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Ticks on Dogs Complete Information

Ticks Information

Wan to know complete information on ticks on dogs ? Let get into details. Ticks are the number one enemy for dog owner out there. Tick is a type of external parasites. External parasites mean that it live outside its host and suck the blood out of them. Instead of that , it also act as a vector for some of dangerous diseases such as Lyme Disease and Q Fever. For dogs , the type of tick dogs that infected them is known as Dermacentor variabilis or in laymen term American dog tick . This tick is found in dogs when they are in adult stage. Even though this tick is called dog tick , it is also capable of infecting human and other mammals such as horses.

Effect of Ticks to Dogs

Even though tick is well known to carry diseases to dog, there are some tick that do not bring any bad effect to dogs . As a dog owner , we should be very cautious with our dog condition. The sooner we find out that our dog is infected with tick , the better it will be. This is true because some tick borne disease will take up to several hours before they will finally transmit their disease to our dog. So, by spotting the tick first, we will really help our dog’s overall health.


American Dog Tick

How Dog Get Ticks ?

Usually our dog will be infected by tick through other dogs , neighbor’s dog , stray dogs and cats or even raccoon that went into our yard. When the female ticks lay egg, this egg will be carried in to the dogs environment.

Instead of that our dogs will also get tick when we bring them outside. Ticks will get into a low shrub or grass. What they do is , they will stay there , and when we or our dog get into contact with them , they will dislodge and stick on our dogs or us.


Beware in walking our dog with ticks

Symptoms of Tick Infection On Dogs

How to know our dog get infected with ticks ? These symptoms will help us to know it better :

Skin Infection on Dogs ( It is the most notable symptoms . Be sure to consult your veterinary doctor immediately when you have found this symptom) Tick paralysis ( Loss of muscle function due to tick’s bite ) Fever ( Rise in body temperature dramatically ) Loss of appetite ( Dogs tend to be reluctant to eat and barely touch the foods we serve them) Lethargy ( Exhaustion ) Joint swelling ( It happen due to the effect of ticks bite )


Tick paralysis on dog

How to Remove a Tick from a Dog ?

They are many ways to deal with ticks. One of the way is using Advantix for dogs . We have a complete information on how to tackle ticks problem using Advantix. If you want a comparison on advantix and Frontline, our article below will help you :

Frontline Vs Advantix For Dogs Review

We hope this information will help our reader out there. Any feedback is highly appreciated .

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Ticks on Dogs Complete Information  

Even though tick is well known to carry diseases to dog, there are some tick that do not bring any bad effect to dogs . As a dog owner , we...

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