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Advantix For Cats ? Is It Harmful ?

Advantix had been proven to be very effective in getting rid of tick , flea and mosquitoes to dogs, but it had a bad effect to cats . Usually Advantix is use for dogs but some people said it can also be use to cats. Now we will examine it in details . The reason why advantix are dangerous to cats is due to advantix chemical composition. Advantix contain permethrin.

Permethrin is a synthetic chemical that being used widely as insecticide. In short , this chemical act as a neurotoxin whereby it will damaged the neuron membrane . There is also a study being carried out by Aspca National Animal Poison Control Center in the year 2000. In this study they concluded that even a few drops of concentrated permethrin could be lethal to a cat.


The difference between dogs and cats when using permehtrin related product is that dog can metabolized this chemical into a safe product whereby cats cannot metabolized this chemical safely . Cats cannot tolerate this chemical . They will suffer toxicity and that will lead to its death . This condition is known as permethrin toxicity . Even a close contact with a dog that had been treated with permethrin could cause serious problem to cats


What are the symptoms of permethrin toxicity ? Usually permethrin will show its effect within few hours to few days . Example of its symptoms are vomitting , seizures , tremors and lack of eating . If your cats have any problem with Advantix, please contact the Veterinary Poisons Information Service . It is important to get help as fast as you can to avoid any fatal effect to your cats .

The treatment for your cats usually are like the control of seizure and tremor .Usually veteriner will use Methocarbamol and Diazepam to counter the effect of the tremor and seizure but do consult your veteriner for any real treatment . As we all know prevention is the best thing that we can do . Read the label on your cats product before use it. You do not want your cats die due to your carelessness .


We hope that this information will be very helpful to pet owner out there . Any feedback and comments are highly appreciated .

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Advantix For Cats ? Is It Harmful ?