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of bodypainting a experience Exposition of Javier VĂŠlez World Bodypainting Festival

13 - 19 July 2009 Seeboden, Austria

a experience

of bodypainting

Corpórea is a project where three art techniques are combined: bodypainting or corporal painting, the photography and the oil painting. The artist uses the painted body as sketch to create his work. Once the painted body is completed, digital photos are taken. These digital photos are used as reference to create the final work. This experience of painted bodies turned into project, incorporates in its essence the geometric clearness of the form that is delineated, that is though… is here where the natural beauty emanates that is born: the woman… using as means lots of bold, strong, tropical and intensely feminine colors. This technique to turn the human body into canvas to paint, has been used by several artists and even by the Indians when they painted their bodies with natural pigments. The artist nourishes itself of this technique already used to transform it and to take it on to the real canvas. It is only necessary to refine it, to create a work on the body that will be created as well in oil painting. The exhibition is a tribute to the feminine body… to the diversity of forms… The oil paintings reflect this variety by means of rectangular, octagonal figures and of multiple sides. Corpórea… an experience of painted bodies, in its essence is to paint on a canvas the painted

Nueva Vida, Nuevo Color Oil in canvas, 2006 30” x 28” (976,2cm x 71,12cm)

O beijo do canario Oil in canvas, 2005 28” x 36” (71,12cm x 91,44cm)

Cara Corpórea Oil in Canvas, 2002 36” x 28” (91,44cm x 71,12cm)

Cascada Escondida Oil in canvas and cedar wood, 2008 41”x41” (104,14cm x 104,14 cm) Cascada Femenina


Nueva Esperanza

Screenprinting, 2009, 18”x 12” (45,72cm x 30,48cm)

Curriculum Vitae Education: 2008 Master of Arts Degree with a major in Museology, Caribbean University, Bayamón, Puerto Rico. 1991, Bachelor of Arts with major in Graphics Art, Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico. Awards: 2006 - Prize to the excellence in impression of posters (screenprinting) (10mo Optimus) 1991-1994 - First Place Posters Contest (Paloma Sabanera Festival) 1990 - Honorary mention on poster design (Solar race poster) 1988 - Honorary mention on engraving (Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña) 1986 - Second Place in Painting Contest (Liquitex Company) 1983 - Third Place - Photography contest for young people (University of Puerto Rico) Collective Exhibition: 2009 - "Colectivo 09", Rhoma Gallery, Cidra, Puerto Rico 2008 - "Arte Colectivo", Centro Cultural of Cayey, Puerto Rico 2008 - "Musas", University of Este, Carolina, Puerto Rico 2007 - "Primera Subasta Museo Universidad del Turabo", Caguas, Puerto Rico 2006 - "Primera Colectiva de Estudiantes, Escuela Graduada”, Caribbean University, Bayamón, Puerto Rico 2005 - "Sexta Colectiva Artistas del Valle del Turabo" - Museum University of Turabo, PR 2005 - "Entre lo abstracto y lo figurativo" - Cidra Gallery, Cidra, Puerto Rico 2005 - "Mes de la Hispanidad", Broward Community Collage, Pembroke Pines, Florida 2005 - "Presencia Boricua", Museum of Americas in Miami, Florida 2002 - "Artistas Plásticos del Valle del Turabo", University of Turabo, San Lorenzo, Gurabo, Vieques, Guayama and Museum of Art in Caguas, Puerto Rico 2002 - "Trayectoria" with Héctor Muñiz, University Central in Bayamón, Puerto Rico 2001 - "Trayectoria" with Héctor Muñiz in the Hospital HIMA, Caguas, Puerto Rico 2000 - “Noches de Galerías del Viejo San Juan, Grupo Cromasol", Lisette Rosado Gallery, PR 2000 - Exposition "ARCO - Artistas Centro Oriental de Puerto Rico”, Centro de Bellas Artes in Caguas, Puerto Rico 1991 - Exposition “Estudiantes Graduados” Escuela Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico Solo Expositions: 2009 - “Corporea”, World Bodypainting Festival, Seeboden Austria. 2006 - "Trayectoria Individual", La Casa del Cuento y la Historia Cayeyana, Puerto Rico 2005 - "Trayectoria Individual", Dr. Pila in Ponce and Bellas Artes de Guayama, Puerto Rico 2000 - "Punto por Punto", Museum of Art in Caguas, Puerto Rico 1999 - "Punto por Punto", University of Turabo and Cidra, Puerto Rico 1991 - "Primera exposición individual", Cidra, Puerto Rico

Meta-natura Oil in canvas, 2006 40” x 35” (101,6cm x 88,9cm)

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Credits: Organizer: Alex Barendregt, World Bodypainting Festival, Seeboden Austria Art Transportation: Capitol Transportation, Inc. Model: Jessica Reyes Photography: Luis M. Báez Public Relations: Gladys Rodríguez Perez Sponsors: José Hernández Castrodad, Municipio de Cidra, OsviArte, Périodico La Cordillera and Cooperativa de Seguros Multiples. Acknowledgements: Magie Vélez, William Meléndez, Karen Cintrón, Laura Torres, Ing. Fernando Feliciano, Pedro Rivera, Rafael (Rafa) Berrios, Héctor Muñiz, Daniel Rivera, Javier García, Lcda. Millie García, Laura Freire, Maricarmen Malavé, Liz Merari Rivera, Yonali Maldonado and Dr. Julio M. Báez.





I dedicate this project to my children Koraima and Cristian, to my wife Luisa Milagros Castrodad, thank you for your unconditional support and for understand


Catálogo exposición Corpórea de Javier Vélez en Austria, 2009  
Catálogo exposición Corpórea de Javier Vélez en Austria, 2009