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my front page's cover mount (guitar pick) is used to grab people's attention if the magazine were sitting on a shelf. I made sure to make this as noticeable as possible by surrounding it in bright colours and having the star graphic behind it. Also the bright masthead surrounded by the dark blue background would draw attention to it and the covermount since they are the same colour. The cover image uses direct address to draw the reader in since it looks like the people in the photo are personally addressing them. The main cover line of “GET OUT OF OUR FACES� also seems like the 2 models are addressing the reader directly which will When writing the article for my double page spread I tried to stick to more sophisticated language, but not to sound to formal. I stuck to this format since I have a young(ish) target audience so I felt that I'd try to get it to sound like a peer, so to avoid patronising them with dumbed down language. My thoughts were that my magazine needed to sound formal enough that the information that my audience read would seem trustworthy, but at the same time I didn't want it to sound to formal because it wouldn't be very fun to read.

Evaluation question 5  

5th evaluation question

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