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Dental braces which is also known as orthodontic braces is very important in aligning and strengthening your teeth.Basically braces help to strengthen our teeth by using pressure on our teeth. Orthodontist will check whether you need braces or not. Braces play an important part to our teeth. The most important function of braces is to correct crooked teeth.It also help in strengthening our gum. By doing this , it can help position our teeth correctly. Some people also use it due to its cosmetic features. A proper align teeth will make you a perfect smile.This is what exactly what braces do. Braces also have a function to help correct certain bite problems. There are patients who have difficulties in chewing. This problem cause a several problem to the overall oral health of this patient. One of them is the trigger of clinching and grinding patterns.It will further cause muscle fatigue and spasm. Medical studies shows that it have a connection to jaw joint problem. ( TMJ Dysfunction ). By using braces , the patient will have a healthy bite and promote good oral health. In short, it will aleviate this problem easily. The picture below is the picture of braces before and after :

braces before and after picture

The picture above shows the actual bite of this patient . For your information , he is not opening his mouth. This patient have a hard time in chewing. Only certain part of his teeth that are connected. It make the overusage teeth need to be extraceted .


braces before and after picture 2

The picture above shows a more align teeth.The chewing ability of the patient is improved now. The braces make the teeth able to connect with each other easily. It relieve the stress of chewing from certain teeth to all the teeth. How do braces work ? People always ask the mechanism of braces. Before we dwell further into the mechanism of braces , let take a look at the primary part of braces. There are 3 important part of braces that are bracket , bonding and wire . Bracket are the part that fix to our teeth with bonding . Wire is the part that are run through them.A small rubber band is needed to secure the wire effectively.

How Do Braces Work

In simple term , the bracekt and wires act by moving the teeth from it starting position to a more health position to imporve chewing and biting. It close any gaps and strengthening teeth. Braces use pressure to force membrane around the roots of your teeth expand on one size and squeeze shut on other . It help loosen the tooth in gums . When the tooth stop moving, membrane and bone will slowly grow to hold the teeth in its new location. The slowly adjusting growth of this tooth’s membrane is important to avoid any permanent damage to the teeth . After using braces , you will be given a retairner . The function of retairner is to retain your teeth in its new position . It will keep your teeth in place until the growth of the bone is enough to keep them there naturally.


Smile Teen With Braces



In conclusion , braces are very important to our overall oral health. Knowing the function and mechanims of braces operation is crucial to better understand ourselves the important of a good oral health. Be sure to see your orthodontist to check whether you need braces or not. Here is a video on getting braces :

The Important of Braces

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The Important of Braces  
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