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Sheng Long Fu Suicide

What the news is about ? Sheng Long Fu or also known as House of the Almighty Dragon is a temple in a flat whereby two teenager named Ku Witaya and Sia Chan Hong had been doing a long-drawn meditation sessions . The bodies of these two friends had been found on grass verge of Block 667 in Jalan Damai.

The duo had been a close friends since their day in Eunos Primary School. They commit suicide by jumping from window’s ledge hand in hand. The finding had make a state coroner recorded a verdict of suicide on the deaths in August last year of Ku Witaya and Sia Chan Hong.

sheng long fu suicide

“He would never have killed himself if not for the other boy’s influence,” the grandmother of Chan Hong stated her statement. She is very reluctant to accept that his grandchild had been convicted to self suicide. The finding by the coroner stated otherwise.

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She also said that tehre is no reson forhis loving grandchildren to end hs life. Chan Hong had a very good result in schools. he also very heplful. If he had a free time, he would help his uncle in the minimart. So, the decision of self suicied is not correlate at all.

Screaming in pain Ben was one of the three who had climbed onto the window ledge of Witaya’s room after Witaya and Chan Hong had fallen. He was supposed to be in the second batch to jump. He told the court that he heard the duo shouting ‘see you later’ and shortly after, heard a loud thud. The trio later climbed back into the room after hearing Chan Hong screaming in pain at the bottom of the block of flats. When asked by State Counsel Ang Feng Qian if he still believed in the suicide pact, Ben said no, because ‘nothing had happened’. And what was supposed to happen, asked Ms Ang. ‘Demon attacks. I realised what we had planned was very silly… I no longer wish to die.’

‘I heard him say don’t do this’ HE was shouting and screaming in pain after falling nine floors. And when his friend went to check on him, Sia Chan Hong’s last words to him were: ‘Don’t do this’. Chan Hong, 16, was rushed to hospital but died about two hours later. He and Ku Witaya, also 16, had jumped out of the window of Witaya’s room in Block 667, Jalan Damai, around 5.30am on 23 Aug last year. They and six other boys had made a suicide pact, in the belief they would be resurrected to save the world. But the others backed out in the end.


Yesterday, Jim, 16, told the court that he and another friend, Carl, were the only two who went down to check on Witaya and Chan Hong after their fall. The others remained in the flat. Jim told the court that Witaya was motionless while Chan Hong was groaning in pain. Jim said: ‘I heard him saying ‘don’t do this’ and moaning in pain. ‘(Carl) then quickly called the ambulance as we wanted to save him.’ The group of eight boys, aged 12 to 17 then, had earlier intended to hold hands and jump off the roof of the 12-storey block. Witaya, a child medium who was their leader, told them they had to die so that they could become ‘slayers’ to kill demons and save the world. But the door to the roof of the HDB block was locked and one of the boys, Andy, 17, then went home. The rest returned to the flat where they decided to take turns to jump from the window of Witaya’s room. Jim told the court he was lying down on Witaya’s bed. When asked if he had seen the duo jump, Jim giggled and said he had put a blanket over his head because he was afraid. Jim said he was not a strong believer in Witaya’s teachings and knew that committing suicide was the ‘wrong method’. He hesitated to kill himself because he thought of his family and did not want to lose them. But because the boys were his friends, he decided to follow them to the rooftop. Jim said: ‘They told me (there was) no choice already but I didn’t know how to tell them (I didn’t want to).’ Read more here News Information

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Sheng Long Fu Suicide  
Sheng Long Fu Suicide  

“He would never have killed himself if not for the other boy’s influence,” the grandmother of Chan Hong stated her statement. She is very re...