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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Publishing companies Companies like IPC media, Bauer and Dennis all already have very successful music based magazines. IPC media has the NME music magazine which is one of the most famous magazines at this time. Bauer owns Kerrang which is not only a music magazine but is the same genre (metal) as my magazine, making my magazine less appealing to Bauer since it would just generate competition for Kerrang. Dennis doesn't yet own a successful music magazine, meaning if I were to choose to sell my magazine through a publishing company I would choose Dennis.

Digital distribution Distributing my magazine through a website would be a good choice because my target audience is between the ages of 15 to 25 and everyone in this age group usually takes advantage of today's technology. The vast majority of my target audience will own a smart phone or tablet that is capable of downloading the magazine. This method of distribution is also quite cheap since most of what you'd have to do is set up a website or an app. for mobile devices which is very inexpensive to maintain. Self publishing This option for producing my magazine would be very expensive to start up, but if the magazine were to become successful, self publishing would reduce the financial outlay to third party companies. I would still need a distribution company to sell my magazine to retailers. Seymour is one of the largest distribution companies in the UK. They are a modern company with a proven track record which shows their success. Based on my investigations I would say that my preferred choice for production and sale of my magazine would be using the publishing company Dennis and distributed through Seymour. This is because there is a niche in Dennis' portfolio since they do not currently have a music magazine that they publish.

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