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Prompt service The search for any information will be far easier than before when big data kicks in. An automatic file tagging system for metadata fields will aid the process. The task will be faster and the results will be enhanced. Efficiency The entire data when transformed into electronic data the search results will be very efficient and errors will be minimized. Affordability The extraction of valuable data will become more affordable which will aid the decision making process by cost cutting features. Risk The data analytics will lead to assessment of risks in the workflow. The analyzed data will aid in providing the proper solution, hence reducing risk is a great benefit of big data hadoop analytics.

BIG DATA HADOOP BENEFITS ARE Clarification When data will become accessible by the people, then there will be transparency, which will eventually build trust between the commoners and authorities. Fraud detection The typical algorithms that are used for data analytics are capable to detect and identify anomalous actions transaction frauds. This will immensely help to decrease the internet threats to sensitive information and monetary transactions. Quality of information The introduction of the data analytics will improve the quality of the data to a considerable extent. When the government will undertake steps to digitize the data can be improved by skimming the entire volume and providing the required ones.

BIG DATA HADOOP BENEFITS ARE Easy to manage It will be very easy to manage soft data rather than managing huge volume of paper works. Soft data do not demand too much space like paper. Entry of data will be easier too. A single entry can be allocated to the respective necessary sections thus decreasing labor. Controlling data volume Every day the data volume is increasing and it is getting harder to manage it. Big data hadoop analytics will enable efficient data management by understanding useful data via various tools. Birth of analytical tools The applications that analyze data will emerge in the process of implementation of big data analytics. These applications will improve the quality of work.

BIG DATA HADOOP BENEFITS ARE Privacy management The initiation of big data hadoop analytics will also improve the security systems to maintain the privacy of the personal information of the users. The information that will be stored in the serves will be safer and encrypted. IT empowerment Every business that will embrace big data hadoop will have fortified IT framework. Business intelligence will develop and the introduction of an efficient data analytics team will improve all the structures of business. Decision making The information provided by the analytics will improve the quality of decisions made. Apt strategies will be built based on this information redefining the future of the business.

KEEPING SENSITIVE DATA SAFE Big Data hadoop Analytics is meant to make smarter applications to simplify the future. When the data will be accessed from any point the risk of internet frauds and scams will increase too. This is why it is mandatory to keep the sensitive data safe and secure. Implementing proper tools Proper use of security tools is necessary to save the information from internet threats. Malware and viruses should be screened from entering the servers and stealing sensitive information. The companies must know their security system very well and implement the best tools possible for data security. Employee education Everyone in the company who are entitled to use sensitive information must know the protocols to maintain safety. Possible vulnerabilities can only be avoided via proper training and education.

KEEPING SENSITIVE DATA SAFE Specific planning Data can be segmented as per importance and sensitivity. The hierarchal segmentation and proper planning to set the proper level of security to decrease the threats of breaching can be very effective for a corporation. Regular maintenance A regular protocol to check over the security barriers and access will keep the anomalous activities away. Whenever there is a change in protocol, all the linked personnel must be educated potentially to avoid unnecessary incidents.

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Benefits of big data hadoop analytics  

what are the ways to keeping sensitive data safe : in Big Data Hadoop and its Benefits

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