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Before we discover how to stop dogs from digging holes, it is worthwhile knowing the reason behind why they do. Here are some of the primary reasons why a dog will want to dig a hole:

Boredom To discover the unknown Lack of exercise Separation anxiety

If a dog is digging holes through boredom, there are many toys that can be bought that will keep him occupied. You could try making your own devices to keep him occupied. Good ones to make involve using frozen dog food and drink that release bits of food slowly as it melts. Use your imagination here. Some dogs are just inquisitive. Its like the grass is always greener on the other side. It's difficult to know how to stop dogs from digging holes in these cases because it isn't the digging that they desire, it's the great yonder. They just want to explore and digging is the means to an end. The only real things you can do here to stop him attempting to dig is either, keep him inside or maybe crate train him. The answer speaks for itself here. If your dog is digging holes through lack of exercise, he will need a lot more of it. Depending on the size, breed and health of your dog you will have to adjust the exercise routine accordingly. An average dog would probably want a very vigorous forty five minutes to an hour exercise daily minimum. Separation anxiety is a whole new can of worms and will have to be addressed in a separate article. Some dogs like to dig holes for the sake of it. They just love to do it as a hobby or leisure activity. Following are a few tips on how to stop dogs from digging holes for fun.

This is probably the best way and the same as for adventurous dogs. Simply keep him away from the yard until you can be there with him to monitor what he is doing. If you are concerned that your dog is digging up your flowers, plant some hardy and robust plants and ones with deep roots such as roses, so that he won't be able to dig around them.

Nearly all dogs won't dig anywhere in the vicinity of dog mess. They will retreat from the area because they don't want to get their wonderful coats and their paws soiled with dog mess. Use nature's natural deterrent. An excellent way to stop dogs digging holes but more costly and time intensive, is to lay chicken wire about 2 or 3 inches below the top of the soil of grass. After a few tries at digging and not getting anywhere, he will soon learn that it's a waste of his time, and give up.

You could always find your dog an area of his own to dig away to his hearts content if you have the space. It has to be instilled into him that he must not dig anywhere else apart from his patch. If you have space but don't want him to dig in your beloved garden at all, you could by him a sand box are even make one yourself for him. This is a portable solution so it can be moved around the garden to suit yourself.

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==== ==== Your Dog Digging Driving You Nuts? Go Here to Stop Dog Digging Now! ==== ====

How to Stop Dog Digging Those Dreadful Holes  
How to Stop Dog Digging Those Dreadful Holes  

Your Dog Digging Driving You Nuts? Visit Here to Stop Dog Digging Now