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OSH’s new exhibit, Dinosaur Explorer, opens on May 19th, which Jax4Kids is delighted to sponsor. Dinosaur Explorer journeys through the wildest, wackiest, and most wonderous dinosaurs and examines human physiology through the lens of these magnificent creatures. Dinosaurs thrived on planet earth, and this exhibit asks the question: “Where do we see similarities in our world today between dinosaurs and we humans and the world we live in today?” See it through September 5th at MOSH. Speaking of summer camps, our online summer camps guide is available 24/7 to help you plan summer camps for your kids. Visit us online at www.jax4kids.com/summer-camps to easily find the perfect match for your children. Camps are organized by area of interest.

Theater, and Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens on May 6th. Visit WorldGolfIMAX.com for showtimes and tickets. WJCT’s Be My Neighbor Day will be held on May 7th at WJCT’s Studios. The day will feature a variety of activities that promote being a good Attention Harry Potter fans!! The world premiere neighbor. There is no charge for the event, but you’ll need to RSVP by May 4th. You’ll find a of Harry Potter: The Exhibition opened on list of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day events February 18th in Philadelphia at The Franklin on page 22 and more online at www.jax4kids. Institute, and the exhibit doesn’t disappoint! com. It’s interactive, filled with familiar sets from the movies, costumes, and lots of interactive experiences you and your kids will enjoy. Read Until next month, more about the exhibit on page 5. The exhibit is open through September 18th of this year. As of print time, no announcements have been made Alison Peters-Carlson as to where next in the world this exhibit can be Editor seen. With so much to do and see in Philadelphia, if you have a Harry Potter fan in your house, a trip to Philadelphia may be a memorable summer family adventure this year! A few more things to add to your to-do list: Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is open now at the World Golf Hall of Fame IMAX


Community Profile: Jacksonville Naval Museum ���������������������������������������������������������������4


Harry Potter: The Exhibition ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������5


Disney Parks Tests a New Composting Program ���������������������������������������������������������������6 Things to Do: Nature Events ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������6


EWG’s 2022 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ �����������������������������������������������7 Things to Do: Eating Well Events ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������7


Water Safety for Kids ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������8 Practice Sun Safety on Don’t Fry Day ������������������������������������������������������������������������������8


Pregnancy Facts by Week �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������9 Podcasts for Kids ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 10 Things to Do: Infant & Toddler Events ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 10


Why Early Intervention Is So Important for Children’s Mental Health Issues ��������������������� 11 Things to Do: Special Needs Events ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 11


Summer Camps �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������12-15


Duval County School News �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 16 Clay County School News ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 17 St. Johns County School News �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 18 Nassau County School District News ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 19


Vaping: What You Need to Know ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 20 Things to Do: Teen Events �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 20


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Jacksonville Humane Society’s Upcoming Events ���������������������������������������������������������� 21 Things to Do: Pet Events ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 21 Highly Pathogenic Avian Flu Affecting Bird Population ���������������������������������������������������� 21


Memorial Day Events ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 22 Mother’s Day Events ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 22 May Events ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������22-23

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Community Profile: Jacksonville Naval Museum


acksonville is the 3rd largest Navy base in the nation but does not have a Naval Museum while smaller Naval towns do. Enter the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA). The JHNSA is a 501c3 Non-Profit that owns and was first established to create the Jacksonville Naval Museum (JNM). The mission of Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association (JHNSA) is to acquire the funds necessary to provide an interactive warship museum of naval military history and military heritage for visitors worldwide, to educate in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math plus History (STEM+H) and to inspire future generations of heroes and patriots. Also, its goal is to operate a collection of naval artifacts that represents the rich naval heritage of the United States, the city of Jacksonville, and surrounding areas. The JNM could include but is not limited to aircraft, ships, submarines, and a building to contain naval and maritime artifacts, exhibits, and other historic documents.

MAY 2022 • Jax4Kids.com • Page 4

The Jacksonville Naval Museum will honor past generations of Veterans and inspire future Patriots through STEM plus history and arts education opportunities. The museum will serve as a gathering place for naval associations, ship crew reunions, and military conventions while supporting Veterans as a local resource and networking center. Future initiatives can include overnight stays onboard the ship from youth groups, a Tall Ships Festival or Navy Fleet Week, and other themed events all to activate the riverfront. The museum will help spur an increase in local and tourist visitation to downtown Jacksonville. Future programming of the Jacksonville Naval Museum may also include tours, overnight stays, history education, rent-a-ship, veteran group meetings, field trips, military functions, special events, a haunted ship, conventions, youth group visits, STEM education, team building events, laser tag, and more. Recently, the most decorated Gearing Class Destroyer, the USS Orleck, arrived in down-

town Jacksonville. Since January of 2020, JHNSA has visited the Orleck multiple times and spent over $770,000 toward the quest of the Orleck as Jacksonville’s first naval museum ship. The Jacksonville Naval Museum will feature the “US Navy Cold War Experience,” which is represented by the ex-USS Orleck. The Orleck embodies the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Cold War periods in US Navy history, having served in all three. Having such a long and prolific service history, the Orleck is the most decorated post-World War II ship ever built and was awarded 18 battle stars. After the Orleck’s US Naval service, she was transferred to the Turkish Navy and renamed the Yüctepe (D 345). She continued to serve until being transferred back to the United States in August of 2000 to become a museum ship. The JHNSA is continuing to prepare the museum ship for visitors, opening as the Jacksonville Naval Museum with the Orleck being the centerpiece. The goal is to open the ship in June to help celebrate the city’s

Bicentennial founding. The Orleck’s temporary mooring is at the Jacksonville Riverwalk near the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront hotel. Visitors wishing to view the mooring event will be able to find parking at the VyStar Tower garage located at 37 Hogan Street South. The parking garage hours will be 10am to 8pm. There are additional street and garage parking facilities located throughout the surrounding areas. Boaters are welcome to parade in the Orleck but are kindly asked to keep a respectful speed and wide distance from the tugboats and ship operations. Bringing the ship to downtown and creating the Jacksonville Naval Museum is a monumental undertaking, and the JHNSA asks our local community to continue supporting them in any way possible: donate to the cause, share the news of the ship museum coming, visit the museum once it is open, volunteer for the variety of positions that will be available, or purchase memberships to the museum. Memberships can now be purchased by visiting jaxnavalmuseum.org! j jaxnavalmuseum.org


Your little artist wants to change the world.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition


art of the reason the Harry Potter franchise has stood the test of time and captivated audiences around the world for so long is its power to transport you to another world. Harry Potter: The Exhibition does just that: it catapults you into the whimsical, wizarding world of Harry Potter, full of magic, mystery, and intrigue. The exhibition, which opened February 18, 2022, at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, celebrates the iconic moments, characters, settings, and beasts as seen in the films and stories of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World using immersive design and technology. Not only is this exhibit a Potterhead’s dream, but it even delights those (few) non-Harry Potter fans out there. From the mysteries of Hogwarts™ castle to the antics of its mischievous yet brilliant students; from daring duels to dragons and Dark Arts; from glittering Gringotts™ to the magnificent Ministry of Magic, the exhibition brings magic to life, connects visitors with the larger global community of fans of the Wizarding World, and reveals the artistry and craftsmanship behind the blockbuster films. Harry Potter: The Exhibition was created and developed by Imagine Exhibitions in partnership with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment in association with EMC Presents. The 18,000-square-foot exhibition features 21 celebratory galleries, including The Great Hall, Hogwarts™ castle, Hagrid's Hut, Hogwarts Houses, and Newt's Suitcase. Guests will transition into the exhibition from the iconic King's Cross Station, where they will complete their Visitor Profile, selecting their Hogwarts house, wand, and Patronus as they set off on their personalized journey through the experience.

Let’s get them ready.

As visitors explore each gallery, their interactions are captured using RFID wristbands to deliver unique experiences linked to their visitor profile. They will get an up-close look at authentic props and original costumes from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films and an opportunity to engage with innovative and magical environments and installations.


The exhibit runs through September 18, 2022. Please note that Beginning Monday, April 18, masks are required for vaccinated and unvaccinated guests ages 3 and up, per the reinstated mandate from the City of Philadelphia. Visit fi.edu for more information

www.ChildrensArtClasses.com Where a kid can be an artist.

Tickets and Information Daytime Hours: 9:30am to 5pm Last entry at 3:30PM. General Museum Admission is included. Adult: $43 Child (3-11): $39



Evening Hours: 5pm to 8pm Last entry at 6:30pm. General Museum Admission is not included. Adult: $30 Child (3-11): $30 VIP Ticket Anytime access pass, exclusive exhibition lanyard, free audio tour, and a 10% discount on the photo op. Valid for any time slot on the date indicated at the time of purchase. Adult: $59 Child (3-11): $59 j fi.edu prnewswire.com

For Showtimes and Tickets:

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World Golf Village | I-95 Exit 323 | St. Augustine

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Disney Parks Test a New Composting Program


isney is committed to conserving our earth’s resources, and part of that commitment is to send zero waste to landfills by 2030. Want to reduce your impact on the environment and minimize waste in your home? It’s simple – take action by composting your food scraps! Composting is nature’s way of recycling. It’s a natural process where organic matter decomposes and is recycled into a nutrient-rich soil product often used for gardening, farming, landscaping, and more. Food scraps and yard waste together currently make up more than 30% of what we throw away in the United States, and this material could be composted and given a second life instead. Composting these materials keeps them out of landfills, where they take up space and release methane, a potent greenhouse gas*. To reduce food waste and trash sent to landfills, Disney Parks launched a nearly 100% compostable dining pilot last year at Restaurantosaurus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Almost everything you receive with your order – such as plates, cups, cutlery, and, of course, food items – is compostable! At the end of your meal, you are asked to sort waste into three separate bins for composting, recycling, and trash. The compostable items are then collected and taken to an off-site commercial composting facility for processing. Because this program is a pilot, they are testing and adjusting to make sure and get the most compostable and recyclable items and reduce contamination. Contamination happens when incorrect items are placed in the compost bin, recycling bin, or even the trash bin, and can disrupt the composting or recycling process. That’s why the top priority is to make sure it is easy for Disney Parks’ guests to sort items correctly and join in protecting the environment. The program is already bearing seed – Disney is using nutrient-rich soil made from Walt Disney World Resort food scraps and Restaurantosaurus service-ware items in the landscaping in front of Restaurantosaurus and in the Pollinator Garden

area at Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! The learnings from this pilot will help inform how to approach composting programs throughout Walt Disney World Resort in the future. The pilot also supports Walt Disney World Resort’s efforts as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) United States Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champion. Disneyland Resort is also “zeroing in on zero waste” through its award-winning waste reduction efforts. Circle D Ranch, the Norco-based home of the horses of Disneyland Resort, has been deemed a zero-waste facility for several years, most recently earning its platinum certification through the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council. As part of their waste reduction efforts, the team at Circle D takes advantage of their local composting program, diverting materials like hay and manure from landfills. Their participation in the program has even inspired neighbors and nearby residents to participate in the composting program! Over at Hong Kong Disneyland, food waste is sent to the government’s anaerobic digestion facility nearby, where it is converted into energy. Additionally, the natural growth and regular trimming of trees plus damages during typhoon season unavoidably generate a large volume of yard waste. To avoid the landfill, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has its own woodchippers onsite, turning these plant materials into organic mulch for on-site landscaping needs. In FY21, apart from wood chips, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has increased yard waste recycling by expanding the sorting categories to grass clippings, leaves, and shrubs; more than 540 tons of yard waste was recycled, which is 60% more than the year prior. In addition to going zero waste, Disney’s 2030 environmental goals address emissions, water, consumer products, and construction. Visit DisneyPlanetPossible.com to learn more. j *Source: www.epa.gov/recycle/composting-home disneyparks.disneygo.com

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson MAY 2022 • Jax4Kids.com • Page 6

Things to Do Nature Events

Arts in the Park Festival at Crooked River State Park May 7, 10am to 4pm Friends of Crooked River State Park is holding an Arts in the Park festival that celebrates nature with visual art, dance, and music. There will be plein air painters, community dancers, local artisans, and music. Bring your chairs for the performances on the lawn throughout the day, purchase a special handmade work of art, or watch plein air painters as they create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece before your eyes. Attendees can also vote for their favorite painting. The winners will receive a cash prize at the end of the festival. In addition to the performances, festival goers can attend free educational demonstrations and activities on a variety of nature-related art and movement activities, including the opportunity to learn and participate in a maypole dance, yoga class, and more. The Coastal Camden Art League will be on hand to provide free art activities for kids throughout the day. Food and drink will be available for purchase. Entry to the park is $5/vehicle, and the festival activities are free. Crooked River State Park / 912-882-5256 / 6222 Charlie Smith Sr Hwy, St. Marys, GA 31558 / friendsofgastateparks.org

Family Fishing Clinic May 7, 9am to 4pm This one-day clinic is perfect for families who are looking to get into fishing or brush up on their fishing skills. All gear and bait are provided. During the clinic, participants will learn how to cast, tie knots, read and understand regulations, learn about various bait options, discover what to do before you go, and more. Pre-registration is required as spaces are limited. Cost is $50. Please note that all adult participants must have a Saltwater Shoreline Fishing License or fall under the criteria to be exempt. Vaill Point Park / 904-209-0333 / 630 Vaill Point Road, St. Augustine, FL 32086 / www.sjcfl.us

You Can Be a Junior Ranger May 11, 2pm to 3pm Join local Park Rangers from Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas National Monuments to learn about the Junior Ranger program, an activity-based program conducted in almost all national parks. Junior Ranger opportunities encourage young people to explore their nation’s cultural and natural resources and protect them for the next generation. Youth and their families attending this library event will receive Junior Ranger books and learn how they can earn Junior Ranger badges. Rangers will also share online resources to other Junior Ranger activities, virtual tours, and more. This event will be held at The Waterworks building located next to the Main Library at 184 San Marco Avenue. You Junior Beekeepers Club can access The Waterworks building through May 7, 12noon to 3pm Children ages 8 and up are invited for a Junior both library entrances on US-1. RSVP required. Please RSVP for each person attending the Beekeepers Club. Participants will meet one event. Water Works Building / 904-827-6940 Saturday a month. Kids will learn all about bees, how to be a successful beekeeper, and / 184 San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine, FL 32084 / sjcpls.org will get to make various products from the harvests such as salves, chapstick, bees2022 A Brush with Nature wax wraps, pollinator seed bombs, candles, May 14-15, 9am to 5pm soap, and more. Cost is $35/class ($25/adThe Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens hosts ditional sibling). The farm is located near the A Brush with Nature Plein Air event. During the Beach Blvd and St John's Bluff intersection; however, the exact address is only given after free weekend event, the public can explore the Arboretum’s natural wonders while watching registration in one of the events. Children, the region’s top plein air artists paint in its with permission from parents and required safety gear, will be able to get a little closer to beautiful settings. Event highlights include a springtime pairing of art and nature at the hives and be present during inspections and when it's time to harvest the honey. How- the Arboretum, over 40 artists painting the diverse landscapes within this unique park, ever, participation in these "hive days" is not mandatory and will be considered extra days, artists’ demonstrations, guided trail hikes, live so if you opt out of this portion your child will performances by local bands, food trucks, and not be missing out on the regularly scheduled children’s art activities. Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens / 904-318class days. Any child wanting this interactive 4342 / 1445 Millcoe Road, Jacksonville, FL experience with the hive will be required to 32225 / www.jacksonvillearboretum.org purchase a bee suit, gloves, and boots. Little Peeps Farm / 904-314-7896 / littlepeepsfarm.com Visit Jax4Kids.com for a complete list of Nature events.

EATING WELL EWG's 2022 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™


he Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently released its 2022 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™. The goal of EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, released every year since 2004, is to educate the public about fruits and vegetables with the highest and lowest pesticide residues so consumers can make the best decisions for their families. More than 70 percent of non-organic fresh produce sold in the U.S. contains residues of potentially harmful pesticides, EWG’s 2022 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ found. A critical part of a healthy diet includes a combination of fruits and vegetables, regardless of how they are grown. But anyone worried about consuming potentially harmful pesticides should know that many are found on fruits and vegetables, even after they are washed, peeled, or scrubbed, which the USDA does before testing. Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that consuming produce high in pesticide residue, like the items on the Dirty Dozen™ list, increases the risk of certain negative health impacts and that choosing organic produce can almost immediately reduce the amounts of residues in a person’s body. Recent research from Harvard University shows that consuming fruits and vegetables with high levels of pesticide residues may decrease the beneficial effects of fruit and vegetable consumption, including protection against cardiovascular disease and mortality. EWG’s 2022 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce combines data from USDA and FDA tests from 2020 and nine years earlier, with the exception of pineapple data, which is from 2002. The newest data released by the agencies included results of tests of nearly

45,000 samples of produce. The USDA does not test every type of produce every year. The 12 foods with the most pesticides are called “Dirty Dozen™,” while the 15 with the least amount of pesticides are called the “Clean Fifteen™.” Here is the 2022 list: Dirty Dozen™ 1. Strawberries 2. Spinach 3. Kale, collard, and mustard greens 4. Nectarines 5. Apples 6. Grapes 7. Bell and hot peppers 8. Cherries 9. Peaches 10. Pears 11. Celery 12. Tomatoes Clean Fifteen™ 13. Avocados 14. Sweet corn* 15. Pineapple 16. Onions 17. Papaya* 18. Sweet peas (frozen) 19. Asparagus 20. Honeydew melon 21. Kiwi 22. Cabbage 23. Mushrooms 24. Cantaloupe 25. Mangoes 26. Watermelon 27. Sweet Potatoes *NOTE: A small amount of sweet corn, papaya, and summer squash sold in the United States is produced from genetically modified seeds. Buy organic varieties of these crops if you want to avoid genetically modified produce. j ewg.org

Visit our Ponte Vedra location in the Sawgrass Village Shopping Center 340 Front Street, Suite 770

Things to Do Eating Well Events

Big and Little Chef: All About the Cupcake May 7, 10am; May 15, 10am Big Chef, Little Chef series classes are designed specifically for a guardian/parent, older sibling (18 or older), etc. paired with a young chef. Each pair will work together (along with the rest of the students) to create delicious recipes that are appropriate for adults and kids alike. Big Chef must be 18 or older, and the Little Chef age range should be 5 to 12 years old. The menu features Mini Corn Dog Muffins, Meatloaf Cupcake with Mashed Potato Icing, Caramel Popcorn Cupcake with Caramel Buttercream, and Cereal and Milk Cupcake with Sweet and Fruity Frosting. Cost is $80 for each parent/ child combo. Publix Aprons Cooking School / 904-262-4187 / 10500 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32257 / apronscookingschool.publix.com

inside, topped with krab salad; Philadelphia Roll – a rolled sushi made with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber; and Tempura Vegetables – assorted vegetables lightly fried and served with yum yum sauce. Cost is $65 for adults or children over the age of 12 coming alone. Bring a child up to age 12 with a Registered Adult for $55 (Max of two child tickets per registered adult, please). Jax Cooking Studio / 904-379-6220 / 14035 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32250 / jaxcookingstudio.com

Big and Little Chef: Food Revolution May 21, 10am; May 29, 10am Big Chef, Little Chef series classes are designed specifically for a guardian/parent, older sibling (18 or older), etc. paired with a young chef. Each pair will work together (along with the rest of the students) to create delicious recipes that are appropriate for adults and kids alike. Big Chef must be 18 or older, and the Little Chef age range should be 5 to 12 years old. The menu features Chocolate Cake Shake with Hot Cocoa Whipped Jax Cooking Studio: Sweet and Savory Cream, Nacho-Stuffed Quesadilla with Baking Fun Restaurant-Style Queso, Turkey Sliders with May 11, 10am to 12:30pm Fancy Sauce, Relish, and Pushcart Onions, Learn professional tips for creating bakery worthy treats in your own kitchen. Each guest and Cheddar Drop Biscuits with Apple Jam. Cost is $80 for each parent/child combo. will make a batch of each recipe to enjoy in Publix Aprons Cooking School / 904-262the studio and take the rest home to enjoy. Complimentary wine will be served to adults. 4187 / 10500 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32257 / The menu includes Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes, Almond Blackberry Tarts, No-Bake apronscookingschool.publix.com Cheesecake with House-Made Blueberry Jax Cooking Studio: May Flowers Treats Compote, and Tomato and Goat Cheese Crostata with From-Scratch Pie Dough. Cost May 21, 2pm to 4:30pm Families are invited to bake treats full of is $65 for adults and children over 12 years. fresh spring flavors. The pastry chef will Children 12 years old or younger with a teach you how to bake a raspberry flower tart Registered Adult are $50 (Max of two child and two different flavors of cupcakes, make tickets per registered adult, please). For pastry classes, adults registered with a child buttercream icing, as well as fill and frost will make one recipe together. For non-pastry your cupcakes. Using a variety of decorating classes, adults and children will work togeth- tips, colors, and sprinkles, you’ll learn how to er to make their meal. Jax Cooking Studio / beautifully decorate your treats. Cost is $65 904-379-6220 / 14035 Beach Blvd, Jackson- for adults and children 13 or older. Children 12 years or younger with a Registered Adult ville, FL 32250 / jaxcookingstudio.com are $45 (Max of two child tickets per registered adult, please). For pastry classes, adults Jax Cooking Studio: Family Sushi registered with a child will make one recipe May 15, 6pm to 8:30pm together. For non-pastry classes, adults and Let the kids learn how to make dinner for children will work together to make their you. In this class, participants will learn to meal. Jax Cooking Studio / 904-379-6220 / roll sushi on mat, to use tempura batter to 14035 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32250 / fry, and to artfully plate the sushi. Come jaxcookingstudio.com hungry because you will be enjoying your sushi creations in class. The menu features Tuna Avocado Mango Maki-Tuna elevated with avocado and mango; Spicy Kani Salad Visit Jax4Kids.com for a complete list Roll – avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber of Eating Well events.

“It doesn’t take monumental feats to make the world a better place. It can be as simple as letting someone go ahead of you in a grocery line.” – Barbara Johnson MAY 2022 • Jax4Kids.com • Page 7


Water Safety for Kids


ater can be so exciting and fun for kids of all ages! Living in Florida allows families so many opportunities to be around water for swimming, boating, fishing and so much more. It is important for caregivers to know how to keep their children safe and prevent drowning. Safe Kids Northeast Florida recommends families actively supervise their children around any type of water. Active supervision means never taking your eyes of the child when around water. Drowning is a silent event and can occur quickly. Adults who were present when a child drowned were often distracted. Assign an adult “Water Watcher” during swim times to prevent gaps in supervision. Water Watchers should never

be distracted and should have their eyes on the children at all times.

clothes. Ensure that all safety barriers are back in place as drowning often occurs because a child regains access to the water. Drowning can occur in any type of water. Florida is filled with natural bodies of water like oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds. Open bodies of water have additional risks like currents, runouts tides and conditions can change rapidly. Extra caution needs to be taken to reduce the risk of drowning. Consider swimming in approved areas where a lifeguard is nearby; stay away from areas with rip currents, waves, or rapid water motion;

swim with a friend, family member and never swim alone. Inexperienced swimmers should wear U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets Caregivers of babies and young children when they are around any type of water. To should be cautious around bathtubs, toilets, ensure proper use, follow weight guidelines, buckets, and baby pools and make sure to check the condition of the jacket to make sure dump or drain water after each use. It is important to have multiple layers of protection there is no damage and all straps and buckles to keep children safe from drowning. Pool and work properly. Use caution with other swim spa owners should install safety devices such items that are not U.S. Coast Guard approved. Water wings, swim rings, inflatable toys and as: four-sided fencing and self-closing other items designed for water recreation are self-latching gates; extra door locks installed high and out of reach of children; audible door not substitutes for U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets or adult supervision. and window alarms; and approved covers on pools that will support the weight of a child. Summer fun is right around the corner! Use Remember no one barrier is 100 percent these simple steps to prevent childhood effective! Children are curious and do not drowning. j always understand the dangers associated with water. After pool time make sure to For more information on water safety and remove all toys, so a child does attempt to reach for a toy and fall in. Change children out other preventable injuries visit www.wolfsonchildrens.com/about/water-safety of their swimming gear and into regular

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Practice Sun Safety on Don’t Fry Day T

o help reduce rising rates of skin cancer including melanoma. from overexposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, the National Council on Skin With respect to sunscreen, the NCSCP Cancer Prevention (NCSCP) has designated the recommends that the public: Friday before Memorial Day as “Don’t Fry Day” • Choose a sunscreen that offers a sun to encourage sun safety awareness and to protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher, is remind everyone to protect their skin while water-resistant, and provides broad-specenjoying the outdoors. trum coverage (protects against UVA and UVB rays) The National Council on Skin Cancer Preven• Apply sunscreen approximately 15 minutes tion has been a trusted resource for the before going outside nation’s skin cancer prevention community • Reapply sunscreen every two hours or since 1998. Today, they stand as a united after swimming or sweating, according to voice to prevent skin cancer through educathe product labeling tion, advocacy, and raising awareness. Its • Apply a generous amount. For an adult, members represent the nation’s premier one ounce, enough to fill a shot glass, is researchers, clinicians, and advocates for generally considered the amount needed melanoma and skin cancer prevention. to cover the exposed areas of the body. Adjust the amount of sunscreen applied Skin cancer is the most common form of depending on your body size and exposed cancer in the United States, with more new area. cases each year occurring than breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancer combined. Kids and adolescents need sun protection, too. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. For babies under 6 months of age, parents may apply sunscreen on small areas of skin if The majority of melanomas are thought to be caused by too much exposure to UV (ultravio- adequate clothing and shade are not available and sun avoidance is impossible. let) light, either from the sun or from artificial sources, like tanning beds. Remember that wearing sunscreen is one of Melanoma does not discriminate by age, race, many sun-protective behaviors. While generous sunscreen usage is an important or gender. It can develop anywhere on the way to protect your skin from the sun, there body – eyes, scalp, nails, feet, mouth, etc. are additional sun safety measures that can Ocular melanoma (melanoma in the eye) and mucosal melanoma (melanoma in the mucous help prevent skin cancer: membrane) are not thought to be related to UV • Avoid sun burning, intentional tanning, and using tanning beds exposure. Pediatric melanoma is on the rise by • Wear sun-protective clothing, a wideabout 2% each year, with 500 children brimmed hat, and sunglasses; seek shade diagnosed each year in the U.S. • Use extra caution near water, snow, and sand NCSCP urges the public to use sunscreen • Get vitamin D safely through food and products as part of a comprehensive approach vitamin D supplements. to prevent skin cancer. It is estimated that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer. This year, Don’t Fry Day falls on May 27th! The Sunscreens are effective in reducing the risk National Council encourages everyone, of skin cancer as well as preventing sunburn including non-profit organizations, local, state, and early signs of skin aging. and federal governments, public health professionals, and educators to promote the Sunscreen labels should contain clear and importance of skin cancer prevention and accurate information that describes how the sun-safety behaviors to use the free Don’t Fry sunscreen product should be applied in order to be effective. Studies show that some people Day material and resources accessible on skincancerprevention.org. j use sunscreen to stay in the sun longer, thereby increasing their exposure to ultraviolet skincancerprevention.org (UV) radiation and the risk of skin cancer,


Pregnancy Facts by Week Week 1 of Pregnancy • Folic acid is important before and during pregnancy. It’s recommended that women get at least 400 micrograms of folic acid to help prevent birth defects. Week 2 of Pregnancy • Common symptoms of pregnancy often include breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea, spotting or cramping, and missed period. Week 3 of Pregnancy • Morning sickness is very common and typically goes away by the second trimester. Try eating bland foods like bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast to settle your stomach. Week 4 of Pregnancy • This week, the cardiovascular system has formed in the embryo. A primitive heart begins to develop in the middle of the fourth week. Week 5 of Pregnancy • This week marks the beginning of the embryonic period when your baby’s organs begin to form. The embryo now has three distinct layers, which give rise to all of the baby’s tissues and organs. The embryo measures roughly 9 mm in length during the fifth week. Week 6 of Pregnancy • This week, your baby’s feet and ears begin to develop. Week 7 of Pregnancy • During the seventh week, your baby’s limbs begin to extend and his or her elbows become apparent. Week 8 of Pregnancy • Your baby’s fingers and toes are formed during the eighth week. The head also becomes more rounded and is enlarged compared to the trunk, giving him or her a more distinct human appearance. Week 9 of Pregnancy • By this week, all baby’s essential organs have begun to grow. Your baby’s arms and elbows continue to develop and his or her toes can now be seen. Week 10 of Pregnancy • At week 10, your baby’s eyelids are more developed and begin to close. His or her facial features become more distinct, and your doctor will start referring to your baby as a fetus instead of an embryo. Week 11 of Pregnancy • During the 11th week, the fetus will start to inhale and exhale small amounts of amniotic fluid, which helps the fetus’ lungs to grow and develop. Week 12 of Pregnancy • During the 12th week, the fetal kidneys start to produce urine. Skin and nails have devel-

fully formed – although they aren’t functional Week 33 of Pregnancy just yet. • Because space in your uterus is running out, your baby’s movements are less pronounced. Week 24 of Pregnancy You may also notice that his or her movements • Footprints and fingerprints begin to form this oped, and the external genitalia show signs of are affected by your daily routine – how much week. Your baby may also begin to respond male or female gender. and when you eat, what position you are in, to your voice or the rubbing of your belly; Week 13 of Pregnancy and sounds from the world outside can all however, loud sounds could cause him or her • Your baby’s eyes and ears are fully develaffect your baby’s activity level. to become more alert. oped and have moved into place. All essential Week 34 of Pregnancy organs and systems have also formed by now. Week 25 of Pregnancy • Your baby keeps gaining weight, but prob• The lower airways of your baby’s lungs are Week 14 of Pregnancy ably won’t much longer. Your little one’s heart developing, and he or she is starting to store • This week is when your baby’s genitals will and blood vessels are complete, and he or she fat. The built-up fat tissue will help your baby become either male or female. You’ll be able to regulate body temperature after birth and has definite sleeping patterns. find out soon the gender of your new baby. provide energy. Week 35 of Pregnancy Week 15 of Pregnancy • This week, your baby should be positioned Week 26 of Pregnancy • This week, your baby will start making facial • By week 26, your baby has a distinct sleep with his or her head facing down toward the expressions. And although your baby can cervix. About 97 percent of babies have adoptpattern – and hopefully mimics yours. You move and stretch his or her limbs, you won’t ed this position by this point. should notice he or she is very active somebe able to feel the movement just yet. times and other times is likely sleeping. Week 36 of Pregnancy Week 16 of Pregnancy • Your baby is working hard to accumulate all Week 27 of Pregnancy • This week, the skeleton is hardening from • Growing babies tend to hiccup every once in the fat he or she can, and that layer of fat has cartilage into bone. The umbilical cord has a while, but now you might actually feel these now rounded out the face. This buildup of fat also fully matured, carrying oxygenated, nutri- hiccups because your baby’s trachea is filled – about 15 percent of his or her total weight – ent-rich blood from the placenta to your baby. with fluid instead of air, so while they don’t will help your baby maintain body temperature and give him or her a supply of energy. Week 17 of Pregnancy make noise, they will make your belly move. • By week 17, the placenta is fully formed, Week 37 of Pregnancy Week 28 of Pregnancy providing essential nutrients such as minerals, • This week, your baby will be able to open • Your baby is full-term this week! The umproteins, and vitamins to help your baby grow. and close his or her eyes, now sensing chang- bilical cord begins passing antibodies to your The placenta also helps regulate your baby’s es in light. Also, his or her irises are now filled baby in preparation for delivery. By stockpiling body temperature, eliminate waste, and fight antibodies, your baby will be better prepared with pigment. However, they might not stay against internal infections. for the diseases and germs he or she will that color, as a baby’s eyes can change color encounter outside the womb. Week 18 of Pregnancy until he or she is 12 months old. • This is the perfect time to start talking to Week 38 of Pregnancy Week 29 of Pregnancy your little one. The bones and nerves in his or • Don’t be surprised if you feel your baby • Your baby’s brain, which is in charge of her ears are developed enough to function and moving a lot more this week. Now is the time complicated jobs like regulating breathing, hear you talk, sing, or play music. when the part of your baby’s brain associated digestion, and circulation, is functioning better Week 19 of Pregnancy with intelligence and personality becomes far every day. • Have you felt your baby move yet? Around more complex. Week 39 of Pregnancy this time is when you might start to feel a • By now your baby has likely reached his or Week 30 of Pregnancy flutter in your lower abdomen – also called • From this point on, your baby will gain about her birth weight (typically between 6 and 9 quickening. a half-pound each week. Now that all of his or pounds) and length (18 to 22 inches from head Week 20 of Pregnancy her major body systems are in place and func- to toes). He or she has accumulated enough body fat to stay cozy after birth, and your • The features of your baby are becoming tioning, your baby needs padding to protect placenta continues to supply the baby with more defined as the nails, hair, and eyebrows and insulate his or her organs. nutrients and antibodies that will help fend off continue to form. Week 31 of Pregnancy illnesses. Week 21 of Pregnancy • Your baby is gaining more weight than • Your baby continues to grow, as he or she height. Because your baby is too big to stretch Week 40 of Pregnancy • In your 40th week of pregnancy, your baby can now absorb nutrients from the amniotic out, he or she is now forced into the fetal could be born any day now. Don’t worry fluid, but most of the nutrition still comes position until birth. if nothing happens on your due date – it’s from the placenta. Amniotic fluid also helps Week 32 of Pregnancy normal for babies to be born this week or the the baby move in the womb and the lungs to • By this time, all of your baby’s major organs next. j develop properly, and it protects your baby are fully functioning except the lungs, which from potential outside injuries. need more time to completely mature. Also, ufhealthjax.org Week 22 of Pregnancy your baby’s bones are fully developed but still • Your baby’s activity is increasing this week, soft. with continued muscle development and the fine-tuning of his or her sense of touch. “Giving encouragement to others is a most welcome gift, for the results of it are lifted spirits, Week 23 of Pregnancy • This week your baby’s eyes will begin to increased self-worth, and a hopeful future.” open. And there are some major changes happening with his or her lungs as they become – Florence Littauer

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Podcasts for Kids

Noodle Loaf

The Children's Hour

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Story Spectacular

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Episcopal Children’s Services Free Child Care Resource & Referral (904) 726-1500 • (800) 238-3463 www.ecs4kids.org Child Care Resource and Referral Services can help your family by providing: • A customized list of local child care options from our trained specialists. • Information about quality child care and early learning programs • Financial assistance strategies and opportunities • Referrals to other community resources and programs.

Things to Do Infant & Toddler Events Project Play Drop-in Play & Tumble Daily Monday – Friday, 9am to 12noon Project Play is an indoor play and tumble center for children five and younger. There is a variety of engaging and educational toys and books, as well as a room fully equipped with tumbling mats. Daily morning sessions include three hours of open play and tumble with no reservations needed. Cost is $18 and $12 per additional child. 10% military discount available. Project Play / 904-460-3938 / 5150 Palm Valley Rd #204, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 / projectplay.a2kdanceproject.com Mandarin Lutheran Church Baby Pantry May 1 and 15, 10am to 12noon The goal of the MLC Baby Pantry is to supply local families in need with baby care items, including diapers, wipes, bath needs, rash cream, ointments, and gently used clothing at no cost to parents in the Jacksonville area. The baby pantry is open on the first and third Sunday of each month from 10am to 12noon. Availability of items is on a first-come, firstserved basis. Bring proof of residency (driver’s license, rental agreement, or mortgage statement), as well as proof that the child you are receiving supplies for is your child (birth certificate) or in your care. Need is on the honor system. They are not asking for proof of income but do ask only that you help them be able to help as many people as possible. Mandarin Lutheran Church / 904-268-4591 / 11900 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223 / mandarinlutheran.org Little Movers and Shakers Tuesdays and Fridays, May 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27, 31, 9am to 9:30am In this music- and movement-themed event, library staff will read rhythmic stories while adding songs and movements. This music-based program is for children from birth to pre-K and their families. Through books, songs, and movement activities, they will

Early Learning Coalition

build pre-literacy skills. Free. Registration is required for this event and must be completed two hours prior to the start time. A library card is required for registration. Attendance is limited to 40 participants. Event is held online via Zoom. Jacksonville Public Library / 904-255-2665 / jaxpubliclibrary.org Virtual Breastfeeding Class May 7, 12:30pm to 1:30pm The class is designed for parents that are planning to breastfeed or need support. Hosted by Certified Lactation Counselor Tawanna Nottage, who is also a member of the Broward County Breastfeeding Coalition. The class will cover the following topics: How breastfeeding works, Getting the best start, Positions & latching on, How to tell if your baby is getting enough milk, Common challenges and how to overcome, and Breastfeeding support. The event is online and is free. Pediatric Associates / 954-966-8000 / www. pediatricassociates.com MOSH Molecules May 20, 1pm; May 21, 11am The Museum of Science & History’s early childhood program provides big learning for the youngest guests. Geared for children ages 3, 4, and 5, MOSH Molecules allows you and your child to explore and create memories in a safe environment. Classes are held every other week during the semester, with eight children maximum per class. Classes are Fridays at 1pm and Saturdays at 11am. Program content may include any of the following: reading a book, completing a craft, physical activity, free play, a hands-on activity, songs, and dance. Classes will last 45 minutes. Registration is $20 and includes program admission for one child and one adult as well as admission to the Museum following the program. Museum of Science and History / 904-3966674 / 1025 Museum Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32207 / themosh.org Visit Jax4Kids.com for a complete list Infant & Toddler Events.


North Florida

Helping Children. Helping Families.

Featu r Excav ing “The ator S o + mor ng!” e!

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Why Early Intervention Is So Important for Children’s Mental Health Issues


earlier we can intervene, particularly with veryone agrees that treating children evidence-based interventions, the better early on for mental health issues is crucial, but barriers to diagnosis and treatment outcomes we see later on.” can make that difficult. However, cost isn’t the only thing that might prevent a child from receiving that early When Stephanie Elliot’s son was in the sixth intervention care. grade, she noticed a concerning change in his demeanor. One night, afraid that she was losing her son, Elliot called her local emergency room. “Another barrier I still come across,” Rannazzisi They advised her to not let him sleep alone and said, “is stigma associated with mental health to bring him in first thing the next morning. She conditions and their treatment. In those cases, slept in his bed that night, then drove him to the the parents themselves can serve as a barrier to treatment as they are fearful that their child local children’s hospital the next day. From there, she had to wait three days for insurance will be ‘labeled’ and subsequently ostracized by his or her peers.” approval to transfer him to a psychiatric hospital. They also had to wait for a bed to open It’s a stigma that Dr. Nerissa S. Bauer, MPH, up at that hospital — where he would spend FAAP, an executive committee member of the another week under round-the-clock care, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section being weaned off his meds and kept safe. of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, spoke to as well. Their ordeal didn’t end there, though. “He didn’t get better immediately. I would say it “Some parents have this fear that saying there took about a year for him to level out and show is a problem will reflect poorly on them,” she told Healthline. “…parents play a central role in signs of the kid he used to be.” supporting their child’s social and mental “He was treated quickly and appropriately,” she development. When parents feel there is a added. And it was that fast action to get him the concern, they need to be empowered to bring it up.” help he needed that she credits with how she eventually got the son she knew back. Barriers to proper treatment As the AAP works to bring further awareness to Not everyone can get quick care this issue, Bauer admitted that there can be However, not every family with a struggling struggles in diagnosing children with mental child is able to get that care quickly. health issues. According to a recent poll released by Nation“A lot of these issues are really challenging and wide Children’s Hospital in Ohio, more than a difficult to diagnose,” she explained. “There’s third of parents say they know a child or no imaging, no specific diagnostic test. It takes adolescent in need of mental health support. time, and some of these issues also show up in But 37 percent of families identify expenses the face of complicated environments and and 33 percent identify insurance coverage as barriers to receiving that treatment. Meanwhile, family histories.” 87 percent of Americans believe there is a real And then there are the barriers she sees. need for improved mental health supports for children and adolescents. Yet, that access still “Once you have a diagnosis, connecting the remains unattainable for so many. child to the appropriate resources can sometimes be difficult. Especially with children, Early intervention medication is not always necessarily the first Danielle Rannazzisi, PhD, is a psychologist in option,” she said. “It’s often providing the the state of New York. parents educational support and access to She has worked specifically with children ages services.” j 3 to 5 over the past several years and told Healthline, “The research has shown that the healthline.com

Things to Do Special Needs Events CARD Adult Resource and Support Group May 4, 5pm to 6pm CARD-Jacksonville runs a resource and support group for constituents who are ages 18 and older where participants can learn, share, and understand one another through common, comparable experiences and receive helpful guidance. All conversations facilitated via Zoom. UF Health Jacksonville CARD / 904-244-3131 / bernardo.cuadra@ jax.ufl.edu / med.jax.ufl.edu Painting with Emotion May 9, 4:30pm to 5:30pm Painting with Emotion is a monthly group for children between the ages of 12 to 16 years who are registered with CARD or FDLRSMDC. The focus of the group is to develop self-awareness skills related to personal emotions and ways to effectively express those emotions through painting. Held online via Zoom. Center for Autism and Related Disabilities / 904-633-0760 / pediatrics.med.jax.ufl.edu

and parent while learning about resources and supports from professionals and other parents. Held online via Zoom. UF Health Jacksonville CARD / 904-6330760 / brett.walden@jax.ufl.edu / pediatrics. med.jax.ufl.edu Kiddin’ Around – Social Skills May 19, 5pm A program that focuses on opportunities for social interaction with peers via social-emotional activities and games. Skill areas include sharing the conversation, waiting, turn-taking, giving compliments, being empathetic, building community, accepting feedback, oversharing of information, and making friends. Jacksonville Center for Autism and Related Disabilities / 904-633-0760 / pediatrics.med.jax.ufl.edu

24th Annual Family Café May 27-29 Since 1998, The Annual Family Café has brought Floridians with all types of disabilities together for three days of information, training, and networking. With a great range of individual breakout sessions, a packed Exhibit Hall with dozens of vendors, and a series of special events including Keynote speakers and The Governors’ Summit on Retro Diner Hour Disabilities, The Annual Family Café offers May 11, 5pm to 6pm attendees exposure to resources on a grand Adults with autism spectrum disorder will scale, unprecedented access to policy-makhave the opportunity to engage in facilitated social conversations via Zoom. This event will ing officials, and a chance to network with other individuals with disabilities and their temporarily take the place of the Breakfast Club Meetings during the COVID-19 pandem- families. The Annual Family Café remains a free event, with no registration cost for peoic. ple with disabilities and their families. Only Center for Autism and Related Disabilities / those attending in a professional capacity are 904-633-0760 / pediatrics.med.jax.ufl asked to pay a $200 registration fee. Hyatt Regency Orlando / 402-593-5048 / Dadvocate Support Group 9801 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 / May 17, 5:30pm to 6:30pm familycafe.net A Male Caregiver Support Group co-hosted by the UF Health Jacksonville CARD Visit Jax4Kids.com for a complete list and FLDRS-MDC with the goal of helping of Special Needs events. strengthen the relationship between child

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SUMMER CAMPS Aquatics Camp • June 13 – July 15 Owned and operated by the North Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America, the property is located at the St. Johns River Base at Echockotee sitting on Doctors Inlet in Orange Park. Aquatics Camp serves boys and girls ages 6-14. A camper’s day is filled with activities that bring them from the shores of Doctors Lake to the heights of the climbing wall and from the woods of the archery range to catching some air off the back of one of the wakeboard boats. Extended care available. Discounts for multiple weeks, siblings, & early registration by May 2, 2022. 904-269-2091 / 2513 Doctors Lake Dr, Orange Park, 32073 / www.aquaticscamp.org

instrument exploration. These creative group activities foster teamwork, build self-esteem and encourage kids to become seasoned performers. Cost: $229-$329. 904-372-7766 / 2280 3rd St. S., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 / jacksonvillebeach.b2rmusic.com

Basketball Summer Camp at Sports Edge June 13 - July 21, 9am to 2pm Rising 1st through Rising 7th Graders. This camp will focus on the overall development of skills and fundamentals with station work, followed by individual and team contests throughout the week. They will have 1-on-1, 3-on-3, and 5-on-5 tournaments with championships culminating during the final day of B3 STEAM Summer Camps camp. Contests will include hotshot, FT, 3 pt, June 6 – July 29, 9am to 4pm and many more. Awards will be given on the Half-day option available at other locations. final day at the awards ceremony. Cost: $189 Ages 5-12 and 8-14. This camp focuses not Entire Camp or $50 Per Day. only on STEAM but also teaches soft skills, 904-854-2323 / 8457 Western Way, Jacksonsuch as public speaking, teamwork, communi- ville, FL 32256 / www.thesportsedge.com cation, creativity, and problem-solving. At B3, all the fun themes are focused on hands-on BeaTPAC Performing Arts Camp minds-on learning and are based on Science, June 13 – 17 and 20 – 24, 9am to 3:30pm Engineering/Technology, and Art & Personal Ages 6 to 14. BeaTPAC is a two-week exploration. Ready to know what it feels like performing arts camp hosted at Creekside to be a veterinarian & a doctor? Enroll in the High School. All students take classes in Future Med camp! Excited about Minecraft theatre, dance, orff, and musical theatre. Older gameplay? Enroll in the super educational students get to choose specialized classes Minecraft STEAM Mania camp! Ready to such as hip hop, improv, and acapella. The build robots & code them? Enroll in the two-week camp ends with a showcase Robotics, Drones & Coding camps! of the work campers have created! Always wanted to attend Hogwarts? All prices are for the full two-week Enroll in the Magical World of Wizsession and include a t-shirt as well ards camp! Ready to build & code as two snacks and one lunch per your own 3D games? Enroll in the day. Early drop-off available beginRobolox camp! Bricks Bots & Beakers ning at 8:15 for no additional charge. 1 curricula have been designed by educators Camper: $380, 2 Campers: $690, 3 Campers: and have been proven by the test of time. $1010. River City Science Academy Mandarin Cam100 Knight Lane, Saint Johns, FL 32259 / pus: 10911 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, www.beatpac.com FL 32257 River City Science Academy Innovation: 8160 Bolts & Bytes Maker Academy Baymeadows Way W, Jacksonville, FL 32256 Join Bolts & Bytes Maker Academy this sum908-247-6806 / tinyurl.com/jaxb3 mer for fun, week-long morning and afternoon classes. A variety of week-long summer camp Bach to Rock Summer Music Camps classes in STEM, STEAM, Making, Robotics, June 6 – August 5, Monday through Friday Coding, 3D Printing, DIY Building and more! Full- and half-day options are available. Their classes are built around project-based Ages 7-17. B2R's unique method is based on learning, where there is no right answer, the knowledge that students learn best when and creative solutions and approaches are they join together to play the music they like encouraged. They combine maker technology the most. Their camps invite children to do like 3D printing, coding, robotics, electronics just that: join a group, learn about music, and and drones with a fully featured makerspace work toward a performance. For ages 7+, kids packed with all the fabrication tools that your can join a band, singing group, or even learn imagination may require. Before Care drop off how to be a recording engineer (ages 10+). starts at 7:30am for morning sessions. For Ages 4-7 are invited to tour the world through afternoon sessions, After Care is available until

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SUMMER CAMPS 5:30pm. Either one is just $15 for the whole week! 904-334-5664 / 937 11th Ave S, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 / www.boltsandbytes.club Bricks 4 Kidz Summer Camps June 6 – July 29, 9am to 4 pm Ages 5 +. Bricks 4 Kidz classes provide an extraordinary atmosphere for children, where they learn, build, and play – with LEGO® bricks. Programs are built around the Bricks 4 Kidz proprietary model plans, designed by engineers and architects, with exciting themes such as space, construction, and amusement parks. Their specially designed project kits and theme-based models provide the building blocks for the Bricks 4 Kidz approach to educational play. At Bricks 4 Kidz, they believe that kids learn best through activities that engage their curiosity and creativity. Camps as low as $179 a week! Many popular themes based off of Minecraft, Transformers, Star Wars and much, much more! The Discovery School / 904-312-7621 / 102 15th St. S Jacksonville Beach 32250 / www. bricks4kidz.com/florida-jacksonville-westside Camp Discovery June, July & August 6:30am to 6:30pm At Camp Discovery, school-aged explorers spend the summer doing fun activities on campus and safely visiting exciting places all over the Jacksonville area. Expeditions include Jacksonville Zoo, St. Augustine Aquarium, Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens, and much more! Cost: $200/week and includes breakfast, field trips and snacks. thediscoverytreeacademy.com Oakleaf / 904-779-1770 / 7629 Old Middleburg Road, Jacksonville, 32222 Lic# C04DU0391 San Pablo / 904-619-8797 / 3232 San Pablo Road, Jacksonville, 32224 / Lic# C04DU0350 Camp Intercoastal May 30 – August 10, 6:30am to 6:30pm Ages 4-12. Camp Intercoastal combines great facilities, outstanding programs, experienced leadership and a dedicated staff to create the perfect environment for summer campers to HAVE FUN! Intercoastal Campers will travel two to three times per week on fun field trips. Trips include: Adventure Landing, Skate Station, Movie Theater, Amelia Island, Jacksonville Beach and much more! Every week of camp

features a different theme which is reflected in the programming including trips, camp-wide activities and meals. Registration: $150. Field Trip Fee: $200 ( includes 35 field trips). Weekly Tuition (register by May 15) $200. 904-2203993 / 13109 Professional Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225 / www.jaxsummercamp.com Checkmate! The Knight School Chess Summer Camp June 6 – July 29 9am to 12pm / 1pm to 4pm / 9am to 4pm Kids from 6-12 years old of all skill levels are invited to join in this introduction into the world of rooks, pawns, kings, and queens. Chess campers will celebrate a new chess tactic each day with silly videos, music-driven puzzlers for prizes, colorful wristbands, chess movies, and clock slapping tourneys. Students exercise complex critical thinking skills in a friendly, supportive and fun camp environment. Camps start at $200 and All-Day Sessions start at $325. Camp locations are at The Discovery School, Jewish Community Alliance, Jacksonville Country Day School, San Juan del Rio and The Bolles School. 904-514-0569 / theknightschooljacksonville. asapconnected.com/

an adventure to Huguenot Memorial Park for a day filled with coastal system discussions, seine netting, shelling, and swimming. Cost is $299/week with discounts for The Rattlesnake Conservancy Canebrake Members and active military. 800-690-5638 / 7152 Lonestar Rd, Jacksonville, 32211 / www.savethebuzztails.org Cornerstone Christian School’s Summer Camp • June 6 – July 29 8am to 5pm Kindergarten - 11th Grade. Camp rates vary by age. Three years old: $130 per week + $40 registration fee. Four years old: $125 per week + $40 registration fee. Five through sixteen years old: $90 per week + $40 registration fee. Weekly field trips: vary by trip. Cornerstone has partnered with the Kids Hope Alliance to offer Summer Camp Scholarships to eligible students. Visit website for more information. 904-730-5500 / 9039 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216 / www.csjax.org Diamond D Ranch Summer Camps June 20 – July 29 Day Camp: 8:30am to 5pm

Children’s Art Classes Summer Workshops June 6 – July 22 Students may participate in a variety of weekly art workshops. Each workshop will meet each day, Monday through Friday, for each selected week. Students may participate in as many as four different 5-Day workshops at Baymeadows location for a four-week period over the summer. The cost of each 5-Day workshop is $98 and includes all supplies. Each Workshop will require payment in full at the time of registration. www.childrensartclasses.com 904-612-7557 Baymeadows / 9802 Baymeadows Rd, Suite 14, Jacksonville, FL 32256 Beaches / 880 US Highway A1A North Suite Six, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Conservation Camp May 30 – August 12, 9am to 3pm Conservation Camp is a unique way for kids to get firsthand experience of what a week in the shoes of a wildlife biologist is like. At camp, students will get to participate in hands-on STEM activities, wildlife surveys, environmental monitoring, habitat evaluations, outdoor hiking through Florida ecosystems, and various live animal encounters each day. Once a week, students will also embark on

Ages 8-17. Opportunity to learn about horses and horsemanship. Camp is for both the beginner and those who already have some knowledge of horses. Day Camp Cost: $675 + tax per week. Lunch and snacks are provided. Overnight Camp: Begins Monday morning at for five days of camp, 3 hours per day. 904-742-5906 / 14035 Beach Blvd, Suite 6, Jacksonville, 32250 / jaxcookingstudio.com Duval County 4-H Summer Camps Duval County 4-H camping opportunities provide great summer experiences for both 4-H members and prospective 4-H youth! Summer experiences include residential camps, day camps, and state-level sponsored teen programs. Camps are affordable, educational, experiential for boys and girls ages 5-18 and range in topics and prices. 904-255-7450 / 1010 N. McDuff Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32254 / sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/duval/4-h-youth-development FALA Spanish Camp May 31 – August 5, 9am to 1pm Ages 3-13. Immerse your child this summer in Spanish Camp for a week of fun, learning, and adventure. Children will discover one differ-

For ages 7-14

In-Person Sessions! SESSION A:


June 6-24 SESSION B:

July 11-29

www.theatrejax.com MAY 2022 • Jax4Kids.com • Page 13

SUMMER CAMPS ent country each week. Imagine your child discovering the lifestyles, customs, artists, musicians and inventors of major Spanish speaking countries. Your child will travel the world without leaving home! FALA Spanish Camp offers age-appropriate and fun activities that uniquely incorporate different subjects while learning Spanish. Weekly Fee: $215. Convenient Location in Jacksonville and St. Johns areas. 904-407-3060 / www.falalanguage.com Jacksonville Country Day School Summer Camps • June 6 – July 29, 9am to 3pm Extended day available. Pre-K4 - 6th grade (rising grade). Eight sessions, each lasting one week. JCDS offers both Day Camp and a selection of Specialty Camps. The campers are placed into cabins according to the grade they will be entering in the fall. Specialty Camp topics include Chess, Art, Lego Robotics, Dance, Basketball, Yoga, and Academic refreshers. All campers will have daily outdoor time, access to the Smith Center Gym, and daily swim time with their group. JCDS is committed to providing safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate programs throughout the summer. Day Camp is $220 per one-week session, and

Specialty Camps range from $300 to $400 per one-week session. 904-641-4166 / 10063 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville 32256 / www.jcdssummercamp.com Jacksonville Science Festival Exploration Camp • June 20 – July 29, 8am to 5pm Summer EXPLORATION for ages 5-15. Activities include gardening, hands-on STEM activities, field trips, project-based learning, literacy/ math, experiments, dance, visual and theatre arts and more. Lunch and snack provided. Cost: $175 per student/per week. 904-493-7300 / 3675 San Pablo Rd S, Jacksonville, 32224 / www.jacksonvillesciencefestival.com JCA Summer Camps June 13 - August 5 Ages 2-16. JCA Summer Camps provide a wide range of engaging activities to enrich your child’s summer experience. Multiple camps throughout the summer to choose from including Camp Gan Yeladim, KinderCamp, Camp Sabra, Camp Habonim, Camp Yalla, Theatre Camp, Camp Kaytana, and Adventure Days. From arts and

music to unique Israeli programs, carnivals, concerts, science and sports, JCA Summer Camp offers more than just a place to spend summer days. It is a place for your child to learn and grow! 904-730-2100 / 8505 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida 32217/ www.jcajax.org/camp Karate America Multiple locations in Jacksonville June, July, and August Convenient times and weekly camps all summer long. Constructive fun and traditional martial arts benefits. Safe structured environment with knowledgeable supervision. Super fun summer camp teaches kids powerful life skills like focus, discipline and respect while learning cool martial arts moves. Diverse activities with physical games, movies, and fun! Kids will accelerate their training, enhance their skills, and have lots of fun! Space is limited. Call the location near you today to enroll early and save! www.karateamerica.info Kids Camp Jax June 5 - August 5, 8am to 4pm Ages 5-12. 9 Individually themed weeks.

Health & Wellness, Tumbling & Stretching, Fitness & Nutrition, Self-Defense, Strength & Conditioning, Special guests, and Fun activities. Cost: Full week: 8am-4pm $175. 1/2 day: $100 per week (am or pm session). Drop-in days: $40 $30 Deposit required for each week reserved. 904-716-8600 / 8210 Cypress Plaza Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256 / www.kidscampjax.com Kidz Camp at Sports Edge June 6 – August 12, 9am to 5pm Boys and girls grades K through 5 (ages 5-10). Kidz Summer Camps at Sports Edge are a high energy youth sports experience providing unforgettable memories and friendships to last a lifetime! The Kidz Summer Camps focus on team building, leadership skills, sports, fitness and fun. Sports Edge Camp Counselors make sure that every child has a rewarding, safe, and fun camp experience. Cost: $50 Per-Day | Per Week (Full Day): $199 | Per Week( Half Day): $125. 904-854-2323 / 8457 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256 / www.jjva.com Matt Clark Basketball Camps June 27 - July 1 and July 18 - 22


Summer Camp Supervised Activities that teach

CONFIDENCE,DISCIPLINE, DISIPLINE, CONFIDENCE, andAND RESPECT! RESPECT! Fun & Safe! Well-Structured! Learn Karate! TOns of FUN! MAY 2022 • Jax4Kids.com • Page 14


SUMMER CAMPS 9am to 12pm and 9am to 3pm Cost: Full Day - $165, Half Day - $105 LOCATION: San Juan del Rio Gymnasium (FRUIT COVE) June 6 - 10, July 5 - 9, and July 11 - 15 8:30am to 11:30am and 8:30am to 2:30pm Cost: Full Day - $165, Half Day - $105 LOCATION: PACETTI BAY MIDDLE SCHOOL Ages 5 - 16. Basketball camp is designed to teach the players basic fundamentals and team concepts of the game. Their goal is for each camper to have a positive experience, learn the fundamentals, and have fun playing the game of basketball. 904-377-6891 / www.hammerbball.com Museum of Science & History (MOSH) June 6 – August 5, 9am to 3pm K- 8th grade. Campers will spend their time in the classroom, in the museum, and outside in some instances for their camp. They will fill their day learning about the topic at hand through hands-on demonstrations, experiments, and crafts. Children will have free time to explore the museum exhibits and will be able to attend at least one science show, animal show, or planetarium show. Cost: $252/ week for MOSH members and $280/week for non-members. 904.396.MOSH (6674) / 1025 Museum Circle, Jacksonville, 32207 / www.themosh.org Next Step Broadway June 13 – 17, 9am to 5pm Ages 10-17. NEXT STOP BROADWAY® is a week-long musical theatre program consisting of classes, workshops, and rehearsals focused on the "Golden Age of Broadway". The staff of Broadway professionals teaches songs and choreography from classic Broadway productions and replicates the process of putting on an authentic Broadway show. It is a five-day intensive that focuses on being in the ensemble of a classic Broadway show! Camp tuition is $575 for the week and includes lunch, snacks, and a t-shirt. 904-632-5000 / 11901 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, 32246 / www.fscjartistseries.org Ozzie’s Playful Computing Summer Camp at UNF • June 6 – 24, 9am to 3pm Summer Coding Camp for 1st through 5th Graders. Two Cohorts; Code Critters (1st-2nd grades) & Code Creators (3rd-5th grades). This unique, research-backed coding camp was created specifically for early learners (1st through 5th graders)

to learn the fundamentals and principles of computer coding using MIT’s Scratch program. Nutritious snacks and drinks provided; campers to bring their own lunch. Daily multimedia mailers showcasing student engagement and growth. Full Camp Experience: three-week camp - June 6-24 - $1,050 or one-week Summer Swoop-In Sessions: June 6-10, June 13-17, June 20-24, $350/ week. 1 UNF Drive - Tom and Betty Petway Hall STEM lab, Jacksonville, FL 32224 / www.unf. edu/coehs/nefstem/summer_camps.aspx River City Choral Festival & Day Camp June 6 – 10, 9am to 4pm Rising 4-8th graders. The Jacksonville Children’s Chorus is excited to announce the 3rd annual choral festival and summer day camp, River City Choral Festival. Enjoy a fun-filled week of music, choral singing, and dance workshops! On the final day, all singers will perform in a concert showcasing what they have learned and experienced at the River City Choral Festival. Camp designed for treble voices (soprano and altos) ONLY. Early Bird Registration through April 30, 2022, 11:59 pm EST - $250. *Registration will increase to $350 on May 1, 2022. 904-353-1636 / 10131 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225 / www.jaxchildrenschorus.org Skyhawks Sports Academy June 6 – July 29 Ages 4-14. Half and full days of camp in over 10 different sports, including Beginning Golf, STEM & Play Soccer, Flag Football fueled by USA football, and many more. Skyhawks provide a wide variety of fun, safe and positive programs that emphasize critical lessons in sports and life, such as respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Their programs are designed to give each child a positive introduction to sports while fostering a lifelong love for an active, healthy lifestyle. The patient and knowledgeable staff uses a variety of skill-building games and activities to give each athlete a complete understanding and overview of the sport. Cost: $149+ per camp. www.skyhawks.com

offer in-person audience opportunities in the very near future, but for now the show will be recorded during the camp session and an opportunity for all to view the recorded, finished product (including the performers) will be provided upon the conclusion of the session. Cost: $600 per camper, per session. 904-396-4425 X16 / Trotter Activities Center, 1936 Hendricks Ave, 32207 / www.theatrejax.com

or multiple days. Multiple-week discounts available. Extended day available. 904-998-8681 / 2683 St Johns Bluff Road S. Unit #107, Jacksonville, 32246 / www.tntgymfit.com

UNF Eco Camp June 7 - July 29, 9am to 4pm Ages 6-14. Eco Camp provides children the opportunity to spend the summer outdoors while learning about Florida wildlife and Tommy Hulihan’s Summer Sports Camp having unforgettable experiences. Activities June 6 – July 29, 8am to 3pm include canoeing, kayaking and stand-up padK-6th grade. Campers will participate in Team dle boarding, swimming*, hiking through the Sports and age-appropriate activities including nature trails, arts and crafts using natural mabasketball, soccer, flag football, kickball, tag terials, education about local flora and fauna, games and more. Campers will be divided team building games and activities and weekly into groups based on their age. All family and field trips to natural areas.*Swimming takes friends will be allowed to be grouped together place at a campus housing pool on Fridays, regardless of age. Campers must bring a lunch weather permitting. Cost: $220/week for the Monday – Thursday. On Fridays, campers will general public. Extended Day: $50/week. have a pizza lunch. Cost: $150/week. Daily 904-620-2998 / 1 UNF Dr, Jacksonville, FL rates are $35 Monday – Thursday and $40 32224 / www.unf.edu/recwell/camps/ for Friday (includes (Pizza Party on Fridays). Extended care available. Volleyball Camps at JJVA 904-349-2611 / Beaches Chapel Gym – 610 June 6 – August 5, 9am to 2pm Florida Blvd, Neptune Beach, FL 32266 / These camps will focus on fundamental skills www.TommyHulihanBasketball.com through game-based drills and daily scrimmages. is open to boys and girls, grades 4–12 TNT Gymnastics Summer Camp (ages 10 and up). It is designed for the beginMay 31 – August 12, ner to intermediate player and will incorporate 9am to 3pm teamwork and sportsmanship. Cost Full Week: Extended day hours: $265 and 3 Day: Monday – Wednesday $185. 8am to 9am & 3pm to 6pm Extended Day is available. The cost is $15 per Ages 5-13 (age five, attending kindergarten day and runs from 8-9 am and 4-6 pm each this fall). This is a sport development camp day of camp. where every child will participate in gym904-854-2323 / 8457 Western Way, Jacksonnastics rotations focusing on new skill and ville, FL 32256 / www.jjva.com position development. They will get to interact on all apparatus in the facility from vault, bars, beam, rings, trampoline, pit, & more! When it's Visit Jax4Kids.com online for a time to slow down and catch a breath, they complete and always updated list of will have snacks, crafts, & lunch each day. Summer Camps. Cost: $190/week. Register for any camp week

Theatre Jacksonville Summer Camp Session A: June 6 – 24 Session B: July 11 – 29 9am to 2pm Ages 7-14. There are two sessions, each three-weeks long. Every day students will rotate through three theatrical arts areas (acting, dance, musical theatre), all in preparation for an original show that they produce at the end of the camp session. They hope to be able to

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Student feedback leads to creation of Gregory GROW, a mental wellness initiative Drive Erasing the stigma around mental “I knew this was something the district parahealth and helping students be more was working on,” said Merton, “And of available resources are I knew they had great intentions, but professional selected as School-Related aware concerns that students have continuthey knew they were missing a key ously shared with Duval County Public ingredient…student voices. How did Employee of the Year While Alisha Felk is not officially a fulltime teacher, her colleagues say she is a superstar and natural educator whose “instructional knowledge and best practices are unparalleled.” It is why the Gregory Drive paraprofessional was among dozens of talented Duval employees nominated for the 2022 School-Related Employee of the Year award. And in early April, it became official. Felk was recognized as the winner of the top honor during the annual Employee of the Year awards ceremony. Felk said the recognition ignited a fire inside her. “It just made me want to go harder,” said Felk, who is currently working to earn her bachelor’s degree at Florida State College at Jacksonville. “I just started analyzing more about how I could be better. How can I have a greater impact? What more can I offer children?” She said her love for children is hereditary, crediting her grandmother with inspiring her to be an educator. “I just love kids,” said Felk. “I love the pride they have when they have grasped something. I live for them to have that pride.” She pointed out a student in the class who had previously struggled with sounding out vowels.

dents to love learning and truly engages them in the pursuit of knowledge,” wrote Gray. But it’s not just her actions inside the classroom. Both Sapp and Gray noted how Felk went above and beyond in supporting other teachers as well as serving in often major, but unglamorous, roles in the school. Particularly with car dismissal. “There are more than 350 car riders at the school, and Felk knows them all by name,” said Sapp. “It’s amazing to see her standing there with her walkie-talkie and correctly calling every single student’s name. She knows her students so well. That’s a superhero. No one else can do that job. We could not get on without her.” Sapp said she has even had to ask Felk to stop going above and beyond because she was amazed at how much the paraprofessional did beyond her official role. “She won’t stop,” said Sapp. “She truly wants to do what’s best for children. She is amazing.” Felk was one of 11 finalists for the School-Related Employee of the Year honor. Each finalist was recognized at the annual ceremony. The other finalists included:

“Now he is over there explaining to his classmates how to pronounce their vowels,” said Felk with a smile. Principal Augena Sapp said it is a joy to watch Felk interact with her students. “She is warm and engaging,” wrote Sapp in her nomination form. “You can sense that she has a genuine connection with each child. That is very important in the development of a child. Students who are taught by Ms. Felk will have a firm foundation…a love of learning is developed because of her consistent use of best practices that make students successful.” Crystal Gray, an instructional math coach at the school, wrote in her nomination letter that Felk continually seeks to drive improvement for her students. “She strives each day to encourage stu-

MAY 2022 • Jax4Kids.com • Page 16

• Sharon L. Johnson, Clerk I Office, Alimacani Elementary • Leticha Frances Shimernargane, Paraprofessional ESOL Elem, Bayview Elementary • Adriana Purcell, Paraprofessional ESOL Elem, Englewood Elementary • Susana M. Acosta, Paraprofessional ESOL, Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary • Francine Collette M Elibox, Paraprofessional Elem, Kernan Trail Elementary • Alicia Schuman Long, Paraprofessional ASD, Loretto Elementary • Jacqueline Lanora Dorrell, Extended Day I, Louis Sheffield Elementary • Michelle Ann Homeszyn, Paraprofessional ESE, Love Grove Elementary • Benjamin Joseph Giffin, Paraprofessional ESE Center Schools, Oak Hill Academy • Lorraine V. Allen, School Office Assistant Office, Oceanway Middle • Sherry G. Hawk, School Office Assistant Guidance, Riverside High


Thanks to their input, the district has launched a new mental and emotional wellness initiative. GROW – which stands for Gain Resilience, Obtain Wellness – is designed to destigmatize mental and emotional health issues, empower students to take control of their mental wellness, and help connect them with resources. The two main features of this initiative are the GROW clubs and the GROW website. • GROW clubs: These clubs are student-led organizations at the high school level designed to promote great emotional and mental health among the student and staff body through regular activities and initiatives. The DA4Change student club at Douglas Anderson served as a blueprint for these clubs, with students planning events such as “Start with Hello,” where students encouraged each other to say hello to someone they didn’t know. Or a “Take What You Need” bulletin board, where students attached envelopes to a bulletin board filled with encouraging messages. Individuals were invited to take an envelope. • GROW website: Another feature of the GROW initiative is the GROW website. The website contains information on mental wellness topics such as self-care, managing stress, supporting others, and suicide prevention. It also addresses a major issue students shared, which was how to access resources. On the site, middle and high school students can locate their school and learn how to get immediate emotional or academic support, an appointment for mental health services, and even assistance with food, clothing, or housing needs.

students feel? What were students saying? What were their needs? As a very recent high school graduate, I knew I could pull from my experience and the experience of my peers. I also knew that I could conduct research at the ground level with current students in a relatable way.”

That’s what Merton did. She set up several student focus groups, including groups at Douglas Anderson, Riverside High School, and Wolfson High School. Through her qualitative research, Merton concluded that among the many concerns from students was the lack of knowledge about available resources, a negative stigma surrounding mental health issues, and a lack of spaces/ organizations/available adults that support mental and emotional wellness. Using this input, Merton worked with the district’s Communications team to focus what the mental health campaign would address. Student input also led to the development of the GROW concept and artwork. Director of Student Behavioral Health, Katrina Taylor, said the district is indebted to Merton and her peers. “As adults, our hearts were in the right place, but without the student input, we were essentially operating in the dark,” said Taylor. “We needed Emily and we needed our current students to step up and turn on the lights. That’s what they did, and thanks to their guidance, we now have this fabulous resource.”

Taylor said this is just the beginning. Her team has been working to expand training opportunities for all schoolbased staff on dealing with youth mental health issues. They are also explorBackground ing how GROW clubs can be expanded The concept for GROW evolved last into middle and elementary schools. summer through the work of DCPS graduate Emily Merton, who was intern- Additionally, resources for elementary schools will be included in the GROW ing with the district’s Communication team. Merton, a Riverside High School website. alumna, shared that she was studyThe web address for GROW is www. ing to be a school counselor and was interested in helping the district develop duvalschools.org/grow. Students can also access the site by using the QR a mental health initiative. code on their student IDs.

St. Johns County

School District News

Graduation Schedule 2022

Tuesday, May 31, 7pm Bartram Trail High School UNF

Tuesday, May 24, 7pm Pedro Menendez High School St. Augustine Amphitheatre (SAA)

Friday, May 27, 7pm St. Johns Technical High School SAHS Auditorium

Wednesday, June 1, 7pm Allen D. Nease High School UNF

Wednesday, May 25, 5pm St. Johns Virtual School St. Augustine High School (SAHS) Auditorium

Saturday, May 28, 9am Ponte Vedra High School University of North Florida (UNF)

Thursday, July 7, 4pm First Coast Technical College FCTC, Bldg. C, CC! Conference Center

Thursday, May 26, 7pm St. Augustine High School SAA

Saturday, May 28, 4pm Creekside High School UNF

Thursday, July 7, 6pm First Coast Technical College FCTC, Bldg. C, CC! Conference Center


Teachers of the Year Congratulations to all of this year's Teachers of the Year! These nominees represent the very best among SJCSD teachers. SJCSD is proud to recognize Valley Ridge Academy Middle School Band Teacher Andrew Burk as the District winner! Good luck in the state competition, Mr. Burk!






May Calendar of Events May 1 – 3

State National History Day Competition

May 3, 6pm

ESE Parent Advisory Virtual Discussion “Conscious Discipline, Part 2”

May 9 – 14

Intel / International Science Fair

May 19

Last Day for Seniors

May 24 – June 28


May 30

Memorial Day – Student/Teacher Holiday

GOAL: To provide a proven, comprehensive approach that empowers parents with skills that create a safe, connected, problem-solving environment for families. Join on your computer or mobile app via link below

Click here to join the meeting Or call in (audio only) 904-420-0831


5/3/2022 This meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams platform 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Phone Conference ID: 868 782 913#

Visit St. Johns County Schools online at www.stjohns.k12.fl.us/schools for more information. MAY 2022 • Jax4Kids.com • Page 17

Clay County School News Ridgeview student selected as Clay County students’ artwork on the Sunshine State Scholar for display in Ascension St. Vincent Art made by some of Clay Clay County County’s youngest residents is A Ridgeview High School junior was selected as the Sunshine State Scholar for Clay County. Emma Duong attended the state event this past weekend, where she was chosen as one of 15 students to receive a scholarship to any Florida university for one year of college. Each school district throughout Florida selects its top 11th grade students in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics based on established criteria. These scholars, along with their parents, convene to receive recognition for their achievements. They also have opportunities to meet with representatives from Florida’s colleges and universities, learn about STEAM-related programs of study and internships. The Sunshine State Scholars program is a collaboration among the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Education Foundation and the State University System of Florida.

Students participate in State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida Students from across the district participated in the State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida. Combined, they were awarded more than $15,000 in scholarships and cash awards. They also received multiple other recognitions. Great job!

on display in the Ascension St. Vincent's Clay County Hospital emergency waiting room. The theme for the showcase was hearts to coordinate with the gallery name Kids with heART. Artwork from Lake Asbury Elementary, Middleburg Elementary, Orange Park Elementary, RideOut Elementary, Thunderbolt Elementary, and Tynes Elementary is on display.


Job Fair Tuesday, May 3, 2022 from 5 – 7:30pm. Fleming Island High School. Visit OneClay.net for more information.

May Calendar


OP/Middleburg (904) 272-8100 Green Cove Springs (904) 284-6500 Keystone Heights (888) 663-2529 TDD (904) 284-6584

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May 1, 10am – 8 pm

Elementary Art Show, Orange Park Mall

May 5, 6pm – 9pm

Regular School Board Meeting, Teacher Training Center, Fleming Island High School

May 25 – 27

Early Dismissal – Junior High/High Schools

May 27

Early Dismissal – Elementary Schools

May 27

Last Day – Students

May 30

Memorial Day – Teacher Holiday

May 31

Last Day – Teachers

Nassau County School District News Our Schools...Our Students...Our Future!

Congratulations to 2022 Florida 2022 Graduation Dates Assistant Principal of the Year Friday, May 20 finalists 7 p.m. Nassau County Adult High School and Nassau Virtual School Yulee High School Cafeteria Wednesday, May 25 6 p.m. Yulee High School Yulee High School Football Field Thursday, May 26 9 a.m. Hilliard Middle-Senior High School Hilliard Middle-Senior High School Football Field Friday, May 27 7 p.m. West Nassau High School University of North Florida Arena Saturday, May 28 9 a.m. Fernandina Beach High School Fernandina Beach High School Football Field

May Calendar of Events May 4

Early Dismissal, See Individual School Schedules for Dismissal Times

May 11

Early Dismissal, See Individual School Schedules for Dismissal Times

May 12, 6:30pm

School Board Meeting, District Office

May 18

Early Dismissal, See Individual School Schedules for Dismissal Times

May 25

End of Grading Period

May 25

Early Dismissal, See Individual School Schedules for Dismissal Times

May 26 – 27

Teacher Planning – No School for Students

May 26, 6:30pm

School Board Meeting, District Office

May 30

Memorial Day – Student/Teacher Holiday

Connect with us @nassauschoolsfl

Constitution Bowl Winners Nick Emerson, Robert Cooke, Logan Roughton, and Bethany Kear from Yulee High School were the 2022 Constitution Bowl winners!

Visit www.nassau.k12.fl.us for more School District News MAY 2022 • Jax4Kids.com • Page 19


Things to Do

Vaping: What You Need to Know V

aping is the inhaling of a vapor created by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or other vaping device. E-cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices. They have cartridges filled with a liquid that usually contains nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals. The liquid is heated into a vapor, which the person inhales. That's why using e-cigarettes is called "vaping."

Vaping hasn't been around long enough for us to know how it affects the body over time. But health experts are reporting serious lung damage in people who vape, including some deaths. Vaping puts nicotine into the body. Nicotine is highly addictive and can slow brain development in kids and teens and affect memory, concentration, learning, self-control, attention, and mood as well as increase the risk of other types of addiction as adults E-cigarettes also irritate the lungs and may cause serious lung damage and even death and can lead to smoking cigarettes and other forms of tobacco use. Some people use e-cigarettes to vape marijuana, THC oil, and other dangerous chemicals. Besides irritating the lungs, these drugs also affect how someone thinks, acts, and feels.

health consequences of vaping are not known. Recent studies report serious lung damage in people who vape, and even some deaths. Addiction: Addiction in the growing brain may set up pathways for later addiction to other substances. Brain risks: Nicotine affects brain development in kids and teens. This can make it harder to learn and concentrate. Some of the brain changes are permanent and can affect mood and impulse control later in life. Use of other tobacco products: Studies show that vaping makes it more likely that someone will try other tobacco products, like regular cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, and smokeless tobacco. Toxins (poisons): The vapor made from e-cigarettes is not made of water. The vapor contains harmful chemicals and very fine particles that are inhaled into the lungs and exhaled into the environment. Sports: To do their best in sports. Vaping may lead to lung inflammation (irritation). Money: Vaping is expensive! The cost of the cartridges over time starts to add up. Instead, someone could spend that money on other things that they need or enjoy.

There are different kinds of e-cigarettes. But many people use the Juul. This e-cigarette looks like a flash drive and can be charged in a laptop's USB port. It makes less smoke than other e-cigarettes, so some teens use them to vape at home and in school. The Juul pod's nicotine levels are the same as in a full pack of cigarettes.

To go against tobacco company advertising: Many e-cigarettes are made by the same companies that produce regular cigarettes. Their marketing targets young people by making fun flavors for e-cigarettes and showing young, healthy people vaping. They are trying to make kids and teens of today into their new, lifetime customers.

Even if someone doesn't vape every day, they can still get addicted. How quickly someone gets addicted varies. Some people get addicted even if they don't vape every day.

Talk to your kids about the reports of serious lung damage, and even deaths, in people who vape. Call your doctor right away if your child or teen vapes and has coughing, shortness of breath, or chest pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea or shows signs of tiredness, fever, or weight loss.

Even e-cigarettes that don't have nicotine have chemicals in them. These chemicals can irritate and damage the lungs. People who vape need the right motivation to quit. Wanting to be the best, healthiest version of themselves is an important reason to quit vaping. Here are some others:

For more information, visit KidsHealth.org, a service of Nemours Children’s Health. j kidshealth.org

Unknown health effects: The long-term

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Teen Events

Teen Warehouse Mondays – Fridays, 2:30pm to 6pm Teens 13 to 18 are invited to participate in Teen Warehouse, a motivating program for middle and high school students. Activities include arts, community outings, games, study time, sports, and individualized programs. Special events and outings may require a fee. Located at several locations throughout Jacksonville. City of Jacksonville / 904-630-CITY / www.coj.net Balis / 904-255-6633 / 1512 LaSalle Street, Jacksonville, FL 32207 Emmett Reed / 904-858-1366 / 1093 West 6th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32209 Henry T. Jones / 904-399-0615 / 3856 Grant Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207 Mary Lena Gibbs / 904-255-6636 / 6974 Wilson Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210 Robert F. Kennedy / 904-630-0933 / 1133 Ionia Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206

alternative to the traditional prom and is open only to high school students ages 15 to 18, including those who are homeschooled or attend public or private schools. This annual event offers a positive environment for students who may not enjoy the atmosphere of their own high school’s prom. Tickets are $18 in advance; $23 the day of the event. Doors open at 6:30pm. This year's theme is A Night in Paris. Formal attire is required. Murray Hill Theatre / 904-388-7807 / 932 Edgewood Ave. S, Jacksonville, FL 32205 / www.murrayhilltheatre.com Get Lit(erary): Teen Book Club May 17, 31, 7pm to 8pm Get Lit(erary) Virtual Book Club is the monthly companion program to the Get Lit(erary) Swag Bag. Teens 12 to 17 are invited for virtual games, trivia, and other book-themed activities. Share your thoughts and opinions with teens from all over Jacksonville. Jacksonville Public Library / 904-255-2665 / jaxpubliclibrary.org

Big Chef-Teen Chef: Grilled Cheese and Soup • May 17, 6pm Big Chef-Teen Chef series classes are YouthQuake Live designed specifically for a guardian/parent, May 6, 8pm YouthQuake Live returns to in-person events. older sibling (18 or older), etc. paired with The Uncommon Tour features skits, live mu- a young chef. Each pair will work together sic, dance performances, teen cast members, (along with the rest of the students) to create delicious recipes that are appropriate for and more. YouthQuake Live offers reserved adults and teens alike. Big Chef must be 18 seating for all events; for this season they or older. The Teen Chef age range is 13 to are waving the fee and offering reserved 17 years old. You know the basics, but let seats free of charge to help families and youth groups with social distancing. Reserved the chefs show you what can be done with seating does not necessarily mean front row. basic grilled cheese and soup. The menu includes The Classic (Tomato Soup and Location of your seats is dependent on the event and the church layout. Please check in Grilled 3-Cheese Dippers), The Twist (Creamy with the YQL volunteers the night of the event Artichoke Bisque and Roasted Red Pepper Goat Cheese Panini), and The Sweeter Side by 7:50pm – seats will be released after (Caramel Hot Chocolate with Babka and Brie this time. The deadline to reserve seats is Toasties). Cost is $85 for each parent/teen Tuesday at 1pm of event week. combo; add one seat to your cart. Publix The Potter's House / 5119 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205 / youthquakelive.com Aprons Cooking School / 904-262-4187 / 10500 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32257 / apronscookingschool.publix.com City Wide Prom May 14, 7pm to 10:30pm Visit Jax4Kids.com for a complete list The Murray Hill Theatre hosts their Annual of Teen events. City Wide Prom. The Citywide Prom is an

Things to Do


Jacksonville Humane Society Upcoming Events High School Service Day High school students in grades 9-12 are invited to Jacksonville Humane Society for a day of learning and service. Participants will learn about animal sheltering, what dogs and cats go through while living in a shelter environment, and how we can help make their stay as happy, healthy, and stress-free as possible. Service projects may include: • creating enrichment items for the pets such as dog treats, food puzzles, cat toys, and more • stuffing envelopes with thank you letters to donors • making heating pads for neonatal kittens and surgery patients • making foster kits for foster parents • reading to the pets to help them feel more relaxed in their kennels In addition to completing a variety of service projects, participants will have the opportunity to meet and interact with a JHS dog and JHS kittens or cats.

Click here to register online: https://form. jotform.com/220813978563162 Jacksonville Humane Society Public Tour and the 3rd is the Corks and Collars Want to see and learn more about JHS in person? Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Jacksonville Humane Society followed by a private Q & A with JHS management on May 21st at 11am. This walking tour will be about 90 minutes and will take you around our 50,000 square foot facility, located on 12 acres of land at the JHS Beach Blvd. location. You will see and hear about programs and services from multiple staff members during the tour as well as meet a few pets along the way. There are parts of the tour that will be outside on uneven terrain. Due to the areas you will be touring, strollers are not permitted and some parts of the tour are not recommended for young children.

All participants will be awarded 3 community service hours at the end of the day.

Children under the age of 18 are allowed but must be accompanied by an adult and must be included in the RSVP. There are a limited number of children spots available. RSVP at jaxhumane.networkforgood.com/ events/39665-jhs-tour-may j

Cost: $35 donation to JHS


A Papa John's pizza lunch will be provided to all participants.

Pet Events

Kittens + Pure Barre May 13, 5:45pm to 6:45pm Participate in this one-hour pop-up session of Pure Barre in the company of kittens looking for homes. All skill levels welcome. Join lead instructor Adriana Stam from the Pure Barre Tapestry Park location. Must be 18 or older to participate; children 13 years of age or older are welcome with a guardian. Participants must bring a mat and water bottle and wear comfy clothing, preferably leggings. This session is not recommended for anyone with allergies to cats or cat dander. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start time. Class will start at 5:45pm sharp. Registration must be completed for each individual participant. Cost is $25 per person. Jacksonville Humane Society / 904-7258766 / 8464 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216 / jaxhumane.org

staff to find out what good dog play is all about. Please note that this class is for humans only. Staff dogs will happily demonstrate play behaviors throughout the seminar. The trainers will show you the difference between healthy, happy play and improper play. They will talk to you about reading body language, identifying problematic behaviors, speaking "growl," and many other topics. Mini Workshops are designed to be budget friendly, short clinics that help everyday dog owners better understand the topics presented. Each Mini Workshop has a specific topic and moves quickly to maximize time. Hands-on participation is on a voluntary basis only. Cost to participate is $5. Please leave your dogs at home; they will have practice dogs for you to work with. Homemade Hounds Bed & Biscuit / 904203-7314 / 34 Zibra Street, Middleburg, FL 32068 / www.homemadehounds.com Hang 8 Dog Surfing Extravaganza May 21, 8am to 2pm Hang 8 Dog Surfing hosts a surfing extravaganza for your fur babies. The event features a Dog Surfing Contest, Dog Costume Contest, Dog Kissing Booth, Dog Bone Hunt, and Dog Surfing Lessons. The event will benefit animal rescue organizations. Dogs will be required to be up on their vaccinations and friendly with other dogs and with people. They must be on a leash when not competing. Fifth Street South Dune Walkover Beach / South 4th Street, Flagler Beach, FL 32136 / www.palmcoastobserver.com

Canine Carnivale May 21, 10am to 1pm The City of Atlantic Beach will be hosting their inaugural Canine Carnivale to celebrate furry friends. There will be activities, food, entertainment, pet tricks, dog yoga, Simon Says obedience games, look-alike contests, kids' "arfs" and crafts, and more. Beaches Veterans Memorial Park / 904-2475800 / 1 West First Street, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 / coab.us Mini Workshop Series – Dog Play May 21, 3pm to 4pm Dog socialization is very important for a healthy and behaviorally happy dog. Join

Like Jax4Pets.com’s Facebook page at facebook.com/jax4pets to find out about other events for pets.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Flu Affecting Bird Population


PAI or Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza is a virus spreading across the United States. The current strain being transmitted is a highly pathogenic form of the H5N1 strain, which has global agriculture trade impacts for the United States and can have severe impacts on susceptible birds of many species. Because the science is unclear on the role of songbirds in this current H5N1 outbreak, one consideration is to not encourage birds to gather together at places such as bird feeders

or bird baths. These are places where things like viruses could easily be exchanged between individuals. Consider pausing the use of bird feeders and bird baths at this time until more is understood about the disease and its transmission. For more detailed information, visit usgs.gov and raptor.umn.edu. j raptor.umn.edu

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MEMORIAL DAY EVENTS Navy Band Southeast Performance Honoring Veterans • May 27, 4pm to 5pm Everyone is invited to welcome the Navy Band Southeast from NAS Jacksonville to the library. This special performance will honor our Veterans. These concerts are free and open to the public. Doors open at 3:30pm. St. Johns County Public Library Ponte Vedra Beach Branch / 904-827-6950 / 101 Library Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 / sjcpls.org

Veterans Memorial Wall this year. Parking is free. Veterans Memorial Wall / 1145 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / www.coj.net

Memorial Day Ceremony 2022 May 30, 8am On Monday, May 30 the City of Palm Coast will host a Memorial Day Ceremony to remember the men and women who gave their lives in service to the U.S. military. The Ceremony Memorial Day 5K • May 30, 8am will begin at 8am. Parking is available along The 39th Annual Florida Striders Memorial Day Corporate Drive and at the library. 5K returns to Town Hall Park, where the race Heroes Memorial Park / 386-986-2300 / 2860 will start and finish. All participants will receive Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast, FL 32137 / a finisher medal. Fees are $30 for the 5K and www.visitflagler.com $15 for kids 13 and under. A virtual 5K will also be offered. Annual Memorial Day RiverFest Celebration Town Hall Park / 2042 Park Avenue, Orange May 30, 10am to 9pm Park, FL 32073 / 1stplacesports.com The City of Green Cove Springs hosts the Annual Memorial Day RiverFest Celebration City of Jacksonville Memorial Day in Historic Spring Park. Activities include over Ceremony • May 30, 8am 100 food and craft vendors and a kids’ zone The City of Jacksonville will be hosting Methat includes pony rides, bounce slides, train morial Day Observance on May 30. Pre-cerrides, face painting, and more. There will be emony music by the Navy Band SE will begin live entertainment throughout the day and fireat 8am and the ceremony will commence at works at night, as well as a special tribute to 8:30am. The Observance should conclude by honor veterans for their service to our country. 10am. During this ceremony, each of the mili- Historic Spring Park / 904-297-7500 / 321 tary branches will be represented by a wreath, Walnut Street, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043 / as will the fallen service members whose www.greencovesprings.com names are being added to the Jacksonville

Drop-In: Mother's Day Craft May 5, 4pm to 5pm Mother's Day is May 8th. Come make a craft to give to your mom for her special day. For children ages 5 to 12. Free. Jacksonville Public Library, University Park Branch / 904-255-2665 / 3435 University Boulevard North, Jacksonville, FL 32277 / jaxpubliclibrary.org Jax Cooking Studio: Five Star Seafood with Mom • May 6, 2pm to 4:30pm Come celebrate mom this Mother’s Day weekend with a cooking class. Seafood is one of the quickest yet most impressive meals to prepare. The chef will share tips for perfectly searing scallops as well as how to prepare parmesan herb crusted salmon with a wild mushroom risotto and asparagus. Finish the evening with a beautiful crème bruleè. Complimentary wine will be served during the cooking experience. Cost is $70 per person. Jax Cooking Studio / 904-379-

6220 / 14035 Beach Blvd #6, Jacksonville, FL 32250 / jaxcookingstudio.com Mommy & Me Tea at The Ritz-Carlton May 7, 11:30am The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island invites you to Mommy & Me Tea: an afternoon of elegance and tradition that brings generations together. The afternoon features a menu of housemade scones and delicate sandwiches. Dressing for sophisticated snacking is encouraged. The cost is $34 for ages 4 through 9 and $65 for ages 10 and up. Service charge included. The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island Salt Restaurant / 904-277-1087 / 4750 Amelia Island Parkway, Amelia Island, FL 32034 / www.ritzcarlton.com Muffins with Mom May 7, 11am to 12:30pm A tribute to moms and caregivers at the Mandarin Branch Library. Come for muffins, juice, and stories in the children's department. Kids

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can also make a Mother's Day card. Free. Jacksonville Public Library – Mandarin Branch / 904-262-5201 / 3330 Kori Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257 / jpl.coj.net

Come cook with Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. Participants will learn how to make pasta from scratch. The menu features House-Made Caesar Salad, Pasta from Scratch, Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo with Mother's Day MOM-osa Party Chicken, and Chocolate Mousse with HouseMay 8, 1pm to 3pm Made Whipped Cream. Cost is $65 for adults Painting with a Twist hosts a Mother's Day and children 13 or older. Children 12 years MOM-osa Party. Participants will be painting or younger with a Registered Adult are $50 pink hydrangeas on a 16x20 canvas. The (Max of two child tickets per registered adult, event is for ages 18 and up, and the cost is please). For pastry classes, adults registered $45. with a child will make one recipe together. Painting With a Twist, Fruit Cove / 904-518For non-pastry classes, adults and children 4932 / 104 Bartram Oaks Walk, St. Johns, FL will work together to make their meal. 32259 / www.paintingwithatwist.com Jax Cooking Studio / 904-379-6220 / 14035 Beach Blvd #6, Jacksonville, FL 32250 / Jax Cooking Studio: Mother’s Day Chicken jaxcookingstudio.com Alfredo • May 8, 6pm to 8:30pm

THINGS TO DO Romanza Festivale of Music and the Arts Thru May 15 Romanza Festivale of Music and the Arts features 35 events and exhibits by dozens of independent nonprofit organizations and talent. Daily concerts, plays, dance showcases, art exhibits, opera, wine events, and more will be featured. Many events are free of charge and open to the public, while some do have an admission charge. Events are held at locations throughout St. Augustine. Locations around St. Augustine / 904-788-2444 / www.romanzafestivale.com Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra Major/ Minor Concert • May 4, 7pm Join the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestras for a special performance playing alongside members of the Jacksonville Symphony. Tickets are $8 for adults and $3 for children. Prices for tickets purchased day-of increase to $10/adult, $5/child. Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts, Jacoby Symphony Hall / 904-354-5547 / 300 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / www.jaxsymphony.org The Block Party at James Weldon Johnson Park May 6, 5pm to 9pm Friends of James Weldon Johnson Park host The Block Party – a free, family-friendly event featuring St. Petersburg, FL-based Progressive Funk band, AJEVA, and Jacksonville-based favorite, Mama Blue. The event will include games for all ages, including cornhole, kan jam (a frisbee throwing game), and bocci ball. There will also be food trucks on site. Limited general seating is available at this event, but you are welcome to bring your own chair. The festival is dog friendly. Free. James Weldon Johnson Park / 904-515-5098 / 135 W. Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / jamesweldonjohnsonpark.org Be My Neighbor Day May 7, 10am to 2pm WJCT is bringing the community together for a festival sharing with families how to be a caring neighbor. Activities include decorating placemats to share with residents at Almost Home DayBreak, meeting a community helper, learning how you can help, making a bookmark for yourself and for someone learning to read at Literacy Alliance of

Northeast Florida, and pledging to do something nice for a neighbor. Entry into WJCT Studios will be timed. This event is free, but you must RSVP by Wednesday, May 4, 2022, before 5pm. There will be no direct contact with costumed characters; photo opportunities with costumed characters will be socially distanced. Strollers will not be allowed inside WJCT Studios. Stroller parking will be available outside. WJCT Studios / 904-358-6304 / 100 Festival Park Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32202 / wjct.org Seaside Charter School's May Festival May 7, 11am to 4pm Seaside Charter School invites the community for a May Festival. There will be crafts for kids, attractions, vendors, food trucks, live music, and Maypole dances at 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. Free entry. Some crafts will cost between $1 to $5. The school will sell wooden tokens at the Welcome Table. The tokens will be used at the craft tables as payment. Cash and cards can be used at the Welcome Table to purchase tokens. All proceeds support Seaside Charter Schools and their mission. Seaside Charter School / 844-973-2743 / 2865 Mayport Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32233 / www.seasidecharter.org Jacksonville Symphony: JYSO Festival of Strings May 9, 6pm Join the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestras for a special performance highlighting the strings. Tickets are $8 for adults and $3 for children. Prices for tickets purchased day-of increase to $10/adult, $5/child. Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts, Jacoby Symphony Hall / 904-354-5547 / 300 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / www.jaxsymphony.org Blue Man Group • May 10, 7:30pm Blue Man Group returns to Jacksonville for a limited engagement on their new North American tour. The show features signature drumming, colorful moments of creativity, quirky comedy, original music, custom-made instruments, surprise audience interaction, and more. The show is approximately 75 minutes long and is performed without an intermission. While this production is friendly for the whole family, please note it features loud music,

THINGS TO DO bright lighting, strobe lights, haze, and other atmospheric effects. Please also be aware that there are moments of audience participation and that certain physical elements of the show, including paint and other non-toxic materials, may reach some members of the audience. Tickets range from $44.25 to $112.75. Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts / 904-632-5000 / 300 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / www.fscjartistseries.org Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp vs. Nashville Sounds • May 10-15 The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp take on the Nashville Sounds. Single game tickets start at $5, with multi-game and group packages available. Section 108 F-Q is a designated Family Section, with no alcohol allowed. May 10, 7:05pm – Community First Credit Union Two for Tuesday // Nurses Night May 11, 12:05pm – VyStar BOGO Tickets // Good Is Everywhere Wednesdays // Negro Leagues Celebration May 12, 7:05pm – Miami Nights // Miami Nights Jersey May 13, 7:05pm – Red Shirt Friday-fans who wear red save $1 on a ticket at the box office // Friday Night Fireworks // National Apple Pie Day May 14, 6:35pm – Saturday Night Fireworks // Girl Scout Night // Rex The Beach Blvd. Dino-bobble May 15, 1:05pm – Princess Day // Fan Appreciation Night Fireworks // Baptist Health Sunday Family FUNday – Kids run the bases, and there will be free face painting and balloon animals // Hot Shrimp Yoga 121 Financial Ballpark / 904-358-2846 / 301 A Philip Randolph Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / jaxshrimp.com St. Augustine History Festival • May 11-15 The St. Augustine History Festival was created by UFHSA (University of Florida Historic St. Augustine, Inc.) and the Lastinger Family Foundation for the purpose of generating excitement about the history of America’s oldest city. The goal is to showcase every era of St. Augustine’s long and storied past through the 21 Special Events and Historic Venues listed below – from the founding in 1565 to the most advanced technology available in 2022 to research and study every year in-between. The festival will take place at a variety of venues around St. Augustine, including Castillo de San Marcos, Catholic St. Augustine, The Colonial Quarter, Flagler College, Florida National Guard Museum and National Cemetery, Fort Mose State Park and Museum, Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, and more. Admission varies. St. Augustine History Festival / 352-672-3200 / www.staugustinehistoryfestival.com Beautiful: The Carole King Musical May 12, 7:30pm Beautiful – The Carole King Musical tells the inspiring true story of King’s remarkable rise to stardom from being part of a hit songwriting team with her husband Gerry Goffin to her relationship with fellow writers and best friends Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann to becoming one of the most successful solo acts in popular music history. Along the way, she made more than beautiful music, she wrote the soundtrack to a generation. The event features an array of beloved songs written by Gerry Goffin/ Carole King and Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil, including “I Feel The Earth Move,” “One Fine Day,” “(You

Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “You’ve Got A Friend,” and more. Tickets range from $55.25 to $133.25. Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts / 904-632-5000 / 300 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / www.fscjartistseries.org The British Invasion • May 13, 8pm The British Invasion – Live on Stage is an immersive multi-media show that will place you at the front and center of pop culture history. Huge projection period photos and original film footage recreate the era’s excitement, fashion, and headlines; all the while, a full live band performs all of the hits of the Swingin’ ‘60’s, the iconic British pop sound that swept across America and the world. Tickets range from $44 to $106.50. Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts / 904-632-5000 / 300 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / www.fscjartistseries.org Jacksonville Symphony: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire • May 13 – 14, 7pm The Jacksonville Symphony presents a concert featuring the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™ in high-definition on a giant screen while a live orchestra performs Patrick Doyle’s unforgettable score. Tickets start at $34 and are available online. Times Union Center for the Performing Arts, Jacoby Symphony Hall / 904-354-5547 / 300 Water St., Jacksonville, FL 32202 / www.jaxsymphony.org Movies in the Park – Palm Coast May 13, 8pm The City of Palm Coast's Parks and Recreation Department hosts Movies in the Park on the second Friday of the month. Be sure to bring your blanket, lawn chairs, bug spray, and picnic baskets. Registration is not required. This month’s movie is Shrek. Central Park / 386-986-2360 / 975 Central Ave, Palm Coast, FL 32164 / palmcoast.gov Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp vs. Durham Bulls May 17 – 22 The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp take on the Durham Bulls. Single game tickets start at $5, with multi-game and group packages available. Section 108 F-Q is a designated Family Section, with no alcohol allowed. May 17, 7:05pm – Community First Two For Tuesday Night // Psilent Knight: Wholy Knight- Salute to silent letters // Education Day May 18, 7:05pm – VyStar BOGO Tickets // Good Is Everywhere Wednesdays // Surf & Turf Results Are In: Steak bests Shrimp May 19, 7:05pm – Fanscaping! With The North Florida Bonsai Club May 20, 7:05pm – Red Shirt Friday // Friday Night Fireworks // Mental Health Awareness Night May 21, 6:35pm – Boy Scout Night // Saturday Night Fireworks // Jumbo Shrimp Hat Giveaway May 22, 3:05pm – Baptist Health Sunday Family FUNday-Kids can feel like the pros after each Sunday game by running the bases; there will also be free face painting and balloon animals // Patriotic Jerseys // Military Appreciation Night 121 Financial Ballpark / 904-358-2846 / 301 A Philip Randolph Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32202 / jaxshrimp.com Wolfson Children's Bass Tournament May 19-May 21 Since 1989, the Wolfson Children's Bass Tournament has helped Wolfson Children's Hospital fund

specialized treatments, lifesaving technology, and capital improvements. This year’s event is focused on funding life-saving equipment and technology in the C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Heart Institute at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Baptist Health will match a portion of all gifts to the Wolfson Children’s Hospital Bass Tournament for the Wolfson Bass Tournament Endowment Fund. Registration starts at $120. Schedule of Events: May 19: Lads & Lasses; May 20: VIP & Friends; May 21: Saturday Tournament Palatka City Docks / 309 River Street, Palatka, FL 32177 / www.wolfsonbasstournament.com

tickets and early access to the Museum at 10am on the first Sunday of each month. MOSH / 904-396-MOSH / 1025 Museum Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32207 / themosh.org First Coast Cultural Center Kids Night Out May 6, 6pm to 9pm The Cultural Center hosts a Kids Night Out for ages 4 to 11. Learn more about insect friends and art. Kids will create an art project, eat some pizza, and watch a movie (A Bug's Life). The cost is $45 per child. First Coast Cultural Center / 904-280-0614 / 3972 3rd Street South, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 / firstcoastculturalcenter.org

City of Palm Coast Touch-A-Truck May 21, 10am to 1pm The 2nd annual City of Palm Coast Touch-A-Truck event is scheduled to take place on May 21, 2022, at Central Park in Town Center. This is a free community event and visitors will get an up-close and personal experience with all of their favorite trucks seen going down the road. Kids can climb into the driver's seat and even sound the horn. The event will feature more than 40 vehicles from multiple agencies, including City of Palm Coast Public Works, Stormwater, Utility and Fire Departments, Flagler County Fire Rescue, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, East Flagler Mosquito Control District, Florida Highway Patrol, Florida National Guard, Flagler Technical College, and NASCAR. Plus, the Flagler Humane Society will showcase pets that need a forever home. Central Park / 386-986-2360 / 975 Central Avenue, Palm Coast, FL 32164 / palmcoast.gov

Popsicles in the Park May 7, 10am; May 8, 12noon; May 23, 10am Girls in VPK and kindergarten are invited to join the Girl Scouts for Popsicles in the Park, where your girl will make new friends, build social and cognitive thinking skills, and learn what Daisy Girl Scouts can do. As part of the Daisy Launch series, these events are free for girls in VPK and Kindergarten, but please register in advance. The events are held at area parks. May 7- Treaty Park; May 8- Wadsworth Park; May 23- San Mateo Neighborhood Park Girl Scouts of Gateway Council / girlscouts-gateway.org Treaty Park, 1595 Wildwood Drive, St Augustine, FL 32086 Wadsworth Park, 2200 Moody Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL 32136 San Mateo Neighborhood Park, 11452 Renne Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Ryan Hamilton • May 21, 8pm Comedian Ryan Hamilton will perform at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall for one show only. He is known as a clean comedian and his material focuses on his own experiences, including his single life, skydiving, hot air balloons, and his huge smile. Ticket prices range from $39.50 to $52.50. Ponte Vedra Concert Hall / 904-209-0367/ 1050 A1A North, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 / www. pvconcerthall.com MOSH One-Day, Fun-Day Camps May 30-31, 9am to 3pm MOSH is offering One-Day, Fun-Day Camp on days that students are out of school. Join MOSH on an exciting day of fun experiments and wild crafts! They will be exploring some great topics, including weather, space, temperature, and electricity. All Camp classes have a maximum of 18 students. Campers and staff for each class will have limited interaction with other classes. Campers bring their own morning snack and lunch; there is no afternoon snack time. Camp is 9am to 3pm, with extended care available. Campers can be dropped off as early as 8am for morning care at no charge. Extended care is available for $15 per day. Campers registered for Extended Care may be dropped off as early as 7:30am and picked up as late as 5pm. Cost is $60/camper. The theme for May 30 is Summer Blast Off and for May 31 Full STEAM Ahead. Museum of Science and History / 904-396-6674 / 1025 Museum Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32207 / themosh.org IKEA Family Member Day May 1, 10am to 5pm MOSH has partnered with IKEA Jacksonville for IKEA Family Day at the Museum. IKEA Family Members will receive discounted adult admission



(904)-618-0260 2777 W. University Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32217 www.premiermartialarts.com/sanmarco

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