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Let's face it how to stop dogs from digging is a common frustration among dog owners. Sure you love your dog, you even consider him your youngest child but this habit has got to stop or your relationship becomes strained. It's really frustrating to see your garden look like the surface of the moon with those holes and sometimes it is not even your dog, its the neighbor's dog attacking your lovely roses. Well worry no more because the next section outlines the best advice from dog trainers, breeders, and vets on how to stop dogs from digging. You have to accept the fact that it is in your pooch's instinct to dig but the reasons for digging vary. He could be bored that's why he's seeking entertainment, he's lonely, he's trying to hide food, to him its fun, he's hunting for prey, he's trying to escape, he feels hot, or he thinks your fertilizer smells nice. If your pooch is overly active he gets bored easily thus digging becomes his source of entertainment. You can take him for a walk, have him jog with you, have him play with you for awhile or provide him with lots of mental stimulation to tire him out and make him forget your garden. If he's digging near the fence, he could be trying to escape to the other side. This is true for canine pets coming from breeds that have a well-developed sense of smell like Beagles who will relentlessly try to follow their noses. Stop dogs from digging by checking your fences for gaps both in between fences and also below the fence. Close the gaps by filling them. You can use chicken wire or cement to fill the area under the fence. When you're leaving home for awhile, you can't supervise your dog. Place him in a kennel or keep him indoors to keep him away from your garden. Another thing that you can do to stop dogs from digging is to blow up balloons and bury them in places where dogs dig. The popping balloons will startle them and stop them from doing the same in the future. You can try filling in the holes your pooch dug with charcoal, dead leaves, sticks, rocks, or their poop then top this with about two inches of soil. Dogs hate the smell of their own poop thus they will never dig again. Since digging is an instinct you can actually support this by training your dog to dig in one spot

only. You can provide this spot for him by building him a sandbox wide enough and then burying his favorite toys or treats there. In the hot summer months dogs will dig to cool down. If you leave your dog outside the house, provide him with a comfortable and adequately sized dog house where he can hide from the sun and also don't forget to provide him with plenty of water. The last tip to stop dogs from digging is to put a sprinkler in the area they love to dig. When he starts digging turn the sprinkler on. This creates a negative connotation that the garden is punishing him and so he stops digging.

Training your dog to stop digging is important because this instinct can sometimes make him sick. When they do get sick you can turn to Discount Pet Insurance to help you with the bills. It can be a challenge to insure your already mature pet, you can learn all about this at Older Pet Insurance.

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==== ==== Your Dog Digging Driving You Nuts? Go Here to Stop Dog Digging Now! ==== ====

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Your Dog Digging Driving You Nuts? Visit Here to Stop Dog Digging Now