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Issue No.3


DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY DeepBlue Digital is the web-based arm of DTH Advertising Ltd.

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WELCOME to the third exciting issue

of the free marketing advice brochure from This third issue is, as ever, packed with useful information for you to use in quickly improving your marketing mix, easily gaining new clients or simply communicating with existing clients... it's child's play!

In this Month’s Issue:

5 Ways to Improve your SEO Get the basics right and you are on your way up

Set up a facebook account Then we’ll show you how to use it for marketing!

5 Minute Marketing Tips Marketing tips & techniques in good times and bad

What to ask a Web Designer Take these questions with you when you go visiting

How to launch a restaurant How Deepblue helped launch the new Zouk Restaurant





when it comes to SEO & marketing some agencies will stop at nothing!

-we stop at one! (or maybe 2 or 3!!)

Location! Location! Location! First is EVERYTHING, Second is SOMETHING, Third is INTERESTING... No matter how much we bang on about it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of the success of your website. With over 80% of the world’s population discovering their chosen website via search engines, you may be wondering why it is that your ‘all singing, all dancing - cost an arm and a leg’ website isn’t generating any response?

Well that’s where we come in! can offer specialist website marketing as well as competition and target audience analysis, enabling your business to move up the SEO ladder, on your way to becoming ‘top dog’ ‘numero uno’, king of the hill you get the drift. But it is not all about getting higher in the rankings. Some websites will achieve page one and still not convert sales, Deepblue can advise as to why this is not happening.

Large Format Printing Deadline Day for Students! DeepBlueto the Rescue!

Deepblue-Digital have become extremely popular within the student community this month. Architectural & graphic design students from Leeds Met. descended on our studio last month, desperate for their ‘end of year projects’ to be printed out using our large format in-house printer. Thankfully everyone hit their deadlines and they were all “well-chuffed man”with our speedy service as well as the quality Thanks for flagging of the prints. this incredibly useful Deepblue’s experience in print allows us to provide the most competitive quotes on a wide range of large or unusual print jobs. From exhibition display panels and van or bus graphic wraps, to large format posters and banners, you can relax and let DeepBlue take care of your requirements. Choose your print medium - from paper and board substrates, vinyls and PVC... we relish a challenge!

resource Deepblue Digital! They are great value for money. Gareth Johnson

100gsm Matt Coated Paper Heavyweight Coated Paper Satin Coated Paper Photo Coated Paper



Printed, laminated & trimmed to my spec and the cheapest quote I could find - only £21 for an AO print! Reinhold Behringer


£6 £11 £21 £7 £13 £24 £9 £15 £24 £9 £15 £24

For the lowest print prices in town, contact DAWN on:

0113 237 0555

These are small print run prices, for larger runs reductions will be offered please enquire.

this month...

Deepblue Digital now have a poster printing profile - Poster Printing Leeds with over 400 friends who are able take full advantage of all DeepBlue’s offers and updates on the ‘poster printing status’ as well as adding up to date work to share with other users. Why not join in the fun and add us as a friend-it’s Free & Easy-and can be used to gain new clients.

Getting Started 1. Log on to 2. Join for free and add your details. 3. You’ll be sent a confirmation email - click on the link to confirm. 4. Click onto your profile picture and choose to upload a photo of yourself.

Large Format Prices Material

alternative marketing techniques

5. From then on you can add friends, accept friends, join groups, chat to others, create groups, post videos, add photos, tag photos and be part of the Facebook social Network!

The Dawn Kubicek Quick tip This issue... Facebook


There's a really easy way of inviting people to a facebook group. A lot of people think you have to manually click on each friend to invite them which, i’ve found out in the past, if you have a lot of friends it can take forever and leave you with a sore finger from clicking!

Step 1: Click ‘Invite people to come’. Then, when the page appears with all your friends faces in boxes on, you will see in the left hand side ‘Filter Friends’. Click that and a drop down menu will appear saying ‘friends list’ ‘family’ then all the various networks your friends are from like Leeds, London etc.

Step 2:

Click the ‘Leeds’ network so it just invites people from Leeds. Then on the right-hand side of that page it will say ‘ALL’ and ‘SELECTED’ (0). Underneath that it will say ‘Select All’. Click on that and it will select everyone that hasn’t already been invited to my party and then just scroll down the bottom & click ‘Send invitations’. Da-dah! Job Done!

Selling Online Let Deepblue help Deepblue has a wealth of experience when it comes to e-commerce. We can help and advise with all aspects of data, credit cards, banks and much more. Take a look at the example case below and then call Emma on 0113 237 0555 From Humble beginnings as an online brochure site to present day as the 7th store in the group Deepblue have helped the John Peters furniture website stand proudly in line with other similar websites such as CSL and Furniture Village. Now fully e-commerce with the ability to buy anything online that is in store and often more. The John Peters web site is set to become the flagship of the company. Take a look for yourself at

John Peters

0113 237 0555

5 MinuteMarketing #3 Building a Client Database

Marketing is the lifeblood of your continued client renewal, your clients are the lifeblood of your business. Marketing can cover a multitude of exercises from word-of-mouth to complex TV campaigns and events. You should continue to market your business when times are good and especially when times are tough. Marketing may simply take the form of a questionnaire filled out every time a purchase is made to find out from your customers what they think about you and how you can improve what you do. This can be a chance to start to collect a database of clients. When the database reaches a large enough point you can then start to send out offers, newsletters or deals to keep in touch. Always give the client the chance to opt out of this contract and offer the client incentives, prizes, money-off etc. It will cost far less to talk to existing clients than it would be to gain a new one! Call Deepblue on 0113 237 0555 for further advice

choosing the right web agency

DO’S&DON’TS for your business... DO look at their portfolio, find out how long they have been in business and what experience they have in your chosen area. DO ask how many members of staff will be working on your site and who the main point of contact will be throughout. DO question what SEO experience they have and whether that will be applied as they are building the site. DO ask if the site will be on its own server, a shared server or a virtual server. Some companies will hire part of a server from a hosting company which will contain sites from other companies which can put yours at risk. DO ask for an estimate of how long the project will take and if you can pay in installments over that time. DO get estimated completion dates for design, build and testing of your website. DON’T accept the first quote you get - shop around a little. DON’T pay anything up front.

a Stunning New

WIN iPodShuffle! every issue

The first music player that talks to you!

Being lovers of all things Mac we’ve decided to reward our customers with the chance of winning the amazing new iPod Shuffle from Apple every issue!! To enter, just visit the DeepBlue website and sign up for our Quarterly newsletter for the next 12 months at and one of these little stunners could be yours. Don’t worry if you don’t win straight away - we’ll keep your details and automatically enter you in all future prize draws!

Up town FR ORET SEO REPE Top Ranking With Search Engine Optimisation now becoming so important we thought we would give you a few basic pointers on SEO that you may want to have a look at yourself or get your SEO company or Deepblue to have a look at. These are the very basics and we would advise seeking professional advice before fiddling with your website code.

1. Title Tag While containing the name of your company, the title tag should also contain specific keyword phrases relevant to your business and should read as normally as possible for your specific arena ie Smith and Jones Accountants in Leeds West Yorkshire.

2. Meta Description Not really relevant for SEO ranking but the description that appears when you are found on Google, so make it descriptive and relevant to what you do and what the customer wants to find.

If it seems a little daunting, then why not take advantage of our F R E E S E O R E P O R T. Deepblue will take a no obligation look at your site and advise on what could be done to help you gain more sales and move up the rankings. Request a report at or ring Emma on 0113 237 0555

3. Site Map

If you view your website and then view SOURCE you can see the code that builds your site. The first 2 hints below refer to the first few lines of this code after the header. Take a minute to go through each step to see if your site is up to date and SEO friendly.

4. Emphasize

Add a HTML site map to your site. A single page that links to all pages on your site if you are small, important pages only if you are larger. This will allow the search engine spiders to find all you site from one spot. Ask your SEO company about the Google XML site map. Underline, bold, strong and italics on each page - keywords will make these words stand out to search engines.

5. Prioritise Make sure the copy on your site is highly relevant to each page title, contains relevant keywords throughout and above all is readable by your clients.

0113 237 0555

0113 237 0555

To find out more about the many benefits DeepBlue-Digital can offer your business, or for a Free Quote, call Emma Cook on: DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY DeepBlue Digital is the web-based arm of DTH Advertising Ltd.

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DeepBlue Create Stampede! Deepblue-Digital was awarded the task of arranging the Grand Opening Night for the award-winning Indian restaurant Zouk Teabar & GrillTM in Manchester city centre recently.

Peter Bashir, Chairman of Zouk Teabar & Grill cuts the ribbon at Manchester City Centre’s Grand Opening.

The night was a fabulous affair with music, dancing and fantastic entertainment all night long! A lifesize baby elephant prop was at the entrance (a real one was decided against after much thought), along with street performers and fire-eaters, who wowed the crowds. Deepblue-Digital arranged everything from the invitations, catering, demonstrations - even the fire-eaters! We backed up the evening with press releases, personalised invites and adverts in the local papers. So if you’re having a special event that requires that professional touch, or you just want to hire a baby elephant, give us a call!

Suite 6, Devonshire Avenue, Devonshire House, Leeds, LS8 1AY. T. 0113 237 0555

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Web Marketing and SEO from Deepblue-digital  

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