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E-PHOTOS Limitation of traditional photo selling: • Long queue for selecting photos in plasma/wall. • Long time to process and printing. • Limited life of Hard copy , Chances of lost, misplaced, etc at home. • Miss the opportunity if you are not present on open-house. Rs. XX/- per copy

Advantages of e-photos • You can view photo from home using • Life time store in soft copy and printing facility • Immediate availability after events, programmes etc.

• Competitive Price @ hard copy. • Home delivery

• Print in any size, different gift items of your choice. • Share the photos anywhere in world.

• Print Personal photos too with school's photograph.

Difference between email id and official email-id

Two requirement for Email id cum ephotos id and credit/debit/ITZ card

• (Example of Big Baazar )

• • • • •

Go to Big Baazar, Select your products which you would like to buy, Add to trolly or basket, Go to payment counter, Make payment using credit card.

Training on

• How to visit school website? • • How to go to parent's corner for email checking and e-photos login? • What are seven steps and explain in details?

Please send queries related to ePhotos in the given format only 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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Help Desk • Email : • Call : 9930969221 • Day : Monday to Friday. • Time : 09:00 to 18:00

ePhotos steps  
ePhotos steps  

Steps for ePhotos