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Flea Control For Dogs

There are alot of products out there that cater the need to eliminate flea on our dogs. Some of them work while some of them do not work. In this article, we will share on how Advantix could help in flea control for dogs .

Dog flea which also known as Ctenocephalides canis is a flea species that exclusively live in the blood of dogs . This flea is specially design to suck blood effectively. Its morphological structure is as follows ;

Does not have wings Has hairs and spines ( for ease of travel through air ) Flattened hard body from side to side ( for ease of travel through air ) Long hind legs ( for ease of jumping )

Flea Control For Dogs – Flea Morphology


How to know your dogs are being infected by flea ?

One prominent symptoms that we notice when our dogs being infected by flea is that it start to scratch vigorously . There are some cases whereby our dog bite their body , neck or any other part that are very itchy.

When our dogs continue scratching , their skin will become red and inflamed. They will easily develop some sort of allergy dermatitis . If not treated , it may cause dog to lose hair and develop various infection .

How can Advantix help in flea control for dogs ?

Advantix is specially formulated to get rid of flea in your dogs from 3 to 5 minutes. The manufacturer for advantix product had done an extensive reserach on flea . From their study , they stated that Advantix can kill flea for aboiut 20 minutes after contact to your dog’s skin. It means that , advantix will kill fleas even before it bite your dogs. By doing this your dogs will never encounter the horrible efect of flea allergy dermatitis .

Source of the study : Melhorn H et al. Parasitol Res 1999; 85:625-637


Flea free dog is a happy dog

Which advantix product that you recommended when delaing with fleas ?

They are alot of Advantix for dogs product out there that are suitable to get rid of fleas . Here are some of the product that you can choose :

We really hope that our article today will help you to choose the right product when dealing with flea control for dogs . Any feedback and comments are highly appreciated. Do let us know .

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Flea Control For Dogs