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Matters Of The Heart

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September 6, 2009



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First Christian Church, 1200 Community Park Road, Dyersburg, TN. Postmaster send address change to: First Christian Church, 1200 Community Park Road, Dyersburg, TN 38024

Matters of the Heart (ISSN 416110) is published weekly by

Michael Gardner Adam Waite Jerry Mitchell Marla Kennedy Denise Brooks Roxanne Baker

Church Staff


Teen Studies

Phone: 731.285.7552

Golden Rule Class, 9:30am, Hearth Room Studies w/David Hay, Room 9, 9:00am

Elvie Reed, 285.6179 Lynn Brooks, 445.3722 David Hay, 287.0962 Jeff Moore, 285.8460 Mike Sentell, 589-7553 Lee Smith, 287.8464 Mark DiGirolamo 286.1150

REGULAR MEETINGS Sunday Morning Worship 252 - 10:15am; Centre Building - 10:30am Men’s Prayer Breakfast 2nd Sunday of each month @ 9:00am Wednesday Services 7:00pm for all ages Board Meetings Elders, Tues., Sept. 8, 7pm; Full Board, Tues., Sept. 15, 6pm; Action Teams, 6:45pm Women’s Ministry Coffee & Conversation, 1st Sundays @ 9:30am Prayer Ministry Meetings Mon. & Fri. @ 7am, room 10. Sunday Morning Adult Bible Classes

Wednesdays @ 7pm Group Worship in Auditorium

Volume XXIX, Issue # 37

“Getting Everything Done”

$ 10,532.37

Divorce Care Begins Sept. 15, 6pm in the Perch. Divorce Care for Kids, ages 5-12, Sept., 15, 6pm in room 6. Lighten Up Tuesday’s at 5:30pm in room 6. Dave Ramsey Financial University On break, will announce next sessions. 20 Somethings First Friday of each month @ 6:30, rotating locations.

A Communiqué of First Christian Church

If we stopped for a moment and considered how our ‘poem’ (a reference to Sunday’s sermon; see Ephesians 2:10, workmanship) reads, we would find sections that were defined by ‘a lot to do and the drive to get everything done.’ I believe rushing and busyness is of the devil and nothing more than a sinful attempt to dig ourselves out of a hole (another reference to a sermon). Isn’t it amazing to you that Jesus never once said anything like, ‘I wish I could clone myself’, ‘I’m late!’, ‘Oops, missed another appointment.’ Surprisingly, he never even appeared to be the least bit controlled by people, time, schedules or emergencies. Now, there were times He expressed urgency, compassion, decisiveness, hunger, the longing for solitude, disappointment, and even anger, and He did so because of the situation that He was involved in, but it never appeared that the situation was the driving force but rather the Godness that was connected to His humanity. The time aspect that Jesus was aware of was the timing of the Will of God for that moment. All other possibilities faded in the background as Jesus sought, discovered and did the Will of God. Jesus even called doing the Will of God ’eating the food’ that the other disciples knew nothing about. Another thing that I admire about Jesus is that when He was engaged in a moment with the Father and or person(s), He was fully engaged. He was not half-hearted in anything He did, be it a miracle, teaching or washing feet. He was not distracted by the thousands of people who needed help or the thousands of people who hated what He was or was not doing. He stayed focused on the Spirit and the moment of God. He fully embraced God and life even if it meant death. I’m asking God to give us the desire to walk peacefully and faithfully through life. I’m asking God to rid us of worry, anxiety and frantic living. To teach us that righteousness is by faith and that the life in Christ will bring rest for our souls. The yoke of Jesus is easy and His burden is light. Aren’t you ready to throw off the burdens that you have accumulated along the path of your journey? 1

General Announcements ATTENTION!!! If you have cleaned either building or had parties or other functions that required you to get a key from the office, please check to see if you still have it - our supply of loaners is depleted and we need them back to give to those who serve each month cleaning our facilities -OR - If you are cleaning right now please remember to return the keys to the office after your last Sunday. Thanks to those who have returned them. Medical Mission Trip We’re sending a “call-out” to those who are interested in participating in a medical mission trip with our church. In first stages of formation, but if this has your name on it, let Denise know—731.285.7552, or The New Church Mower The church has recently purchased a mower to assist our faithful lawn care helpers. An XMark 60” zero turn for $7,700. We have received donations of $5,900.00 to date. If you would like to help just write ‘mower’ on your check or envelope and put in the offering. Praise God for cheerful givers @ FCC who are always willing!! ‘Coffee & A Sermon’ - Help Our Teens Go To T.C.T.C. Have a cup of Ugly Mug Coffee, $1.00 donation, in the Centre Building Foyer next Sunday. See you there. Yes, you can take it to the service! A New Attraction @ FCC On the wall outside the office there are two bulletin boards. One is for events going on in and around the community, the other is for member announcements and advertising. Stop by and see what is happening in your community. Calling all 252 Volunteers Workshop, Saturday, October 3rd. Details to be announced later. Attention!!! Anyone Hope Talked To About Cardboard Ministry If Hope Mitchell asked you about being involved in this please call her this week, 445.8339. It is important that she know if you can or cannot participate. Please call her either way. We are going to do it this Sunday, September 13. Thank you. 2

Prayer Requests & Praise Reports Vicky Autry - Thanks for the prayers, our grandson Brody is doing well after his eye surgery. God is good. Anne Gephart - Continued prayer for me and my family. Amy Leake - Peace & joy! God help me focus on my millions of blessings! Paula Hanna - Please keep the Walley family in Tiptonville in your prayers, Chris Walley passed away Sunday morning. He was just 36. The family had no insurance. God be with this family. Anita Langley - Mother’s deathly ill. Jackie Wilder - Same Reeves, heart issues; Linda Goodin, Anita Langley’s mom, just found out she has leukemia. Rockie - Eric Price, son, open heart surgery to repair holes. Cecilia Thomas - Healing for Cecil Thomas following logging accident. Diane Wilson - Pray for Mary, breast cancer; Danial & family; thank God for family & answered prayer. David Epperson - Praise God! I start orientation at NSK Thursday. Thanks to all who’ve prayed & supported us during this time. This church is awesome! Jennifer Garner - Prayers for Nickey Lawso; my children’s health; my mom; my husband; my best friend. Virginia Gourley - for my family & my children; bless everyone that is sick & need Jesus to lift them up to good health. Bless the weak that need understanding & courage, in Jesus name, Amen. Linda Darby - Brenda Reed & her family; Betty Hutson & family; Rachel Anderson & family; my girls, peace in their lives; Bruce Brumblough, guide his family to God. Freda Grant - Hunter Newsome's future; Brad & Asia; Josh & Ahdazsa; Ben & Carra; Andy, Carra’s dad; my mom; Johnnie Sorrell; Janie Stafford; Cassie Barrett; Athena. Hope Mitchell - Uncle Danny. Judy Pryor - Thank you God for all of our blessings. For a safe trip to Louisiana for God-child’s wedding. For God’s grace to stay on Larry. Sharon Barrineau - Thank you God for all you have done in my life, especially for my family. Alli Patterson - For my Nan, she’s sick; my Uncle’s & Aunt’s.

Brenda Gill and Brenda Dean; Harold Perciful, healing from cancer.

Always Remember Our Missions across the country, around the world and in our own community. Our leaders in all areas, church & government. Our Shut ins & seniors in nursing homes. Our Troops all around the world.

Sunday’s Guests Mattie Chandler 1605 Shelby Dr., Dyersburg Tim & Janet Phelps 21 McIntosh Rd., Friendship, TN 38034

Praying Before Meals Our three-year-old grandson, Daniel, stayed with us while his parents went on a weekend trip. As usual, we bowed our heads as my husband prayed out loud before all our meals. Daniel watched curiously each time his grandpa prayed. On the day his parents came to pick him up, we all sat down at the table to have lunch. Just as his daddy started to pick up his sandwich, Daniel shouted, "Wait, Daddy, we can't eat 'til Grandpa reads his plate!" —Diana L. James, Laguna Hills, CA. "Heart to Heart," Today's Christian Woman


F.C.C. Children’s Ministry Director: Marla Kennedy


~ Brenda Ray

Helpers: Sean & Monique Everett

Community Group News… Several groups are beginning this week. This is a great opportunity to get connected! Don’t miss out on what God may be calling you to or deny others the chance to know you….as God created you!

Rest of God Sunday, September 13 in the Hearth Room, 4—5:30pm Mike Gardner, 285.7552

252 Servers

Pre-School Servers Registration & Hall Monitor: Keith & Rhonda

Registration & Crowd Control:


3’s and Younger 4’s: Carol Peevyhouse

252 September Teachers

Sept. Virtue: Wisdom—Finding out what you should do and doing it. Verse: “Choose my teaching instead of silver. Choose knowledge rather than gold. Wisdom is worth more than rubies.” Proverbs 8:10-11 Week 2 Story: ‘A Wise Woman’, Queen of Sheba visits Solomon; 1 Kings 10:1-13 Week 2 Bottom Line: Wisdom is worth searching for.

Beginning This Wed. Night…. Country Fair Camp Focus: Be patient with others. Verse: ‘Encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:14

Grief Share Monday, September 14 in the Hearth Room, 6:30-8pm Betty Smith, 287.8464

1st Grade - Penny Comer 2nd Grade - Shari Heathcott & Bailey Tidwell 3rd Grade - Annette Haggstrom 4th Grade - Charlotte Gardner Pre-Teen Girls - Marla Kennedy Pre-Teen Boys - Tim Gardner

Divorce Care Tuesday, September 15th in the Perch, 6-8pm Rickey Boone, 334.3783


DC4K (Divorce Care 4 Kids) Tuesday, September 15 in room 6, 6-8pm Beth Kaiser, 870.740.7013

Last week to register….

‘Super Start’ by Sept. 13th Registration Fee: $25.00; Total Cost: $75.00, includes conference, lodging & entertainment.











In addition, several of the home groups are beginning new studies. This would be a great time to plug in. Check out the home group information in the community Park Centre Foyer or call Marla @ 285.7552.

To provide a safe environment where children can come to meet Jesus Christ, learn about Him, and begin an eternal relationship with Him.



September Servants Building Cleaners

Junior & Senior High Youth Ministry Students coming together making awesome connections with each other & an awesome God

HELP OUR TEENS GO TO T.C.T.C. (Tennessee Christian Teen Convention)


Junior High Retreat  7 &8 grade  HIGH SCHOOL - ADULTS

NEW ORLEANS MARCH 14-20, 2010 Cost: $225.00 + travel meals; Pre-registration: $100.00 Fee pays for lodging & meals on location Only 20 spots available, so if you are interested in going please call ASAP. If there is no interest, we will cancel & reschedule.


October 23‐25  Garner Creek   Retreat Center  Cost: $95 before Oct. 12;  $105 after. Pays for food,  lodging & recreation.  (Indoor heated pool, zip  line, climbing wall, etc.)  If you are interested in   going contact Jerry ASAP. 

“Lord, I Want To Know You!” Kay Arthur’s study on the Names of God.

Began Thursday, Sept. 3 @ 6:30pm and will run for 17 weeks. It’s not too late to join in. For more info contact Deb Waldron @ 627.0282.

In The Centre Building @ First Christian Church

Centre Building - Amy Brock Youth Auditorium - Tom & Terryll Holland MP Room/Kitchen - Larry Jacobi & Julie Gardner Children’s Wing - Julie Akes & Michelle Armstrong Office Wing - The Mulvaney’s

Communion Preparers Julies Akes If you are unable to serve and cannot find a replacement, please let the office know. Thank you.

Basket Delivery Team Week 2 Dave & Kathryn Davolt Sam & Danise Bopp Rickey Boone Greg & Cammie Beam Charles & Brenda Dean

Worship Fest Saturday, September 19, 6pm Featuring Worship bands from four area churches. Childcare provided for Nursery— Kindergarten ages in the main building.

Happy Birthday To:

Candice Eubanks, Ginger Smith, Asia Kanable-Childress & Greg Armstrong - 9/14 Tony Shifflet & Lou Ella Ray - 9/15 Avery Clayton Gardner - 9/16 Greg Steinzor, Landon Sewell & Brandon King - 9/18 Ken Dye - 9/19

Happy Anniversary To: Ken & Kathy Hassell - 9/14 Marty & Cindy McGuire - 9/19


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