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Why You Should not Use Your Name in the Resource Box of Your Article Brought to you by: Article marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to send traffic to your site and increase backlinks for good search engine ranking. Anybody can write an article and distribute it to various article directories for good results but only those article marketers, who learn from their experience, get better results. How would you increase the chances of bloggers and site owners picking up your article from article directories and posting it on their sites? If you have already been doing article marketing, track your backlinks and see which articles are found on sites other than article directories. A simple tactic can highly increase the odds of more exposure of your articles. The part of the article which needs some change to do so is your resource box. Some article authors use a resource box in which they write their names. They do so, to establish themselves as authority in their niche. The advantages are huge if the purpose is to relate yourself with a particular product or service in a niche. The resource box of such writers is usually long with description of the author, product or service and the related website. On the other hand, some authors write very short resource box. Such resource boxes do not provide any information about the author. It is usually a call to action to click the link in the resource box. The main purpose is to motivate the reader of the article to reach the destination site. The above information is important in the context of why some articles have more chances of being picked up from the article directories and published on other sites, while some articles are ignored and avoided. The little secret for this is that bloggers and site owners look for articles which do not have the name of the author in the resource box. Why do they like articles without the author name? The psychology is simple. When they publish the article on their site, they want to give an impression that they have written the article themselves. An article with two names, one of the site owner and one of the author of the article, would confuse the reader and suggest that the site owner picked up the article from somewhere and published it. This is likely to harm the credibility of the site owner. That is why they do not like

the articles with author names in the resource box. Imagine you write an article without your name, distribute it to top article directories and your article is picked up from those directories and published on multiple blogs and sites. You will get backlinks from many unique IP addresses. Just test it. You will see results. This information brought to you by:

Why You Should not Use Your Name in the Resource Box of Your Article  

This document is about how you can increase backlinks to your site by not including your name in the resource box of the articles you write...