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Tick Repellent For Dogs Tips

Information and Advises on Tick Repellent For Dogs

Tick is dangerous to dog health. Once you find that your dog had tick, remove it as soon as possible. Tick repellent for dogs are very important if you are serious about your dog health.

There are many ways that we can use to repel tick from our dogs. One of the way is using topical repellant. What is topical repellant? Topical Repellents is built by mixing almond oil and essential oil. The usage of this is by putting the mixture on the dog collars. The best part about this ingredient is that you can reuse it again and again and it can be stored for months.

The second way is by using some simple trick that can make the tick goes away on its own. Here is the trick. First, all you have to do is rub the area around the tick in a circular pattern. Usually the tick does not like the movement we are producing. Slowly it will get out from the dogs. It sound easy to be true, but that is the case. You just want to make the tick feel uncomfortable. At last, the tick know where to get away .

Other method that you can use is by using an ingested repellent. Usually pet owner will use natural ingredient when dealing with the ingested repellant. Garlic is one of the chosen vegetable that can be use. By eating garlic, it will create an uncomfortable condition to the tick. This happen because when tick had chosen your dog to be its host, it will move away from your dog due to the unpleasant taste of it.


Tick Repellent For Dogs

The last method is by removing it manually. As a precaution method do not use your hand. Better be safe than never. We do not know whether the tick is infectious or not. The method is very simple. First, grab the tick at their head part. Do not take the tick on their body. Second, pull the tick gently outward. Third, put the tick on a jar. Pour some alcohol to kill it. Ticks are not easily being killed. So a little bit of alcohol will help you. Do not forget the wound place on your dog that being produce by the tick. Clean it with disinfectant. You are finish. After following all of these tips, I hope your tick repellent for dogs business, will be a breeze.

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Tick Repellent For Dogs Tips  
Tick Repellent For Dogs Tips