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JAYDEN S. MALOTO ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN PORTFOLIO 6127 Paso Los Cer ritos, San Jose, CA 95120 (331)442-7433 EDUCATION: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (August 2016—present) - B.S. Architectural Studies, Minor in Business EXTRACURRICULAR + LEADERSHIP: General Member, Society of Business Management in Architecture (SBMA) - Attended exclusive guest lectures on various topics, from firm management to software skill development

Class Vice President, Executive Athletic Chair, Phi Kappa Psi Social Fraternity SKILLS: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Autodesk Revit AutoCAD Google Sketchup Rhinoceros 5 Video/Audio Editing

Microsoft Office Basic Coding (Java) Publications Hand Sketching

- Supervised operations of all executive officers in the spring 2017 initiating class of 20+ members - Handled money and organized athletic teams to represent the organization - Managed and marketed fundraisers and community events to raise money and awareness for both the organization and its philanthropic affiliates

Candidate, Illinois Leadership Certificate - Participated in all-day leadership conferences, for the purpose of developing leadership skills.

General Member, National Organization of Minority Architecture Students - Participated in fundraisers, social, and professional events to widen network and celebrate diversity in the field of architecture and environmental design

Finalist, $100,000 Paradigm Challenge Competition 2017 - Formed Team Soteria and raised awareness to prevent home fires by engineering home alert system, developing website, writing articles, original music, and creating film/videos

DESTINED ASCENSION We all start from somewhere

For the final project of my first semester of design studio, students were asked to create a model with the purpose of understanding scale and proportion. Destined Ascension is a demonstration of a well-circulated and spaced inhabitation with the inspiration of a hotel. The concept behind the model is “destination� and how from the bottom, you can see all the platforms above you and identify where you need to go to get there.

Early smaller scaled model

Section, Floor, and Axonometric Drawings

PERPETUAL SHIFT Medley of repeating forms

In an early modeling project, I made Perpetual Shift to display the usage of sheared shapes in a linear and slightly rotating spatial organization. I also familiarized myself with using the woodshop, where I was able to construct the composition of mat board, wire, and manufactured wood. Axonometric Drawing


Innovative low-profile seating, easily assembled I believe it is important for an architect to have a wide range of interests when it comes to designing and I quickly developed drafting and craftmanship skills developing furniture. I took into account the ergonomics of how people sit and built a stool where occupants could keep their feet on the floor, resulting in better blood flow through the body compared to a stool where ones legs are dangling. With a wide range of deliverables to submit, I’ve improved my visual communication skills doing this project. Joint Detail Drawing Orthographic Drawings

Textured Rendering


The premier fan experience well before the big game The success of a sports franchise heavily relies on attendance, regardless of the team’s performance. For the purpose of raising awareness and selling tickets, the Sacramento Basketball Expo serves as strategically spaced interactive advertising, where people can buy apparel, take pictures, etc to become excited for upcoming events.

Working model with Section and Floor Drawings

Rhinoceros 5, Photoshop


Freedom, Comfort, Circulation

Second Floor Plan

Revit, Photoshop

From research, I’ve learned that Revit is one of the most desired software skills of architecture firms in the country. Since my classes didn’t necessarily include Revit into its curriculum, I started becoming familiar with the program as well as Building Information Modeling on my own. The Canary House provides a lot of open space , indoor and outdoor, for occupants to use. In addition to its modern , yellow accented look, the large amount of deck space makes the Canary House stand out.

3D Rendering (Roofless)


Construction Document and Projection Study—Urbana, Illinois Students were introduced to the analysis of construction documents, from site plans to measured details. I practiced AutoCAD throughout the semester by frequently visiting the existing building and recreating such construction documents based on measurements and on-site sketches.





HERE. APARTMENTS (in progress)

Building Information Modeling —Champaign, Illinois

With the intent of recreating the building’s floor plans, elevations, and sections, I am using Revit to explore the components of Business Information Modeling. Starting by recreating caissons in the foundation of the building, I have worked my way upwards to digitally constructing significant elements of the structure, from curtain walls and metal panels to elevator shafts and terraces.


Light Frame Construction Study—Champaign, Illinois

ARCH 231 emphasized the importance of basic wood construction and visiting this building helped us identify its internal components. By making a model physical anatomical model of the Taft House, I also created a stepby-step analysis of the construction process using Google Sketchup.

AutoCAD, Google SketchUp


Various Hand-sketches, Design Exercises, Digital Projects, Photography



Jayden Maloto Architecture + Design Portfolio  
Jayden Maloto Architecture + Design Portfolio