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Count Down Contest, 2012

Los barrios de San Pablo y La Magdalena pertenecientes al Casco

encuentran en condiciones personales que les hacen estar en servicios, y ante el ejercicio de sus derechos ciudadanos en la

que hacen que se sostenga en pie, las que dan respuesta a las Un barrio antes que un conjunto de calles, plazas y manzanas de amplitud de sus calles, lo es por haber sido erigido de acuerdo con una regla invisible, la que dirige secretamente las pautas del modo de vida de sus moradores. Desde el concepto Territorio Socialmente Responsable (TSR), se

permaneciendo diferentes los unos de los otros, encuentran programados sino, sobre todo, multiplica las oportunidades de encuentros aleatorios y favorece el juego de las estimulaciones En la actualidad existe una sensibilidad creciente que no quiere haciendo la ciudad para la gente pero sin la gente.


The neighborhoods of San Pablo and La Magdalena belonging to the historic city center of Zaragoza were rated as vulnerable territories according to a report by the Spanish Ministry of Development. A vulnerable country is one in which there are "specific conditions that hinder the development of their neighbors, and they are in personal circumstances that make them at a disadvantage to labor markets, goods and services, and through the exercise of their rights as citizens in obtaining effective services that will equate to the social and economic life. " Urban inequality in Spain

The most valuable of territory/district are invisible structures that make it hold up, those that respond to the different "ways of life" of those who can enjoy and inhabit. A neighborhood rather than a set of streets, squares and blocks of buildings is a way of life. And this territory is no more worthy or desirable by anything shown explicitly or by the extent of its streets, which is being built according to a rule invisible, which secretly runs the lifestyle patterns of their inhabitants. From concept Territorial Social Responsibility (TSR), you can find new ways of expression that favor a collaborative and experiential or community action. The great public and shared task of citizens is to discover the common interest. The historic city centre is a place where diverse groups, remaining different from each other, are multiple possibilities of coexistence and sharing, sharing the same territory legitimately. This not only facilitates contacts programmed but, above all, multiple opportunities for random encounters and favors reciprocal stimulations game. Today there is a growing awareness that does not follow that the powers consenting urban / city continue to make democratic for people without people.


Creemos que un buen barrio es el que definen sus propios habitantes.

We believe that a good neighborhood is defining for its inhabitants.

El problema de fondo detectado tiene que ver con la dificultad de generar procesos participativos en los que los usuarios y ciudadanos

The fundamental problem encountered is the difficulty of generating participatory processes in which users and citizens can influence at the concept and design of urban projects of its territory.

su territorio.

marco de lenguaje parcialmente compartido que pueda liberar el orden fundamental que nos es propio gracias a unos patrones de

This requires much more than the creation of a communication and awareness campaign. Is necessary to create a framework of partially shared language that can adaptable to the cultural, technological and social change.

organizaciones empresariales y sindicatos, organizaciones sociales,

The language consists in a set of explicity simple instructions as a set of good practices. Public administrations, business organizations, trade unions, social and cultural associations... can adhere at this set of good practices.

Who can participate? Todo aquel que se considere interesado. Partamos de que la

Anyone who is interested. Let us that Historical City Center citizenship is self-declared. Anyone who is willing to participate and sense of belonging.

voluntad de participar y sentimiento de pertenencia. How?

Engaging in civic actions promoted by agents assigned to the campaign. With every action/participation in the proposed activities, citizens are rewarded with pills "antizombies" (explicar bien) What are these antizombies pills?

The TSR construction plan, defends the process of creating a community by a physical frame (besides the construction of a shared language).









To be coherent, the physical framework has to meet criteria of: a) b) c) d) De Diagnosis e) De Propuesta

propios usuarios.

proyectos antizombies, activan uno por uno los espacios y causas en ciudadana.


Pensemos en ello cuando elijamos pertenecer a un lugar en el que

a) Organic Order b) Participation c) Implementation in small doses d) Diagnosis e) Proposal The principle of organic order is not formal but structural, involves a process in which "everything" emerges gradually from "local events" (bottom-up model). Decisions about what and how it is involved in construction projects in the territory, must be in the hands of the user. The method of analysis and diagnosis of the territory, determines how to intervene in it. A mode switch, proposals and projects antizombies, individually activated and causes the spaces in which we intervene, sowing the seeds of civic participation.

Finally one last thought ... Is it possible all this in the private space of a mall? Maybe there network is much broader commercial and a similar campaign would have more disclosure, the end of the day consists of sponsors, but desdeluego, its ultimate goal: the creation of a Socially Responsible Territory, is the antithesis of such substitutes public space. Think about it when we choose to belong to a place where the streets are reduced to mere pipelines and social life cloistered in zombified spaces.

enclaustrada en espacios zombificados.

La ciudad nueva se muere de aburrimiento.


The proposal seeks to mix equal parts irony, originality, participation and provocation. The new city is dying of boredom. Here is the antidote!






Zaragoza TSR  
Zaragoza TSR  

Count Down Contest, 2012