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Asset Protection Services International, Ltd We are a lawfully created International Business Company (IBC) in the Republic of Seychelles for the purpose of providing incorporation services in the jurisdictions of the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, the Republic of Seychelles and the United States of America. We pride ourselves on "Protecting Your World" through the use of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Shareholders Trusts, Land Trusts, Comprehensive Revocable Living Trusts, Joint Venture Agreements, Companies Special Licenses, International Business Companies, Protected Cell Companies and Boat Registration.

Browse our Website Asset Protection: Personal liability protection, charging order, outside and inside lawsuits, compartmentalization, low and high risk assets. Tax Strategies: State, federal, personal and corporate taxation, estate taxes, tax deductions, medical deductions, capital gains tax exclusions, homestead exemptions and tax havens. Estate Planning: Individuals, families, businesses and charities. Services: Complete company formation and organization, registered agent, company nominee shareholders, directors, officers and secretary, government licensing, virtual offices, assistance opening onshore and offshore bank accounts, paralegal consultation and more.

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Asset Protection Ancillary Tax Benefits •

Having entities in other states can create losses from 3% to 12% of income to state corporate taxes. For example, if you have an entity qualified with the state of California, and are using California as your entity base, you are paying a minimum of $9,600 in taxes on every $100,000 of taxable income. Many clients have solved this problem by opting for asset protection services that help them move their entity base, or set up an additional entity in Nevada.


Business owners normally provide their businesses with the capital and services they need to function personally. But with a little more imagination, a Nevada based entity could be utilized as an effective means of asset protection to provide those very same functions. As every business needs to be properly managed, your Nevada entity could be in the business of licensing consulting, tax, advertising, sales and marketing services. It could contract with your present entity to provide management related services that your entity naturally requires. Even though your present entity has business related deductions, you could still end up with a taxable income of, say, $200,000 in the course of a year. In the state of California, that amounts to roughly $19,200 in state taxes. Instead, your Nevada entity could bill your present entity for licensing fees in the amount of $150,000. That management fee is a tax deductible item, reducing total home state taxable income to only $50,000. Then by providing accounting services to your current entity and billing it $45,000 in accounting fees, you would leave only $5,000 in taxable California income. Therefore, asset protection services that help to incorporate a Nevada entity are very much essential in the aforesaid scenario.


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