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DESIGNER’S STORY | Talented Melbourne-based jewellery designer Nicole Fendel launched her successful label Nicole Fendel Jewellery in 2005, fusing romantic sentiment and a modern jewellery aesthetic. INSPIRATION | Nicole’s exotic South African heritage and flair for design, brings a unique sense of style to each piece she creates. Her designs incorporate a culmination of her life experiences, travels and innovative techniques. “My inspiration comes from various trips around the world. I meet so many passionate people with interesting stories to tell. They inspire me.” - Nicole Fendel.



CELEBRITY CLIENTELE | Her individual pieces have struck a chord with women across the nation, catering to a celebrity clientele including the likes of Danni Minogue, Jessica Hart, Isabelle Lucas, Asher Keddy & Ruby Rose. SHOWCASING IN THE MEDIA | Nicole’s fashion forward designs have caught the attention of the fashion media, featuring in leading magazines both on a local and international scene including British Vogue, Elle & Grazia. As well as showcasing on local tv such as Channel 10’s ‘The Project’, ‘Offspring’, ‘Before the Game’ and on Emma Bunton whilst she was a judge on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. THE FUTURE | Nicole and her team are commited to ensuring our customers continue to grow with us as we uncover new lands and new styles. Nicole Fendel Jewellery sells nationwide with plans to launch internationally. The future for Nicole Fendel Jewellery is looking fashionably bright. Nicole and her team are very excited for the journey that lies ahead. 1

Solid Sterling Silver | All jewellery that is a sterling silver product will have a 925 stamp hallmarking the back of each piece. Silver Plated | Our silver plated jewellery uses two different types of plating. 1. Sterling Silver

2. Rhodium



The base of this metal is usually bronze and then plated with either sterling silver or rhodium, depending on the design. Yellow Gold Plated | Our yellow gold jewellery is made with a base metal of bronze and plated with precious eighteen karat gold. Rose Gold | Our rose gold jewellery is made with a base metal of bronze and plated with precious eighteen karat gold. All jewellery that has a bronze base will be hallmarked with the letter B - you will usually find this stamped on the back of every piece. All precious metal bases & plating are nickel free, non-allergic and made to European standards.



Motif Cuff

CORD. All cord is made up of a Japanese silk blend fibre. Available in a range of colours. Please avoid contact with perfume, seawater, chlorine and other liquids or chemicals as exposure to these liquids will increase the rate of fading.


Nicole Fendel Jewellery is committed to sourcing the best quality materials to incorporate into our designs.These materials are found from different regions around the world to suit each piece we make. We endeavour to use all semi-precious stones in most of our pieces of jewellery; glass is sometimes used to better suit specific designs. The semi-precious stones for our statement rings are sourced from a district called Khambat in Gujrat, the southern western state of India.



Please refer to the following page for stone and beading information.

Semi-Precious Sandstone Rings | rose quartz, white onyx, chalceedony


Nicole Fendel Jewellery endeavour to source the best quality stones and beads to suit each design. All semi-precious stones carry important properties to bring empowerment and energy to the wearer.



Chalcedony . Baby Green. Stone of creation. Chalcedony imparts mental flexibility and verbal dexterity. It stimulates the ability to learn new languages and improves memory, giving feelings of light-heartedness and optimism.

Cherry Quartz . Stone of relationship & focus. It enhances one’s intention and clarity between people, ones self and the divine. Cherry Quartz is a stone of clarity. Chystophase . Stone of Nurture. It promotes brotherhood and goodwill absorbing negative energy. It brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony. Coral . Coral will give strength and willingness to meet challenges and critical situations. Moonstone . Milky White . Moonstone is a very personal stone and is considered the “good luck stone” bringing in good fortune to the wearer. Lapis . Midnight Blue . Stone of Protection. It encourages self-awareness, and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality.


Onyx . White & Black . Stone of Protection. Onyx defends against any negativity that is directed towards the wearer. Onyx gives strength and encourages happiness and good fortune. Pearl . Stone of Sincerity . Pearl signifies faith, charity and innocence. It enhances personal intergrity and helps to provide a focus to one’s attention.



Peridot . Emerald Green . Peridot opens the heart to joy and new relationships. It enhances confidence and assertion, motivating growth and change. Rose Quartz . Dusty Light Pink . Nourishes the Heart and frees the Spirit, brightens, soothes and calms the emotions of the wearer. Smokey Quartz . Brown . Calming Stone that encourages Creativity. Smokey Quartz is ideal for a boost of extra energy. Turquoise . Stone of Good Fortune, Happiness and Long Life . Turquoise protects the wearer from negative energy and brings good fortune. Vessonite . Olive Green . Stone of Truth. Vessonite connects the will and the heart. 6

Materials Nicole Fendel Jewellery is made with precious metals and semi-precious stones, so please handle with care. Sterling silver and gold plated jewellery will tarnish over time. With proper care, your precious metal will retain its beauty and luster for many years to come. General Care Instructions • Avoid contact with all liquids and chemicals, such as perfume, sea water, chlorine & sweat. Contact with these substances will increase that rate at which tarnishing occurs. • Ensure your jewellery is not exposed to humidity and is not stored in direct sunlight. • To minimise colour fading on silk threads, please avoid contact with liquids. • To ensure your earrings do not fall out, please gently squeeze the earring hooks together once they are in the ear so that they are secure. Understanding Why Our Precious Metals Tarnish When silver and gold are exposed to air and the atmosphere, it causes a chemical reaction that creates something called Silver Sulphate. This sulphur creates the darkening referred to as tarnishing. Silver’s a metal that reacts to chemicals, whether it be the air, or chemicals touching it, so best to avoid them.



The good thing is, it’s easy to buff and clean silver. It doesn’t take much to polish up a ring with our polishing cloth. Just a couple of minutes and your silver jewellery will look new again. Storing Your Jewellery Keep it Clean! Our Nicole Fendel pouches will protect your jewellery from abrasion and offer a degree of tarnish prevention. In addition we recommend to store your jewellery in individual sealed poly bags or zip lock bags. Furthermore, store your jewellery with Silica Gel packs that remove moisture from the air.



WARRANTIES & GUARANTEE. All Nicole Fendel Jewellery come with a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects (from six months of date of invoice). Please acknowledge that the products require special maintenance as outlined in our care instructions. Nicole Fendel Jewellery will not be liable for any damage caused by any failure by you to maintain the product properly. Please note that contact with any substances can cause your jewellery; such as the silk cord or stones, to fade and tarnish. Therefore, advising customers as per our care instructions is imperative as returns or exchanges will not be accepted. This guarantee does not cover damage resulting from: Accidents, Mishandling, Abusive Knocks, Normal Wear & Tear, Ageing & Natural Tarnishing.


Does Nicole Fendel Jewellery Tarnish? Our jewellery has anti-tarnish coating. However, daily exposure to the elements such as sunlight, water, perfume, or any other liquids or chemicals will cause the piece to tarnish. Keep it Clean! Refer to care instructions for details on storing.



How do I care for my Nicole Fendel Jewellery? Look after it carefully and follow our thoughtful instructions on page 7. Where is the jewellery made? Our jewellery is designed locally by Nicole in her Malvern showroom and our jewellery is produced offshore. Is my Nicole Fendel Jewellery made out of Sterling Silver? Jewellery that is made from solid sterling silver is hallmarked with a 925 stamp. You can check for this stamp on the back of each piece. What does the B Stamp at the back of my jewellery pieces stand for? B stamp refers to the base metal, which would be made out of bronze. This metal would usually be plated with yellow gold plating, rose gold plating or silver plating.


RINGS Do the Nicole Fendel Rings vary in size? We have three different sizes - 6.5,7 & 8 6.5 = 14.68mm (inside diameter) 7 = 14.88mm 8 = 15.29mm Are the Stones real or Fake? They are all genuine semi-precious stones sourced from a district called Khambat in Gujrat the south western state of India. NECKLACES Can I wear my Silver and Gold Nicole Fendel Jewellery together? Yes! We love layering & mixing metals. EARRINGS Will my Nicole Fendel earrings cause an allergic reaction? All earrings are nickel free, non-allergic and made to European standard. I love statement earrings but can’t wear anything heavy on my lobes. Do you have any earrings that are lightweight? Even though our statement earrings appear large in size they are not heavy to wear as the materials are selected for their lightweight properties. and are considered lightweight,


BRACELETS What is the cord made out of? Is it a Japanese silk blend cord Do the Bracelets vary in size? They are all one size; however depending on the piece, some can be adjusted to the size of the wearer. Will my cord on my cuff fade? If your Nicole Fendel bracelet is looked after well – it will not fade. For further information, please refer to the care instructions on page 7. 10

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