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Many dog owners wonder how they can stop their dog from digging up their yard. This is one of the biggest problems a dog owner faces and trying to stop this problem can become frustrating. Although owning a dog can bring a lot of happiness, excessive digging can put a strain on the relationship between the dog and it's owner. If you want to stop your dog from digging up your yard you should know some of the reasons for this behavior. There are more than a few reasons why your dog keeps digging up your yard. Some of these reasons include:

Your dog wants to get your attention. Your dog is trying to find a small critter it smells. Your dog simply likes to dig. Your dog might be bored. Your dog might be digging to provide some shelter. Your dog can be digging because it wants to store food.

It is important for you to stop your dog from digging as soon as you can before your landscape becomes completely ruined. Take a look at 4 methods that will help you stop your dog from digging up your yard.

Exercise Your Dog: The purpose of exercising your dog is to allow it to burn as much energy as it can on something positive so it doesn't use it's energy digging up your yard. Use Chicken Wire: Burying some chicken wire is an effective way to keep your dog from digging. When your dog's paws hits the chicken wire it will discourage him from continuing to dig in that area. You can use this chicken wire method in the flower bed or any other area your dog loves digging. Reprimanding: Reprimanding your dog not to dig in the yard is an effective method, but it's going to take a consistent effort on your part. Reprimand your dog each time he begins digging your yard and eventually your dog will get the message. Reserve A Digging Area For Your Dog To Dig: If you have enough space you should reserve an area where it's okay for your dog to dig. Encourage your dog to dig in this area by placing some of his favorite treats there and place some soft sand in this area.

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==== ==== Your Dog Digging Driving You Nuts? Go Here to Stop Dog Digging Now! ==== ====

Stop Dog Digging - Getting Your Holefree Yard Back  

Your Dog Digging Driving You Nuts? Visit Here to Stop Dog Digging Now

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