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Emu Oil for Faster Hair Growth

Do you know that Emu oil have the ability to make your hair grow faster ? Recent research shows that it indeed help our hair development. Before going any further , what is Emu oil actually. Emu oil is oil that being extracted from the feathers of Emu. Emu bird is an indigenous animal of Australia. Emu is the second biggest bird in the world affter ostrich. It is a flightless bird and it can grow up to 2 meter.

Emu oil for hair growth

How come Emu Oil help for a faster hair growth ? Emu oil have an anti-inflammatory properties that could prevent male pattern balding . The active ingredient in emu oil had been shows to reduce pain , swelling , stiffness in joint , reduce muscle pain and bruising , and inhibit tumor necrosis factor that involve in male baldness condition.


Emu oil is also a good moisturizer. It means that emu oil could help make our hair less dry. Less dry hair make the development of our hair is more robust. It can also avoid any split ends from occurring.

Emu Oil for Faster Hair Growth 2

Emu oil also had been shown to have an anti aging property. One study conducted by Boston University School of Medicine shows that emu oil increase the DNA synthesis up to 20% . It means that our hair follicle growth rate is more robust than ever before. It also had the ability to stimulate your hair growth again. Some of our hair had been in a sleep stage . The active compound in emu oil awaken this sleep stage hair to develop at a faster rate. As a result, a faster hair growth will be achieve.

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We hope that today’s article on how to make your hair grow faster , will give you anew insight on your hair growth plan .

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Emu Oil for Faster Hair Growth