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By: Matti Nation & Jaycie Joslin B4 Block

By: Matti Nation and Jaycie Joslin

You may have heard of the story Cinderella and her “evil� step family, but I am here to tell you the real story, and Cinderellas true colors.

After I have been married to Cinderella for three years, I now have finally seen the real side of Cinderella.

When we first met she was kind, loving, and caring to all. But little did I know that it was all for show.

Anastasia and Drizella, her two step sisters were made to look like they made Cinderella’s life miserable, when the truth is the step-sisters are the sweethearts of the family.

And for Lady Tremaine, her step-mother, did nothing but nice things for Cinderella.

Cinderella would threaten her stepfamily for everything, if they didn’t do as she told them.

They trembled in fear of Cinderella.

At the grand ball I had, I met the girl of my dreams.

Sadly she left me at the strike of midnight, but she left behind her glass slipper.

I left the glass slipper on a pillow by my bedside that night, and was going to search for the girl first thing in the morning.

After hours of being on the hunt for my beautiful princess, that left her shoe behind, I thought I finally found her.

… So I thought

What I didn’t know is that Cinderella had snuck past my guards into my palace.

She replaced the glass slipper with another that was exactly her size, tricking me into thinking she was my lost princess.

Cinderella locked Anastasia into her room, so she couldn’t tell that she was the real lost princess.

As soon as Anastasia got out of the room, Cinderella already had the glass slipper on her foot, and was found to be the lost princess.

Anastasia was heartbroken, but too scared of Cinderella to say anything.

Now, I have seen the real side of Cinderella‌ her evil side.

Cinderella thought she could take advantage of me too, but I wouldn’t let her.

She never loved me, she was just another wanting me for the money like the rest of them.

I kicked Cinderella out of my palace, and went on the hunt for my real princess.

It took me three days and two nights, but I found her. I finally found my lost princess, the love of my life.

I swept her off her feet, and apologized for the misunderstanding, and said how it would never happen again.

The very next day, Anastasia and I had a grand wedding.

As for Cinderella, she is now one of my servants, spending the rest of her life cleaning the dishes and mopping the floors.

She will pay every cent back to me that she took.

Anastasia has no one to be scared of and I have found my lost princess, and this time we can truly live happily ever after.

The End

Fairy tale parody  
Fairy tale parody  

Parody of Cinderella