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Nus Engineering Faculty On Fire Latest News Nus Fire Latest News ( Click HERE to READ MORE NOW !! ) // // // ]]> SINGAPORE – A building in the engineering faculty of the National University of Singapore caught fire this afternoon. Eyewitnesses reported seeing flames leap out of building E3A as bystanders posted pictures to Twitter of smoke rising from the building, visible from several kilometres away. The building houses the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERIS) as well as the Material Science department. A video posted to YouTube showed clouds of black smoke pouring out of the building’s rooftop. The fire was put under control upon the arrival of the SCDF, which employed 3 defensive water: one from a combined plaform ladder, one from a Red Rhino vehicle and one from a ground monitor. As of 5.15pm, firefighting was still being conducted on levels 1 and 2 of the building. A male security guard in his 50s was sent to NUH, with condition unclear. Three firefighters were also sent to the hospital for heat exhaustion. Ms Mok Qing Lin, a 22-year old engineering student at the scene, said the fire alarm went off at around 2.45pm, and reported seeing black fumes. Staff and students, numbering approximately 100, were evacuated from the building. The number of staff and students was fewer than usual due to it being the vacation period, Ms Mok said. Mr Ashadul Hoque, a member of the faculty staff who was on the sixth floor of the building when the fire started, said that levels 1 and 2 of the building were occupied by laboratories doing solar energy research, and contained millions of dollars worth of equipment and chemicals used to produce solar cells.


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Fire Breaks Out At Nus; 4 Sent To Hospital SINGAPORE: Many students and staff from the National University of Singapore (NUS) had to be evacuated on Friday afternoon when a huge fire broke out at a rooftop of one of its buildings. An NUS spokesperson said smoke was first detected on the roof of Block E3A at NUS Kent Ridge Campus at 2.25pm. The university’s campus security was alerted and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was activated. As a safety precaution, all occupants in the building and the surrounding buildings were evacuated immediately. The university said a contract security guard working in the building has been sent to the National University Hospital (NUH) due to smoke inhalation. SCDF said three of its firefighters were also sent to NUH for heat exhaustion. No other injuries have been reported. The affected building and its surrounding areas have been cordoned off. As of 5.30pm, SCDF said the fire was “under control”, but its men are still busy on the ground. Mr Lloyd Tee Sze Hou earlier told Channel NewsAsia that the “NUS engineering faculty experienced an explosion while students were at an NUSSU Rag event”. NUS said it is investigating the incident.


Nus On Fire Latest News


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Nus Engineering Faculty On Fire Latest News  
Nus Engineering Faculty On Fire Latest News