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“Welcome to Jayes studio and jostle yourself into beautiful world of Toleware” Jayes studio is specialized in Toleware, which was found before 35 years. Tolware refers to stylish and decorative arts and crafts. These beautiful creations help you to make your home beautiful and attractive also jostle your life lifestyle towards more elegant and graceful. We have a huge range of decorative bed pillows only by visiting Jayes Studio you will come to know that. Our core ambitious desire is create gracious gifts to decorate your home more beautifully. Our products are handmade and we use lead free paint and powder coated for durability. Pillows: Pillows, this word only resembles spongy and comfy. Pillows are like our best friend as it helps in getting a good nap and also it breaks down our whole working tiredness. Pillows make us comfortable and get rid of all clumsiness. We have got a huge range of Decorative bed pillows which are handmade and lead free paint and powder coats for long lasting purpose. Our pillows are long lasting and fashionable which decorates your home elegantly and makes it more attractive.

This modern squares black pillow has designed amazingly to brighten up the charm of your home. This beautiful 18” sized pillow is available just at a price of $42 at Jayes Studio.

This stunning Persian paisley blue pillow has brought to you to make to your colorful just like the colorful Persian Culture. This spongy and comfy pillow with a size of 18� is just available at a price of $42 at Jayes Studio.

This mesmerizing floral pop multi colored pillow is just designed to bloom up the charm, glow, appearance and the design of your home. It enhances your mood just like a beautiful flower does. This pop multi colored pillow is with a size of 18� is just waiting for you at a price of $42 at Jayes Studio. These are very few patterns of decorative bed pillows but if you like to see more patterns with mesmerizing prints then you should at least pay a single visit at Jayes Studio. Your comments and feedbacks too crucial for us please share.

By: Lalan Shrikam

Decorative bed pillows that makes your house attractive