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No matter what kind of dog you rear, you just could not stop them from digging your backyard or your favorite garden. Dogs like to dig for one main particular reason - they treat it as a rewarding pastime. They dig when they feel extreme boredom or they want to work out - as another option for running and walking. Dog breed often plays an important role in any given dog's personal valuation of digging as a rewarding pastime - like Terriers and Nordic breeds in particular in which includes Huskies, Malamutes, some members of the Spitz family; seem to predominantly enjoy digging. If you rear these particular breed dogs, it is best that you minimized your landscaped designs or decrease the size of your garden. This is to ensure that your garden will not be ended up with potholes. Most dogs dig when they have lack of exercise. When this happens, they choose to dig because it is a good way for a hyped-up, under-exercised dog to burn off some of that nervous energy. In addition, this particular mischief is due to boredom. They just want to pass their time playing around and they need to do an interesting task and something rewarding. In order to solve this problem, dog owners are encouraged rewarding them if they are able to place their legs at the right place. Bear on your mind that some dog breeds are indeed fragile or aggressively stubborn. You are required to identify your dog's breed before you plan a set of training for your mixed-breed dog. Concurrently, you are required to seek consultation from your veterinarian for more professional opinions.

It is less stressful to train your mixed-breed dog if you able to identify your dog's breed via dog DNA breed test. By knowing your dog's breed, you are able to seek for opinions from your veterinarian about setting up a diet and exercise plan for your mixed-breed dog. For more information of dog DNA testing as a breed identification tool for mixed-breed dogs, visit

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==== ==== Your Dog Digging Driving You Nuts? Go Here to Stop Dog Digging Now! ==== ====

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