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The Cultural Legacy of London With the establishment of a Cultural Olympiad, there is an opportunity to expand the legacy of the Games and demonstrate that the Olympics and Paralympics have provided a platform for far more than just the advancement of elite sport or economic regeneration.

When historians look back at these Games, they will see the most extensive commitment to nationalise an event that is often considered city-based. This may have been the most important way in which London 2012 has contributed to keeping the Olympic movement ‘moving’, as claimed in its original bid vision for the Cultural Olympiad.

The work has committed to developing a common vision that is informed by local populations and thus relevant to a specific community at a specific time, while connecting with the universal and timeless aspirations of a world class event embedded in a genuinely international network and over 120 years of history.

In closing, it is salient to note that, in a time of cuts across all public sector departments within the UK, the long term legacy and contribution of art and culture to wider economic and social agendas cannot easily be overlooked or misunderstood. In part this is because understanding the broader cultural economy that underpins Britain’s brand as a world-class creative nation is considered beyond simple economic indicators.

“The impact of such interactions will be felt for years to come.� Lord Coe

With this report, there can be no question that the Cultural Olympiad has provided a lasting platform for culture and arts programming while advancing complex cross-sector and UK-wide collaborations.

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