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Candlelight creates a warm and intimate ambiance, which is conducive to conversation.

The Healing Benefits of Candle Colors In Your Interior If you are working on achieving a feeling of peacefulness and balance in your home, you might choose something from the blue family. If, on the other hand, you are visualizing lively energy permeating your space, you might want to use yellow or reds. If you are seeking love or wish to conceive a child, you might want to burn a pink candle in your bedroom. If you are trying to increase abundance, a green candle is helpful. A yellow candle might enhance feelings of joy and friendliness. Red candles can be used in a room if you want to stimulate physical activity. For example, if you have a room or place in your home where you have exercise equipment and you want to increase your physical strength, you may want to burn a red candle in your bedroom and dedicate it to passion., Never Be Afraid to Decorate Again

Candle Colors Are Healing Orange candles can be used in a room where family and friends will be gathering. For example, you might want to burn an orange candle just before a party to stimulate friendliness and enthusiasm in the room. You could dedicate this candle to joy and happiness for the evening ahead.

Green candles are beneficial in any area where the family spends time as they create relaxation. They are also helpful when used in the room of someone who may be sick. Green candles stimulate feelings of balance, harmony, peace, hope, growth and healing.

Yellow candles can be used in a room where you or your children study, or where you want to stimulate philosophical conversation or increased concentration.

Blue candles are excellent for bedrooms or for rooms where meditation is done. Purple candles, like blue ones, are equally soothing. In addition, this candle color is associated with psychic awareness and intuition.

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Candlelight creates a warm and intimate ambiance, which is conducive to conversation. Enjoy the romance of candlelight, not just in the dining room, but also in the bathroom. Candlelight is very therapeutic, it creates a gentle and peaceful atmosphere that is in harmony with natur