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Dog Flea Bites Information

Dog flea bites could cause a lot of problem to your dogs. Example of the effect of dog flea bites are as follow :

Flea allergic dermatitis Flea allergic dermatitis is the condition that happen due to a sensitivity to flea saliva. The saliva is being injected to dog when the flea bites. The antigen in flea’s saliva make it prone for dogs to encounter allergy . The most worst part is that only one bite of flea could cause this condition.

Dog flea bites will leave a small puncture wounds in your dogs. You will see it clearly if you see it carefully . These bites will cause a huge pain to your dogs.

Dog Flea Bite

These are the symptoms to find out if your dog had been bites by flea :

Patches hair loss in dog’s skin Itching that is so intense


Vigorous scratching , biting and licking from your dog Small red lumps on the skin of your dog

If you find any or combination of these symptoms , you must try any of the treatment below :

Use flea shampoos for dogs Oral product – Consult your vet for proper dosage Flea insecticides Antihistamine to counter sensitivities in the bite effect

The most important in the treatment for dog flea bites is a constant using of flea control product . Find out why we suggest the usage of Advantix For Dogs product for your dog. Hope it will help a lot.

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Dog Flea Bites Information