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Sony vegas

What is Sony vegas?

Sony Vegas is a software that has tools for edit of videos and audio; this software is not free, but there a version free for three months, and it hasn’t all tools. This program has developed for the sony company for professional of edit of videos.

Benefits In Sony Vegas you can edit video and audio in the same time, also you can separate the channels of video and audio in this software is enable to use photos, pictures and videos in different formats therefore you have all tools in your computer. Also you can use many types transitions, letters and effects for give a professional appearance in your editions.

usage in teaching and learning Today is necessary use ITC in the educational context. In all areas of knowledge there are many institutional projects that need to have evidence for this you can use video edition. Also the students need to be encouraged to new knowledge; a good form is preparing some class in video because of that it would be an innovative way. However if you are student you can too do your homework using Sony Vegas.

how can somebody acces sony vegas?

Sony Vegas is easy and with one good tutorial it is easier, we hope that this tutorial can help you. Now the first that you know are the requirements of system. When you need use Sony Vegas your computer have to have:

REQUIREMENTS  Microsoft® Windows Vista® de 32 bits o 64 bits SP2, o Windows 7 de 32 bits o 64 bits  computer processing unit a 2 GHz  500 MB space free on disc for install  2 GB memory RAM (is suggested 4 GB)  Conection USB 2.0  compatible Audio card with Windows  DVD-ROM (only install on DVD)

We hope that you don’t afraid for the requirements because of that a good computer always should have it. The second steps is the installation. ( This is the evaluation version) Please look at the picture and following the steps You can download the software in the following link: 1.

2. How install the software After of download you should execute it. Then in your computer should appear this icon.

You have to give click on this icon.

After will appear the following windows:

You have to give click in the place indicated with red and next next next for have your version evaluate.

Click and ok for Starting to enjoy Sony Vegas version evaluate.

Click here

1 12

11 2


10 4






13 14

1. taskbar

8. generating means

2. display of effects

9. Reading Frame

3. screen for editing tools

10. display of video

4. transition

11. tools

5. means projects

12. audio master

6. Explorer

13. Channel sound

7. Video effects

14. Playbar

18 15







15. Tracks audio and video 16. Control play 17. Channel audio and video

18. Timer

That’s all now. We hope that you can use this software in their future projects remember that good projects depends on only your creativity.

Look at some project our


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Tutorial Sony vegas  

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