition tat enelops a green pedes trian only ourtyard repurposing asington t n one and as people irulate along road ay arious aess points soop people rom te sideal and lure tem into te atie retail and restaurant enironments itin te deelop ment n te oter and te radial edge re ates a sensible and innoent relationsip to na ture as people ourney troug and oupy te pedestrian irulation ourtyard rom t treet







ite Acce ircuti ee treetsape edestrian irulation treet edestrian irulation ite edestrian irulation onergene & ess oints ain ay eiular irulation ibits rai atterns

 A diagram 60










roaday ld

u o altos or establises a strong relation sip beteen orm landsape and spatial organi ation ile orm an epress a ormal language it its natural surroundings te interior untional spae is eiient and pragmmati is design sees to enompass su priniples espeially as te building edge ondition taes on dierent identities along te streetsape and pedestrian ourtyard spae at te sites interior

ite  ee

t treet

     

etail estaurant roery tore estrooms erie & eanial reenland eaters eisting

  Asite plan 61

stablising a armonious relationsip beteen te natural and built eniron ments is essential to te design igt annons and syligts tat emulate te ormal edge treatments not only enable day ligting but also reates a metaporial outdoor spae reating a onnetion to te natural surroundings u design intriaies and sensibilities ae te opportunity to reate more in timate sensory eperienes it spae

bartle all


   perspetie 62


auman enter or te perorming arts

ie o boutiue otel lobby and publi plaa


u  el doradocrer

 tui

 AA AA

e arer an tudio is a ollaboration it te arer an nitia tie a smallsale artist resideny program and eibition spae tat ill be launed by maas emis enter or ontemporary rts iago based artist easter ates and is nonproit ebuild oundation e proet sees to leerage ultural reinestment itin an underre soured ommunity as a atalyst or neigborood grot tat elebrates reatiity and te prodution o art as a rameor or urban design easters ebuild oundation along it te emis enter launed an initiatie to reonstitute te istori arer an uild ing as a ne ultural enter oated in disenranised and igly segregated ort maa te arer an uilding ill oster art based atiities tat dra largely rom te surrounding neigborood e studio eperiene too plae in a multitude o pases starting it trips to iago and maa a toroug urban analysis tree intense design yles a midreie presentation at emis in ront o staeold ers ommunity residents and business oners as ell as a osen design iteration to be deeloped into a inal ompreensie proet 64

i ii

problem & urban analysis

design solution


e irst pase o te studio eperiene as a trip to iago in order to eplore easter ates metods and priniples o om munity redeelopment ates raised in est iago and no a rising star in te international art orld as built is pratie around te reation o ne eonomies in bligted neigbor oods in iago and t ouis ese ne eonomies assign eual alue to te eange o ultural and inanial urrenies it oter ple sole 66

one oot in te orld o ig art easter as te irmly plaed in te ebuild oundation a om urban eperiment tat leerages artmaing to dis longstanding boundaries beteen art rae and lass

teaster saring is ision or te dorester ommunity in iago

rebuild oundation in iago


bemis enter or te ontemporary arts

e seond pase o our ourney too us to maa and inluded a tour o te ur rent eibition at emis enter or on temporary rts an interie it tello eados diretor o  ort an inter ie it im eatty diretor o te reat lains la istory useum isits it emis residents multiple isits to ort maa and a daystopping lun at ig amas inally e spent seeral ours doumenting te site surrounding te arer an uilding in ort maa


otello meados  and im beatty 

bemis enter artist resideny program

big mamas


ric eric ti cuci

maa lie many midestern ities ears te residue o polital eonomial and soial segregation on te sleee o its urban abri oles are easily ound in te ommunity inrastruture o ort maa

i   A AA 70

oring in a similar metod o artist atiist and urban planner easter ates te studio aimed to ind means o inesting bot eonomi and ultural alue into te ommunity o t and ae streets i lies itin te eart o disinestment in ort maa


maro  &  


 

miro  

 

establised ultural entities

ontetual ernaular

intimate green spae


ii   e goal o te semester long studio long proet as to eplore te possibilities o te blo surrounding te arer an build ing in ort maa e deelopment ould use te arts as a means to spar uture eonomi grot itin te ommunity ile also reating uniue ays or soial engagement to our s part o te proets ollaboration it ebuild oundation and te emis enter or ontemporary rts te proet proposes artist residenes miedinome ousing and mied use aili ties or te estern al o te blo surrounding te arer an roug arious inluenes     tat eplore te realm o soial and eonomi redeelopment itin an in ested ultural ontet te studio proposed a series o in tense ee iterations inestigating a multitude o solutions 74

daid ang

teaster gates

e tigtly onstrained yet intimate din ing spaes o e angs restaurants aptures te spirit o o ne deelop ment an emerge itin te ommunity is restaurants reate a total dining e periene rom te preperation o te ood to te soial engagement at te table

easters approa to melding art it soial and eonomi publi onerns reates interesting and sensible solu tions to ommunity redeelopment

uie ce

roug er potograpy ii ap tures te essene o ommunity by diretly immersing ersel into arious utlures er proets propose ues

e site oers substantial leibility to establis a ne miuse deelopment itin te ort maa ommunity ittle ode restritions and onstraints

tions about identity and soial beaior

proe tat tere is a need or someting uniue and res tat ill sere as a at alyst or uture grot and inestment

nii s lee

site onstraints


A    AA AAurban ambiguity is seme as te irst and most ambitious in a series o proposals deeloped oer toee inrements sing te arts as a stimulus or soial and eonomi grot reating enironments or people to interat and engage in ays tat are unpresribed or ambiguous is a ay to spar an atie and ibrant ommunity ulture ile te seme stries to dey normal deelopment onentions it neerteless sees to eplore te limits o o people rom dierent ba grounds alues etniities et an reate an atie and ealty ommunity striing or eonomi and soial prosperity 76

p u b l i c

p r i v a t e

 


  &  otal   

   round eel    pper eel    otal   

   round eel   pper eel    otal   

  &  otal       otal     otal   

plan igure ground 78







a 


re et

     ibition pae  ommunity iten  leible lassroom entable  ent pae  ubli allery otal         nits round eel or spae sering iten & eibit   eond eel liing small iten bedroom   otal   

   aant or uture proposal

aerial & program

   uture artist studio spae 79

 loor plan 80


l i  e   o r  tining garden

priate  residential

museum eibit

publi alley green spae


o u t d o o r perormane eibit spae


loe a

p u b l i  poet par

r e s t a u r a n t

styles o eolution

isting lley

ommunity outdoor dining iten e  e n t s p a  e publi gallery

l i  e   o r  artist residenes

priate  residential

semipriate green spae

priate  residential

     loor plan same speiiations

priate  residential

eramis studio and iln

priate  residential

 

  loor plan

e driing onept it tis seme is te notion o reating atie enironments it uniltered soial interation e diagrams     displays o people an be brougt to geter in unpresribed ays spar ing a more engaging and dynami soial uality to te ommunity 81







iln b


um use






e b





setion perspetie 82









m eu m us b gp


a e sp



 


ee gr i bl pu nt ra ta u re s

e multiple site setion perspetie is meant to so te ersatility o te di erent uses o te site as ell as o people start to use and engage spae n addition te material palette o te deelopment emulates te sur rounding ommunitys subtle aade treatments by using loally relaimed natural materials lso te strutural systems loor inises et oney te nature o ertain spaes as ell as o uman eperiene and interation it su spaes an be inluened 83

AA detail

event space

 Aall setion 84


community kitchen

outdoor dining

museum gallery spillout

live-work studio

all setion  85

ie r e t i it rtit reiec itrict 86 46

e material palette or te lieor studios as in luened by easters use o relaimed materials as a ay to maintain a sensible but yet uniue ari teture s te eisting alley already as an atie uality ne deelopment is meant to sere and o eist it te ommerial entities along t treet s son ommunity eents art eibitions small estials et an enri te publi dynamis o te site ile also engaging te surrounding residenes 87

Selected Works - Jay Hake  

architectural academic portfolio